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    Quote from Epione

    I'd hate to rain on your parade, but you won't find any free hosting services.

    I strongly agree due to the cost of hosting for companies they don't give out free servers.
    a sponsored server generally must show promise to get a lot of donations most of witch go to the host.

    the best i can offer is $5 to host a 1 gig server. www.mcpowered.com

    I am sure if you asked a parent to pay for it instead of an allowance you could afford it. thats how i got my first server lol
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    Hi mcpowered is interested in your idea. would you mind giving me some information about what you could offer us in return? for example a percentage of donations, advertising somthing like that. if you would like to chat with me you can go to www.mcpowered.com and click the chat in the bottem right of your screen you could also email me [email protected] or PM me

    Kind regards
    Austin Pearson, MCPowered Sales Rep
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    I am looking for good experienced builders and plot writers to help me create an MMO server.

    to apply use this guide (adding more will give you a better chance of being accepted)

    1. IGN:
    2. Skype name:
    3. A Video or image link to a build or plot you have made (if no videos or pictures exist you can show us in a Skype inter view
    4. Describe yourself
    5. Can we interview you over skype? if yes what is a good time?
    6. Age:

    Remember the server is whitelisted so you will need to apply. if you would rather do the whole thing over skype put your skype name and ask for an interview. also give a time you are free.
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