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    Hey, so I went from 1.12.2 to 1.15.2 because of friends doing so and I am having an issue with the locking key feature. So an example to explain the problem is as follows: I fill a Storage Drawer(Any drawer, does not matter if it is half drawer, single full drawer, 2x2 drawer, or compacting drawer, nor does the material matter) with an item lets say OAK LOGS and then lock the drawer with the Drawer Key. So if anything or anyone empty's the Oak Logs it will be locked to it and cant be refilled by hand or with any auto sorting systems with anything but Oak Logs, but here is where the issue happens I empty the locked drawers of the item and then either get of for the night or leave the chunk there for unloading the chunk and when I come back the empty drawer is still locked but shows no item and accepts any random item their for can not be connected to a auto sorting system like Refined Storage or AE 2 their for making this mod almost useless for anything but early-game storage. Any additional info u need plz contact me but remember as it does not cause a crash there is no crash log.

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