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    I have started a petition on personally notifying Mojang about this idea.

    Here are the details:

    If I get 1000 "YES"s than I will send this idea to Mojang via Twitter, Email, or Postage.
    If I get more than 500 "NO"s I won't.

    If I get 500 "NO"s after I get 1000 "YES"s I'll still send the idea.

    If I get 1000 "YES"s after I get 500 "NO"s I'll won't.

    Please vote seriously. If you don't want to vote for the petition, just click "Indifferent"

    In 1.3 we got new types of wood that correspond to the log they come from, but only 3 blocks are actually those colors: the normal blocks, slabs, and stairs. Lets add more.
    All of these are for aesthetics.

    Each idea is rated by a 5 star rating of their importance of being added.
    = Probably shouldn't be added
    = Probably won't be added
    = Good Chance
    = Could be added
    = Should be added at all costs

    There could be two ways that crafting works.

    IDEA 1: The output of the crafted item will be based on which wood type is most used. If there is a tie between the items, the output item will be oak type.

    IDEA 2: By Ouatcheur, Crafting the items will of course, be the exact same, but trying to crafting something will multiple colors will give you the color that is used the most in the ingredients. In case of a tie, the 'winning' color will always be the one from the ingredient that has the smallest Block-ID (or damage value, for tied-in-number ingredients that all have the same smallest Block-ID).

    Multicolored Buttons

    To me, the way buttons mixed into the block they're made of was a great hidden redstone advantage. Adding multicolored buttons won't be too much, just a way so you can hide buttons on multiple wood types.

    Multicolored Plates
    The same reason behind the buttons, plates can be hidden to the block they're made of, plus can be used for tables.

    Multicolored Sticks
    Multicolred sticks would open up new available colored blocks. The sticks, however, will not create multicolored tools.

    One problem though is that the texture of the current sticks is the same color scheme as the spruce planks, so either the Oak sticks will have a new color, or the Spruce sticks will be darker than their block color scheme.

    Multicolored Doors, Fence Gates and TrapDoors
    If anything, doors appear on every house, and it would be nice for the doors to match colors of their houses. Trapdoors, and fence gates too could match multicolored fences and the color of houses.
    Fences gates will also have their type depended normal, so different sticks or planks will be no different.

    Multicolored Fences
    A commonly suggested idea, obviously since fences are used a lot. They match many aesthetic perspectives for biomes.

    Multicolored Chests and Trapped Chests
    What belongs in every house and is needed by every Minecrafter? Yes it's chests you dummy.
    Why not? Their wood colored, great decor, and they don't have any current aesthetic advantages.
    This would also include Trapped Chests. No better way to make a trap insuspicious than disguising it as a regular looking chest.

    Multicolored Bookshelves
    As a full block itself, bookshelves should've been color compatible in the first place.

    Multicolored Signs
    Suggested by Fortanono.
    Color signs add an aesthetically appeasing decoration so you can make letters mix into the background, and make those fancy couches.
    Also, due to how dark Spruce and Dark Oak is, the text for them will be automatically colored white to make them easy to read.

    Multicolored Ladders
    Suggested by numerous souls.
    Color ladders makes your wood colored house more appeasing, blinding into a block's background, and adding more decoration options.

    Multicolored CraftingTables
    Crafting tables are largely composed of the wood texture, making them stick out like a sore thumb. Although not having large decorative uses, it can make houses more symmetrical.

    Multicolored Beds
    If they ever implement wool color based beds, this could go along with it, quintupling the possible mixes. Of course that would also make a complete mess of inventory... so this probably shouldn't and won't be added.

    Multicolored Pistons
    Believe it or not, this revolutionary redstone objects are decorational as well. They can be used as fancy tables so multicolors could help you with your interior, plus, can help you hide the pistons with the wood background.
    (Pictures Coming Soon)

    Multicolored JukeBoxes and NoteBlocks
    Although they're largley different from wood textures, they can pimp up your houses. Note blocks can have their song sections color-coded to keep your songs organized.
    I maybe abandon this idea. There's a question in the poll if you want to support it staying or leaving.
    (Pictures Coming Soon)

    Multicolored Item Frames
    It's a bit unfair that your stuck with the birch wood for your item frames. Like signs, the multicolored item frames could mix into their backgrounds, making it more appeasing.

    Multicolored Boats
    Whats a better way of sprucing up (pun intended) your docks than having boats of different colors? Better yet, you could have boat races with different colors!
    When these boats crash they will drop planks and sticks according to their type.

    I mocked up some photos for what the blocks might actually look like. I wasn't able to take pictures of placed bookshelf blocks because the side textures messed up.
    Acacia Wood Items
    Dark Oak Items


    There is also a mod containing the fences and pressureplates that someone has brought to me.

    If you have a Reddit account please consider upvoting to support the idea here.

    Here's a banner for support.

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    posted a message on How to convert blocks to terrain.png?
    Lucky for you, back when Dinnerbone created the new texture pack system, he was nice enough to give texture pack creators this.
    It's called an unstitcher tool. It automatically turns all of your texture in the terrain.png into the new format.
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    Quote from Cavies

    I guess i make exactly like the shades HD Mod. And Here What It Will Look Like:http://imgur.com/V3X4OpV I Do Not Know About The Flare Size. i Think of it soon and adjust the size=no

    You realize, that's a shader, and shaders aren't graphically friendly.
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    posted a message on Gold and Iron Drop Items: Now with a mod!
    Quote from joonatan1998

    Allowing fortune on iron/gold is almost the same as iron/gold being more common, if you have a fortune pick you are going to get more of them, and combined with enchanting being insanely cheap in 1.8 most players are going to have a fortune pick.

    Except, iron and gold isn't what people would hunt for with Fortune anyway. Most players would search for diamond and coal.
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    I don't know when or why it was removed but it was very slow compared to a downloaded version.
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    I support.

    BTW, I think Mojang should also add c418's BandCamp and website to the Homepage and the Store.
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    posted a message on Stance on story
    Minecraft doesn't need a story. It's an open-world nonlinear game, so the story is what you do in that world.
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    "Did you trying turning it off and on again?"
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    Why would the world need to be spherical when it's (technically) infinite? No one has been able to legit reach the end of the world since BETA 1.8.
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    We need gloves. Everything else is cover except for our hands. plus it would add more armor.

    I thought about gauntlets. then we could have iron, Gold, and diamond versions of it.
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