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    posted a message on ~Zeronia~Vanilla+ minimal plugins~Whitelist~LF active community member~16 years+~

    Ingame name:


    Discord name:


    Tell me a bit about you and your minecraft experience and history:

    Started playing early beta, usually just played alone until few friends invited me to a server to play. Ever since multiplayer has been my go to mode. Played alot just before official launch and well into 1.8 then took a bit of a break. Have returned once in a while to the game every time a new version launches and have tried to gather a few friends to join me aswell. I'm into big projects that eat up way too much of my valuable time just to distract me from the horrors of this world.

    I have also run multiple servers on my own time and hardware, private and public. I have experiences coding my own plugins and optimizing servers.



    Your builds:(optional) If you build something impressive and you really want to show it post it at that part

    Don't have anything saved on my computer right now. Unfortunately forum posts which included pictures have vanished, probably the forum migration killed them.

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    posted a message on ♕ Vulcan SMP ♕ ✦ Whitelisted Vanilla Survival Server ✦ ◆ 1.12 - ♕ Discord ♕ ✦ Applications OPENED!
    ♦ IGN (In Game Name): Unliked
    ♦ Timezone and Country: GMT+2, Finland
    ♦ Age (We do mainly accept people who are 13 or older): 26
    ♦ Have you played on any other SMPs before? :
    I have been part of quite a few multiplayer servers, mostly vanilla since I like building with the restrictions that vanilla minecraft provides. I'm also one server kinda guy, in most cases I have only left the server once it has been taken to the ground.
    ♦ What is your favorite thing to do in the game? :
    Building largish scale structures as a team and try to make them as liveable as possible. I'm also pedantic about mobproofing every cube on my property.
    ♦ How long have you been playing Minecraft for? :
    Been playing since beta launched, on and off till this very day.
    ♦ How often do you think you will be able to play (Times per week and Times a day):
    Really depends on my schedule but I try to maintain 4-7 times a week, once per day. I tend to do longer sessions than short hops on the server.
    ♦ Why should our community choose you? :
    A good community strives on teamwork and I plan on helping out as much as possible. I usually like to get involved with the server quite alot and through trading and collaboration visit as many players as possible on the server, perhaps even get inspired by them or inspire in return, who knows. I'm also experienced in hosting and maintaining a server and general tech related stuff.
    ♦ Do you have any questions or concerns about Vulcan? :
    Dynmap, will there be one?
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    posted a message on 🌲 Evergreen SMP 🌲 🍂 Vanilla 1.12 🍂 Hermitcraft-style 🍂 18+ (exceptions) | Discord 🍂

    Minecraft IGN: Unliked

    Name/preferred name: Unliked

    Age: 26

    Timezone: GMT+2

    How active will you be on the server?: Daily, from short hops to few hour sessions.

    Why would you like to join?: Looking for a fresh start, small and active community to be a part of.

    Do you agree with all the rules?: Yes.

    Will you use voice chat(Discord)?: Surely will hop on from time to time once a proper coffee level has been reached and I can actually blurp out coherent sentences.

    What's your discord id?: Will pm it if accepted.

    What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?:

    Building large buildings and redstone. Although I have been out from the redstone scene for a while, the new blocks have peaked my interest once again to start anew.

    Tell me a bit about you!:

    Loyal, down-to-earth kinda fellow who is particularly fond of chickens. Love to be a part of a active community who can respect one another and work towards a common goal.

    Got any questions for us?:

    Since you mentioned you will be only accepting few more people, if this really is the right home for me I would be dragging 3 more people with me to join this epic adventure. So is there enough space still left to accommodate all of us?

    Also is there dynmap available on the server and if there is not, would you consider adding one at some point?

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    posted a message on [LaimaCraft 1.11] - Vanilla - Community Based Server - 18+ Adult Server
    IGN: Unliked
    Age: 26

    Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from?
    I'm a student from Finland looking for a place to put my mind at ease and also keep my ocd in check. I'm looking for a mature server and like-minded people to hang out with.

    Why do you play minecraft? Whats your favorite part? What are you good at?
    One thing that always brings me back to this game is building. I like doing stuff in a grand scale and hopefully bring inspiration and joy to other people on the server.

    Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them?
    Most certainly yes. As I said I'm looking to please my ocd and keeping the landscape pretty certainly helps with that.

    Why do you want to join specifically this server?
    This server seems like a mature, well-rounded community and I love the fact that you have a creative world running aswell. I have always liked to plan what I build beforehand and it's going to be quite a lot nicer not having to change the server all the time.

    Anything further you'd like to say?
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    posted a message on [3Yrs Old] Just-Vanilla || Community Based || Mature || Just Pure Vanilla || 24/7 | Weekly +Weekend Contests || Discord |

    Minecraft IGN: Unliked
    Age: 25
    Why do you want to join this server?:
    Looking to quench my minecraft thirst once more and single player doesn't really cut it. Server seems to be populated with like-minded people and is whitelisted which I find appealing.
    Have you read & agree on the Rules?:
    Yes I do, 12.

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    posted a message on ☽ ABRACADABRA☽ ★★★★★★★ MATURE community + Mindcrack-like + Adventure Time Themed! ★★★★★★★
    Username: Unliked

    Age: 24

    Hours usually played (and in what time zone): GMT+2 (PST-6): 06-09am & 4-10pm

    What do you think you can bring to Abracadabra (beta)?
    My friend and I hope to bring beatiful scenery and structure to the world of Abracadabra. I also have prior knowledge of running and setting up a server. I'm also currently running my own dedicated box in my home for various services which I could lend out if I grow to like you guys.

    What about Abracadabra (beta) are you most interested in?
    You guys seem like a decent group of people who actually know what they are doing. Also you have actually put some effort into your server preview and website which shows alot.

    Give me 7 or more sentences about yourself:
    I'm a physics student from Finland and I have been enjoying Minecraft in all of it's glory since alpha. I have been away from minecraft for a few months but noticed that I couldn't feed my OCD enough in other games / real life so I basically have to come back this therapeutic game. Some of our work can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/RKPiJ. Outside of minecraft I have a keen interest in graphics, websites and coding. I have fiddled around with servers quite alot and hope to bring atleast a bit of random knowledge to the table. I'm also very fond of chickens.

    I would also like to enlist my partner in crime to this adventure I'm hoping to partake here. His ingame name is Ninzom, also 24 years old and very fond of chickens.
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    By having 2 images as your signature we force them to be loyal to only one server propaganda.
    Also the signature div has a style setting of 125px height, so technically it can be 125px tall. Else it will create the slider

    Get bent

    Squeeze it yourself if you can't handle it
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)

    Stop lying


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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    Some new, hopefully better banners.


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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    I just wanted to chat anyway for now. Oh well later then
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    /whitelist reload? :(
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    If there is still a resident dip­­ spot open, I'm all up for it.

    Can make a new application form if necessary. http://www.minecraft...0#entry19302123
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    posted a message on KikiCraft -- (MindCrack 8.1.1) [FTB] (No PVP, Stealing, Griefing, etc.) [16+] (Whitelist!) [MyTown]
    The server has been fixed for now. Problem was that chunkloaded spawners were spawning entities and overloaded the server. Please don't leave them spawning unless you have an efficient way of killing them. Turtles won't do.

    Austindean33 & GumfruitPlaya, you are both accepted.

    Also sorry for such a slow respond, been quite busy and will be for some time.
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    posted a message on KikiCraft -- (MindCrack 8.1.1) [FTB] (No PVP, Stealing, Griefing, etc.) [16+] (Whitelist!) [MyTown]
    Quote from iriscal

    After further investigation, I appear to have ALL of these installed, but they're all more recent versions.

    You are running the wrong modpack version, we are using the MindCrack pack

    Select MindCrack pack from the modpack tab and launch the game.
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