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    Okay there is a couple of things I would really like this mod-pack to have. Here are some errors i had earlier today:

    1. I would die of thirst because i couldn't find any water bottles from generated structures so i made some glass bottles and filled them up but that wouldn't work so I was repeatedly die of thirst.

    2. I could not find ANY generated structures. I looked everywhere even in creative and i couldn't find anything

    3. I never saw a single zombie. There were no zombies except for normal mine craft zombies, and this is the zombie apocalypse so they should be much more common.

    4. I wish enderman, creepers, slimes, skeletons, and and the nether shouldn't have as many mobs because it would be nice if this were somewhat realistic.

    Heres some things i would add:

    Reis minimap

    Thats all i have for now thank you for reading this :)

    I don't think you set the world generation type to "Crafting Dead". Click where you usually would for superflat and large biomes, but instead click until you see it say Crafting Dead. If nothing works, you installed it wrong or your technic launcher isn't working right. BTW, I'm not sure if he can add Rei's Minimap, because the creator of it has the rights to it.
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