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Hello! I'm Unilegger! I'm an artist/cartoonist who loves music and appreciates the beauty of the world!..... Man I suck at writing reviews.

I'm a Realist, Literalist, and smart-alack. I'm a big fan of Sonic, Kirby, pokemon, and not to mention Minecraft! My goal in life is to create fan-games as well as my own ideas! I'm a furry, don't judge me. I'm a furry because I love cartoons and animals(specifically cats). I am too a Christian, but I won't go too deep into that, because the internet seems sensitive to putting capitals G's in God. My main hobby is art, and I mostly draw cartoons.

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Are my little pony donkies the new butter language packs?

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I have it on good authority that the next update will contain [REDACTED].

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What if I agree to change your name to "captain weiner" and change your avatar to a picture of a hot dog with a moustache, will that suffice?

Edit: Done, are we in compliance with your whim now?

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Pinecones are used when you run out of toilet paper....

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I don't want giant wandering pineapples.

My fictional identity, is that I am a anthropomorphic, humanoid being from a species of humanoids, only with O type blood in the Alpha Centauri B system. If you saw my kind you would mistake us as humans, because we basically are. I was sent to planet Earth to deliver a notice about it's shceduled demolition, only 15 years away, for a new interstellar highway, but remembered I forgot the notice at the last minute. I attempted a legal O turn(only a manuver attempted by space crafts) but ended up crashing on Earth anyways. I decided just to speak myself to human kind about the danger, but dolphins sent by the Galactic Federation were here already to warn you all. I found a liking for Earth and decided to stay with you primitive human beings, due to the fact your climate here is a lot less drastic than Ouranos.

If you notice any spelling mistakes, forgive me. What you call "English" (My native language is Centaurian, which is rather close to your "Old Norse") is rather complex and abridged as a language.
Interests Cartooning, Animation, Comedy

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