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    First Name: Angad

    Age: 16

    Minecraft UserName: ScarfedLlama

    Skype Name: ungid_teh_dolphin

    Email: [email protected]

    Activity (i.e. 12 hours a day, once a week) : 3-4 Hours a day.

    Position you are Applying for: Admin, Moderator, or builder.

    Previous Experience: I was a Mod on 3 servers, and Admin on 1 server, a Co-Owner on 2 servers, and a builder on 4 servers.

    Current Positions on other Servers: All of the servers listed above had gone down.

    Have you ever been banned, kicked, or temp banned from a server? If so, why? : I once got framed by a Admin. He told the Server Owner that I had spammed World Edit commands when I hadn't, I later proved to the Owner that I wasn't the one who spammed the commands by using Screenshots.

    If you have the following commands, what would you do? (ban, tempban, kick, mute)

    Advertising: I would first warn them. If that doesn't work, I would mute them. When they are no longer muted and they continue, I will kick them. If they continue after that, I will temporary ban them. If they continue after that, I'm dropping the ban hammer on them.

    Spamming: I will mute them first, then I will kick them, then I will temp ban them, and if they keep spamming, I will ban them.

    Swearing / Racist Remarks: I'm going to be honest, I cannot stand people who are rude or racist. I'm most likely gonna mute them and then ban them. And then, depending on how bad it is, I will permanently ban them.

    Modded or Items that are Not Allowed: The Ban Hammer has spoken.

    Griefing: Oh hey Greifers! Do you hear that? It's the ban hammer.

    Extras!: I am very good at pixel art, as it is my main talent. Here are some screenshots:

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    IGN: ScarfedLlama[/b]

    AGE: 16[/b]

    SKYPE: ungid_teh_dolphin[/b]

    PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:I was an Admin, Mod, Co-Owner (Twice) on 4 separate server.[/b]

    SPECIFIC SKILLS: I have some experience with World Edit and other Plugins that aren't needed on the server, I have adept at pixel art, and I am somewhat mature (8/10?). I am decent at building but not good. I am also experienced at muting, kicking, and banning bad, disrespectful players. I am respectful and I try my best at everything I do.[/b]

    AVAILABILITY: 3-4 Hours at most.[/b]

    Extras: I like scarves and llamas. When I'm not on PC, I'll be on Minechat, a mobile app which allows me to talk on Minecraft servers. If you want to see my Pixel Art, just contact me.[/b]


    Wait... I just added it as an attachment.

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