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    Do you like to build?

    Do you build a lot?

    Do you ever find yourself alt-tabbing every minute to check that voxel sphere generator?

    Or be discouraged by the sheer number of domes you need to build?

    I had those problems, so I thought…

    Why should curves be any harder to make than straight lines? They’re all just sets of vectors in R3 anyway.

    So, introducing my first mod, Precision Building 0.4.5.

    Who should use this:

    • Builders who like curves
    • Builders wanting to make perfect domes but have no access to World Edit (the mod is entirely client side so you can use it on any server)
    • Anyone who like colorful laser grids


    • The hologram: guide
    • The block coordinates that make up a guide: pattern
    • The wireframed block under your crosshair: raytrace
    • Types of guides: formula

    How to use this mod:

    • Press G to open the main menu
    • Choose the formula you want from the left
    • Put in numbers or push some buttons
    • Click anywhere to confirm your input
    • Exit the menu and press R
    • The guide will be placed at your raytrace

    How to use selection buttons:

    • Selection buttons are buttons that produce coordinates
    • For example, “Set point 1” from the 2-point line formula
    • They will take the coordinates of your raytrace the moment they’re clicked

    How to use rotation:

    • You can only rotate existing guides
    • Enter the angle in degrees (can be negative)
    • Click one of the 3 buttons to apply
    • Click “Set Origin” to select the center of rotation

    How to use load and overwrite:

    • Pressing R will create a new guide
    • All guides will show up on the right side of the menu
    • Clicking load will replace your current screen with the parameters of the selected guide
    • Clicking overwrite will replace the selected guide with parameters on the current screen
    • Overwrite does not move the guide, it only edits its parameters and color

    How to use the Bezier curve:

    • Click “Start new curve”
    • A node will be created at your raytrace
    • Move around to set the location of its handles
    • Click “Remove” to cancel or “Confirm” to confirm (“Cancel” will keep the node, but it’ll have default handle positions)
    • Click “Insert Next/Prev” to add new nodes
    • “Select Node” will select the node centered around your raytrace
    • Click “Select Next/Prev” to traverse the Bezier curve
    • The selected node will be purple whereas normal nodes are blue
    • If two nodes are at the same location, you can only use “Select Next/Prev” to select them
    • Trying to select a blank block will clear your selection. In this case, press “Select Next/Prev” to get back on track
    • Pressing R will place the curve along your preview. It will always appear to be centered at (0, 0, 0).
    • Do not attempt to rotate a Bezier curve guide without setting an origin first. Your guide will rotate about (0, 0, 0) otherwise

    Some tips:

    • If you lag, reduce your draw distance (bottom left slider)
    • If the guide looks too messy, reduce your draw distance or use a lower transparency
    • Try to always use different colors for guides of the same type
    • The parameter boxes have max length limits. If you cannot type, your number is too long
    • The 2-point line and ellipsoid guides are also powerful measuring tools. Think ruler and compasses (eg. You can define a slanted circle as the intersection between two spheres)


    [1.12.1] Precision Building 0.4.5

    Disclaimers and credits:

    • Thanks to Tennox’s custom selection box mod for getting me started with Minecraft modding
    • This mod is aimed at providing non-destructive, client-side assistance. It does not aim to become an alternative for World Edit in the future
    • This is my first Java project. If there are crashes, post the first 5 lines in the crash report (found at .minecraft/crash-reports/) along with how you caused the crash
    • I am a busy student, so please be patient with updates (they come twice a year at minimum).

    That said, please suggest new features/improvements.

    Also, if you have an idea for a new formula, generalize it if possible (eg. Instead of cylinders, suggest extrusions)

    To-do list:
    Make the shortcuts re-assignable in the Forge menu
    Replace the current Bezier handle editing system. Instead of using the player’s location, use the player’s crosshair
    Add 3-point planes
    Add translational arrays (extrusions)
    Add rotational arrays (revolves)
    Add regular polygons and polyhedra (though you can already make them with some thoughtfully placed lines and ellipsoids!)
    Add geodesic polyhedra
    Support importing schematics
    Saving guides to a file

    Do not worry if your patterns look too bulky and un-smooth. I'm currently working on a slider that will let you adjust the tolerance of the formula.

    [Fun fact: this was my second time typing up this post. I spent 3 hours making one before but it failed to post and got obliterated. This one is much shorter.]

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