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    posted a message on Unable to Run Minecraft for Long because of Java Error

    If all else fails, try to reduce your render range. I used to have a similar error on my old PC (not mac true). Reducing render solved this for me. At the higher render ranges, a 64 bit system is needed instead of 32 bit to avoid overflows. Can be your Mac is still 32 bit (as it's from 2009) which is fine for most applications (including Minecraft, if you don't chose the most extreme render ranges)

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    posted a message on What is your favorite minecraft version?

    I like the current version. It has alot more options for building stuff & exploring as well. Can add alot more simple details to buildings making them look good without being a master-builder.

    Also love how versatile some blocks have become in the looks departement. You can make so many different stone-versions once you melt cobblestone into smoothstone by example. or all the varieties of wood (and the added new doors!)

    Got to play around with the banners & flat wool options to get some new fancy looks for my buildings & towns.

    The old versions had their charms, but so do the new versions. And on quality, the new versions are better, more options, less bugs. The only thing I miss is the old terrain generator from beta 1.7. But it was a needed change to be able to implement new features without messing up existing worlds too much (new generator allowed for easier implementations of rivers, villages, sub-biomes etc, so an acceptable trade-off imo)

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    posted a message on Completely new to minecraft

    Always nice to read about a happy ending :D Minecraft worlds can be huge & daunting, especially when you explore & can't find your way back. In such cases, maps & compass are a great tool to find your way back.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    In recent things done, I restarted my Andawerpum medieval city Journal (which is incidentally, from the same year as this thread, talked about long breaks). 7th update on it, so don't expect a 10 page long journal. It's still a light read with just 1 page ;)

    Discovered I still had the world & story-notes and screenshots, so decided to give it a go again. So much has changed over the years. City's made in survival (think this thread actually has some old posts of mine about it) and all buildings are fully decorated with at least a bedroom & dining room (and usually a public/shop part too)

    Some teaser images:

    A view on the current town

    Castlegate entry into the old town.

    The inside of the Cannon Foundry

    It's not as brilliant & awesome as some other creations in this thread, but I'm still fond of it. A nice growing medieval town with it's own story in Minecraft.

    It's great to see what others are doing as well in Minecraft, its all so diverse!

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    posted a message on How long have you been playing minecraft?

    Been playing since alpha, was shortly afetr the secret friday updates ended, as I remember the moaning on the forums about them not doing it anymore. 5 years later, still moaning & whining on the forums :D

    Also saw how people's adorations & expectations changed. It's curious how people now praise Jeb & say how Minecraft is ruined without him, as I've seen this scenario before.

    When Notch stopped developing & let Jeb take the wheel, people were sure Minecraft would die. For a long time Jeb got critizised for every little thing, claiming 'Notch would do better'. but tbh, for me I didn't mind the change, some new fresh idea's saw the light & development speeded up again (after a calm period of restructuring)

    I expect the same thing to happen now, some new fresh idea's injected & boosted development once restructurisation & adaptiation is over.

    Minecraft itself changed alot too. From one biome worlds to mult-biomes. From one dimension to multiple. From worlds that are just landscape (with caves & spawners below) to worlds with all kind of structures (villages, mineshafts, ravines, Nether cities)

    Also alot of life was added to the world. Went from oak trees & 2 flowers to a wide variety of trees & tons of flowers. Height limit got upped, forests got expanded on, villagers arrived.

    All in all it's been a fun ride & still is. It's great to visit the heart of my world & see the difference between it & the edge of the explored worlds. the most stunning difference imo is the absence of any form of long grass on the old world section. When you're used to it, it just looks so barren without it. The new biomes also offer a much more diverse world then the old ones (old world: desert, snow & temperate. New has swamp, snow, desert, mesa mushroom, jungle, desert & ofc temperate + others, offering a much more diverse world)

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    posted a message on What's Better?

    Mining. During your first day, you collect enough wood/dirt to build your box o' hiding & make some first tools & torches (also collect apples from foliage). When the box o' hiding is finished & it is night, you can start digging around for stone, coal, iron, whatever, so you got some goods when the second day arrives, so you can lay out that farm & continue to thrive (or get blown up by a creeper)

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    posted a message on Why Was Minecraft So Fun "Back Then"?

    Part of what made Minecraft so fun back then was because it was new. You could discover new things every day. from craftingrecipes to biomes & stunning new fields of view.

    But as time progresses, you've seen it all, you know the recipes, you know the biomes & the 'stunning views' no longer show up, because at some point, it becomes really hard to get an even better view then the last (example: first you found that special tree amazing, then it was a great mountain view, but as time progresses, you've seen so many trees & mountaintops that it takes something truly exceptional to phaze you)

    On top of this is the building factor. When you started, you were happy with your wooden & cobblestone boxes /hallways. As time goes on, you had fun decorating some of them. But then you learned on how awesome other people built & the value you attach to your buildings drops down, permanently, as you realize what others can do.

    Part to regain the old feel if you're a builder is imo to stick to survival mode (peaceful is there for you). The effort you put in gathering resources to built your stuff make you value your own buildings so much more, especially as you can say 'I built this, with what I could find & gather'

    It's part of why I restarted my old minecraft city journal. Doesn't contain the fanciest of buildings, but I still like it as it's survival (usually on peaceful, but sometimes I switch up the difficulty if I wanted to adventure)

    It can't match up to whatever people build in creative mode, but the city I built in that old world is all mine, built in survival as I collect materials to make a city out of it..

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    posted a message on Andawerpum: Fuel the fires of industry

    Well after a long break, the thread's back! RL issues prevented me to continue with it. But decided to continue again, as I noticed I still had the world & the storynotes. It's an old world that grew along as Minecraft got patched up & beyond the release version.

    Now back to the story!

    Chapter 7: Fuel the fires of industry!

    With the rapid expanse of the military infrastructure & the growth of the new town section, Andawerpum's export of stone, coal & iron began stalling. As these are the most important export goods, a solution was needed.

    Obviously, the old mine no longer suited the needs of the new town, so under the impuls of Lord Quan & the wealthy traders, resources were pooled together to start a large project to open a new mine. One that could haul up massive amounts of resources & store them for export.

    As the new mine was being dug out, massive amounts of stone & coal were excavated from the site, allowing the export of these goods to continue unabated.

    The new miningcomplex grew & gave the people of the growing city new employment options as well! This was needed as the shift from fishingtown to traderport caused many to flock to the prosperous town for work.

    It also boosted the trade, as the surplus of new stone & resources allowed the Andawerpum Council to seek out new trade-partners, to acquire more wood & animal products like leather & meat.

    Among these new tradepartners was the town of King MattFlex. They offered an exotic new food in exchange for some of our resources: melons! So a new tradehouse was built in the style of the Kindgom's houses to accommodate them as many people wanted to try this new juicy food!

    In the meantime, work on the mine continued. The continuous excavating now happened in a much more orderly way then the old mine, allowing for more stone, iron & coal to be hauled in in a shorter time! Not to mention that the workers had to travel much less!

    The new directions set in place for digging in the mine already payed off in this state, showing the efficiency of order versus chaos.

    And so they began digging deeper and deeper, hoping to find more exotic resources. During this they found massive amounts of iron, so much so that even with the expanded military & the iron export covered, the mine still ended up with large stocks of it!

    A decision was made to use this surplus iron to make goods for export, to expand what they can offer others in trades. After much debate, the decision fell on cannons. The reason for this is the expertise they built up using & manufacturing the early ones in town. What also helped was the thwarted raid of pirates by the cannontowers on the harbor, a tale often told in the inns. This positive tale would also be a great sales pitch to export cannons!

    But building cannons on a large scale can't be done in a blacksmith's foundry, not even a skilled one! So a new large building arose at the outskirts of town. Compared to the other buildings in town & even the large mining complex & the military barracks, the new Cannon Foundry took up alot of space. New hardened roads were laid out as the amount of goods needed to go back & forth was too much for the old mud roads.

    Work proceeded steadily & the cannon foundry was soon finished. It wouldn't win a beauty prize, but it would get the job done, producing cannons for export!

    And so it began. The fires of the massive furnaces was ignited. As they flamed hot enough to melt iron into a molten liquid, the heat inside the building was nearly unbearable. The sound & racket of the many chains needed to operate the large cauldrons containing the molten iron & to haul off the cooled cannons sounded over the loud hissing of the furnace fires.

    And so the fires of industry were ignited in Andawerpum, a new step was made in the history of the city and the future looked bright!

    But all was not well... Strange rumours came from the north along with many refugees... At first, little attention was given to it, but the stream of refugees grew & all trading to the north halted. And so realization grew that disaster struck the exotic desert-nation of Cor-A-Zon, Andawerpum's oldest tradepartner along with the Kingdom of Alfheim in the frozen south.

    What has happened to them?

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    posted a message on Your greatest achievement

    My greatest achievement for me is still my medieval Lord's Castle. Built it in survival, using the environment & decorated it internally as well.

    Spoilertags got the screenshots of the castle.

    A view on the castle, dominating the city.

    When you enter the main castle, the first thing you see is the Throne room.

    When you go up the stairs, you arrive in the Ballroom, for the large festivities. Higher up there's the quarters for the Lord & his family, but those are far less impressive to see.

    Always been fond of that Castle. I'm terrible with larger builds normally, losing interest rapidly. But this one I managed to go all the way to the end.

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    posted a message on [Build] Jungle Biome Base Ideas?

    Perhaps you can derive some idea's from my jungle-village:

    Village heart, several houses built into the hill, connected by stairs & paths. Cow field & chicken coop on top of the houses.

    Second town part across river. 3 houses linked by paths/stairs

    Whatever you decide, I wish you much luck with your project!

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    posted a message on [Hints&Tips]Building a City
    Quote from DInoKewlioยป

    I am still confused with the themes part

    In this context, it's meant to build your town around a certain theme. is it a mining town? A sci-fi highrise city? A trader's port? Such themes can help greatly in making your city feel more 'real' & cohesive.
    By example, a mining town has mining shafts, pinetree forests (for the lumber used in mineshafts) inns for the miners to cool off, bath-houses to get cleaned after all the dirty work. Warehouses to store ore & minerals etc.
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    posted a message on Any ways to improve my new survival base?

    Center of the house seems a bit dark, perhaps put a table there with a light? Or maybe a firepit (3X3 cobblestone/other stone with burning netherstone at center).

    At outside, the fences seem a bit easy to jump over (especially at the position you are at + the backside, where the elevated ground is very close to the fence. Maybe build a wall instead of a fence? With an overhang to prevent spiders coming in.

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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.2] Wayukian pack (Magma slime & blaze previews on pg. 144) [800k+ downloads]

    That's a good tip, thanks Quad!

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    posted a message on Creative Castles

    Quite some amazing castles! Mine are far less epic compared to those above.

    This is the main castle overlooking my town. The castle itself is fully furbished inside, with throne room and ballroom and all! It's made in survival tho, so not sure if it really fits this thread (noticed too late it was creative)

    Below are some images of the town + the entrance gates (the town is built inside the natural walls provided by the landscape) (uncheck spilers to see images)

    A view over the town, with cannontowers defending the port

    Gatefort entrance to the Old town

    Main entrance to the city (really proud of this gate)

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    posted a message on Stopped working on 1 PC and fails on another.

    The mention of corrupted graphics can point to two things:

    -Make sure your graphic drivers are up to date

    -Make sure you got the latest version of Java (Important! Most of my issues happen when I didn't update Java)

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