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    posted a message on nevermind:) zombie spawner stopped spawning?
    /slaps forehead
    Edit: Nevermind, I was on peaceful hehe.

    Yesterday I found several monster spawners. I decided to make the one closes to my house an xp grinder. I created a canal that moves the spawned mobs down 17+ tiles away from the spawner, as I read that only 6 zombies will spawn within 17 tiles of the spawner. It worked very nicely. I could stand about where this screenshot was taken:


    and the zombies would spawn, walk towards me, and then drop off and keep moving down to a killing room that was ~20 tiles away. After I had 40 or so zombies down in the killing room, I'd move down and kill them all, and then move back to about 10 tiles away and let the spawner start creating more zombies.

    Since I figured I'd be in that room for a while, I thought I'd make a food source or two, and started with a cow pen. So I carved out a larger room:


    made a cow pen far away from the spawner, and now the spawner appears to have stopped working. I'm not sure why, but all zombie spawns now just 'poof' and disappear.

    Any ideas why?
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    posted a message on Alternate current pistons
    Quote from mg127

    what you need is a pulse limiter
    there are many forms and they do all the same, they reduce an inputsignal in lenth


    there are two kinds of pulselimiters, the first group fires a short puls with the rising input flank

    (1 wide version)

    the other kind poweres the output for a short time on the down flank of the input

    (1 wide version)

    with a shorter signal you have more control over your pistons :smile.gif:
    but 3 ticks are minimum to toggle torches

    Ahh, got it. Change the signal length by running it through torches.

    I looked up piston clocks also. It seems like either way would work. I may end up using the 4 way piston clock as the controller, so that I have 2 other signals to play with if I want to do other things in the system in sync also.

    Thanks for the help.
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    posted a message on Alternate current pistons
    Quote from Animuldok

    Set up a clock, send the pulse to first piston, continue that pulse with desired delay to opposing piston. to keep things simple, I would just make a 5clock and delay the signal by 2 ticks. by 5clock i mean a clock that pulses once every 5 ticks. running the puls through a pulse limiter/monostable might make things go a little more smoothly as well. homework for you =)

    OK, I'll research clocks and see if I can figure out a more controlled timed pulse. Thanks for the info.
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    posted a message on Alternate current pistons
    Short form:) - Most simple way to turn one piston on and another off with one action.

    My end goal is to make a floor that is shoved back and forth by pistons on either side of it. I can't seem to get the timing correct though. Maybe I'm over complicating things, I'm not sure.

    After searching for a bit, I decided to use a single piston running in a loop, cutting its own power, and then turning back on again because of a loop of repeaters that cycle the current back around to the piston. I decided that that repetitive piston turning a line of power on and then off would be the driver for the two rows of pistons in front of it shoving a floor back and forth.

    After not coming across a simple way to have that single piston loop cut power to one current and then turn power on to another, I searched a bit and came across the T-flop. So I constructed the T-flop and fed it power in a cycle from the earlier piston loop I created.

    It did work. From the T-flop I was able to run one redstone line out to one side of the floor pistons, and from a dark line of the T-flop, I ran a redstone line out to the other side of the floor pistons. As my single looped piston turned power on and off to the T-flop, it did turn the left floor piston on, while turning the right floor piston off. However.....

    The timing wasn't right. The piston side that was turned on, did not turn off in time for the other side to push the floor. I tried altering the timing with different combinations of repeaters, but I couldn't work it out.

    So is there a more simple way of making a floor with pistons on either side, where one side of pistons fires as the other side turns off, in sync? Maybe instead of a T-flop some more straightforward way of alternating power between two redstone lines?

    Edit: in place of the T-flop, I just tried the simple trick of making a T shape of redstone circuit. The bottom of the T was fed power on, then off, by my looping piston. On one side of the T, it was just redstone line to the right floor piston. On the left side of the T, it was a redstone line to a brick that had one redstone torch stuck to its side. That way, when the T received power from the bottom, one side of the T (the plain redstone line gave power) while the other side of the T (with the torch in place of section of redstone) did not receive power.

    The pistons were still out of sync:(
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