About Me

Hi! My name is Jordan, and welcome to my page!

I love playing Minecraft, and I thought that I could learn new things about it when I join this forum. Turns out, I am!

One of my favorite things to do in Minecraft is build. Whether it's creative or survival, I will build anything and everything that I can! Just look at my first thread: First Build Ideas. I've loved building, and I thought I could bring that love on here to make people amazed at my builds. I'm not the best, but I'm working on it. ;)

Thanks for showing interest in who I am. It means a lot! If you want to give thanks/follow me, go on ahead! I'm not begging, but inviting you to. I hope to see you all on my forum threads! And remember, stay crafty!



I love Minecraft, reading, and hanging out with friends. Anything funny/cute/just plain ADORABLE will be my new favorite thing for the next few seconds.

Location The Great State of Ohio

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