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    They could add rockets to the moon, where there are lunar mobs, lunar minerals, lunar plants, a new lunar structure, and many more things.

    When you reach the moon, if you do not have an astronaut costume made of iron, diamonds And leather, the player will last 3 seconds with life. If you do not have the astronaut costume you can make an astronomica breathing potion.

    The moon's gravity is smaller so you can jump twice as high and falling off The amount of blocks of height does half the damage that if we remain of that height in the normal world.

    They place meteorites in any place of the moon; these meteorites bring any type of material from the space and one that is only in meteorites. Falling meteorites make an exploit according to their size, these exploitations do not untangle blocks, just move them by making them form craters. Meteors can not move the most resistant materials, for example obsidian, stone of the end, blocks Of brick of the underworld and more.

    In the moon it is always day, it is very cold and does not have any type of change of clima.

    Al to put water in the moon, it is frozen instantly.

    Se can construct rockets that send things from the moon to Earth and from the earth to the moon. You can also shoot missiles from the moon to the earth and from the earth to the moon.

    Every 28 days of minecraft an eclipse occurs that leaves the moon completely dark for 3 days of minecraft. During the eclipces appear double of monsters.

    The map of the moon is slightly smaller.

    The moon Is composed mainly of lunar stone, earth and much iron.

    No lava on the moon.When putting lava on the moon is transformed into stone.

    In the moon you always see double of stars and the planet earth, the sun appears 14 days Of minecraft and disappears another 14 days of minecraft.

    En the moon are seen They fleeting all the time.

    On the moon there are not many types of biomes.

    Sorry for the translation, I hope you understand. I speak Spanish and first wrote it in a translator.

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    Hello ... I would recommend the command blocks for new generation consoles (PS4 and others). It would be of great help to the creators of worlds with minigames or with great mechanisms. If that is impossible, at least add them with the basic commands, for example to make disappear or appear blocks, do day or night, kill all, Give things to the players and others. I am looking forward to your response.

    Sorry for the translation. I speak Spanish.

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    Hola ... me gustaria sugerir que a la hora de pescar en cualquier tipo de agua se pueda pescar fragmentos de prismarina , cristales de prismarina y esponjas mojadas , ya que en muchos mundos limitados no aparecen los monumentos sumergidos . Me parece que seria una buena idea

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