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    Spirit Animals

    this mod is about your life choices leading up to drinking "the nectar"

    So in this mod there is a special item called spirit nectar that can be found randomly dropping out of the sky or crafted by drinking this nectar you are given a chance of gaining a special called a spirit animal. These animals will give you special powers such as if you get the hawk you will be able to see out of his eyes when he flies this mod will add many spirit animals and will also add some bosses. what you do in your mine craft world will change what spirit animal you get like maybe falling off a cliff and surviving counts as bravery allowing you to get a wolf

    let me know if you have any ideas

    I will be leading this mod in as the Head modeler so i will need coders due to me having no experience with java




    and support!!

    in need of coder the most if you want to be a coder reply on this forum post or send me and email please apply

    if you code or model something send it to me at [email protected]

    thanks guys but just ask me first if you want to help

    i will be putting pictures of the models in about a months time


    UntitledGames Head modeler/ mod owner

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