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    Name: CJ

    Skype: C.J. Masson

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    MC Username: GhostSpy84 (Willing To Change It)

    I have done all 3 routes in undertale once. I also play on technic and have played undertale mods and pokemon mods.

    PS. Ill be any character


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    I could help you make a map once you finish the mod :D :D

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    I have a yeti mic, I don't have many distractions maybe a few noises now and then in the background, I have discord, my minecraft username is GhostSpy84 (I can change it to the character I'm roleplaying as). And I have completed all routes of undertale. My most hated was genocide. (SANS IS EVIL AF) (ok I'm evil af but sans is hard to beat af)

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