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    Quote from xxToxicGuyxx»
    Hello forum members i have bought some servers with sapling host and ever time i start up the servers i get
    "Couldn't get log: Can't connect to Minecraft bridge! (111: Connection refused)"

    also ftp does not work is a error with everyones servers or a backend error e.g multicraft as thats what they are using

    can you tell me how to fix this so i can speed up the fix

    Something is wrong the the configuration of the Daemon. This meaning its SaplingHost´s mess up. Usually inexperienced hosting companies have this problem.
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    Hi there,
    I would call my website a "legit" review website.But so far I do not have that many reviews on it since I really test out their servers talk to them and really try to get a feeling for what they are trying to accomplish.

    Here is a link to it: Craft-Easy.com

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    Quote from Junior278»
    Hey all,

    I am starting up a server inspired by Eurasia role-play. As it is unfortunately down now I am wanting to start a similar role-playing server with a thriving city, a great community, focused around economy and role-playing. I already have all of the resources needed in order to make this server with amazing quality and create it quickly! That is of course, with the exception of funds needed to run the server. I would only need $8 worth in order to get the server running for its first month, which would already give our team enough time to build all necessary components of the server and begin its journey! If you do decide to chip in, that would be absolutely magnificent. You would receive amazing donor perks, very generous in-game currency injections, as well as exclusive investor perks within the server itself. I really think this server has a very bright future ahead of it and only one month's worth of server hosting funds would be needed to show this server's true potential. This server will definitely be a great one to play on and be very entertaining for those who love role-play and even those who don't! Please consider helping us out with any sized donation!

    Contact: FraserDesigns on Skype for further details -- or reply to this thread!

    This is definitely in the wrong section ! Head over to the Hosting Requests thread.
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    Hi there,

    I have been playing Minecraft quite a long time now, since 1.2.5 came out. I really got interested in minecraft servers since I saw a lot of potential in them. I mastered the "art" of developing and maintaining a minecraft server a month after I started playing the game. During that time I was still learning HTML. Since then I learned to code CSS, PHP (a bit) and a little bit of Java. Now for the formal part of this application here is some info:

    Application Form:

    IGN: TheUnriashol

    Name: Julian

    Age: 17, I know you would prefer somebody that is 18 but I can reassure you I am mature enough.

    Experience / Proof of work: I currently have one active website running www.craft-easy.com but I do own multiple other domains with no current websites on them.

    Skype: limatoday

    Timezone: GMT -5:00
    Now as a conclusion I would like to say that I would be very excited in helping your network. I think that it would be quite profitable working with you, not only for you but also for me.
    Hope to hear from you soon and if you have any questions let me know.
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    posted a message on [-Mature Staff-] Anything you can think of server looking for Admins/Mods/Builders to get it on its feet!
    Hi There!

    My name is TheUnriashol and I've been playing this game since it's update to 1.2.5. In recent time I've taken time off to play other games and go to school. However, after all of this I'm interested in hosting a minecraft server, but with my limited time I need some help ^_^.

    So that is where you guys come in. I need Admins, Moderators, and Builders. Pretty much the whole schebang. Anyone who helps out on the server will automatically gain at least assistant mod upon release of the server, based on your qualifications, help, and overall dedication to the server.

    Anyways, let me tell you guys a little bit about myself. I'm a 17 year old who is about to finish Highschool. I haven't fully found a minecraft server that I've been able to enjoy in a while and decided that I could try to make one myself. I myself, when it comes to minecraft, have most experience in the backend part of the servers and managing them.

    Now for the application. Pretty much I'm looking for a group of mature people of just about any age who can dedicate time to helping out with the server (Maturity is a requirement). I will not make having a mic a requirement, however, it is a huge plus and will not be overlooked. I'm also looking for people who are confident on their own, and don't need guidance in order to complete tasks (Like I said, I'm busy and won't always have time to help you out). That is by far the most important part. Anyways in a comment below, leave the following:



    General Location:

    Can you use a mic?:

    Times of availability:

    Past Experience (if any):

    A Fact about yourself:

    Anything else you wanna tell me:

    I uploaded some screenshots of how the server looks right now:

    Alright guys, I hope this wasn't too long of a post. I hope to hear from you soon!


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