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    Liteloader version http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1289421-autofish-mod-for-minecraft-1-8

    suggest you both read the Mods FAQ sticky

    forge is a preference for compatibility not a requirement to create mods, and takes a lot of hassle out of installing mods correctly

    tekkit, techkit and technic are modpacks and launchers, they have nothing to do with mod creation

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    posted a message on Realistic Animal Products and Drops Mod (Updates Are Here)

    simply visionary! big team TY for developing this series of mods :)

    request: makeshift bed

    crafted on the small inventory table

    made from hide(s) and feathers, dirt, sand, wheat/straw, or some such

    no wool or planks

    when broken, only hide(s) dropped, not the bed or other components

    preferably does not set spawn point

    for us hunter/gatherers on a paleo diet ;)

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    posted a message on Project: Nature! a mod with animals done right!

    must be Penguins, the master conspirators behind everything

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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [SSP/SMP] Footpaths: Creates natural paths where you walk often!

    I enjoy the realism

    nothing grows on a natural trail, the soil gets so compacted that it repels water, hence harder to till

    foliage reaches over to grab the sun above it, brushing past them reforges the path, hence the drops

    the more often a footpath is used, the less drops per pass


    1) dynamically reduce growth rate of adjacents as a footpath develops

    config option to change increment, zero disables effect

    2) use an overlay of only footpath, so it can work in any overworld biome, and help secure vs silk touch or such

    then grass blocks will grow weeds (tall grass) on unmaintained footpaths

    revert all effects on sand upon any weather effect, or at a random time daily

    prevent effects on tiles with physics, and transform 2x faster on clay


    1) not a cobblestone graphic please, I prefer manual paving

    2) slippery when wet, since it goes from muddy to slick as it develops irl

    ie while raining or water above, it acts like an ice block

    except make clay twice as slippery and no ice effects on sand

    possibly, inversely scaled to adjacent growth rate, just for fun

    edited to clarify suggestion 2

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    posted a message on [WIP](1.7.10Forge)Fantastic Fish *Alpha V1.4 Avalable!* now with Sharks!*
    you might be able to confine to a biome with temperature, salinity, and light levels :unsure:
    not a request, just possibilities to consider
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