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    Quote from coleofduty223

    Okay there is a couple of things I would really like this mod-pack to have. Here are some errors i had earlier today:

    1. I would die of thirst because i couldn't find any water bottles from generated structures so i made some glass bottles and filled them up but that wouldn't work so I was repeatedly die of thirst.

    2. I could not find ANY generated structures. I looked everywhere even in creative and i couldn't find anything

    3. I never saw a single zombie. There were no zombies except for normal mine craft zombies, and this is the zombie apocalypse so they should be much more common.

    4. I wish enderman, creepers, slimes, skeletons, and and the nether shouldn't have as many mobs because it would be nice if this were somewhat realistic.

    Heres some things i would add:

    Reis minimap

    Thats all i have for now thank you for reading this :)

    I don't think you set the world generation type to "Crafting Dead". Click where you usually would for superflat and large biomes, but instead click until you see it say Crafting Dead. If nothing works, you installed it wrong or your technic launcher isn't working right. BTW, I'm not sure if he can add Rei's Minimap, because the creator of it has the rights to it.
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    Quote from Brin

    I WOULD download this mod if it wasn't for tekkit,seriously ferullo? not everyone uses tekkit especially a lot of mod people! come get me when you make an ACTUAL download... thumbs down :/ this sounded really cool too... :steve_rage: :steve_tearful:
    What is the problem with using tekkit? :L If you can install other mods, you can easily download the Technic Launcher. F3rullo is just making the mod more open for people who might not be able to figure out how to install it. There is no reason why you should have to forgo this great mod because it is simply easy to install.
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    I have just some ideas for the mod, things that may make it a bit more interesting.
    1. You should add backpacks. With all of the amazing loot you've added in and the lack of stackable items, I find it difficult to do much without storing or leaving a lot of the loot.
    2. You should add NPCs who you can trade with, and use things such as ammunition as currency (A bit of a throwback to the game Metro 2033). With the NPCs should be complexes you can stay in with them, or that you have to buy and work for.
    3. I've seen a fair bit of this on this topic already, but it really would be cool. Naturally spawning cities would be awesome, from sewers, to subways, to skyscrapers; the adventure would be spectacular.
    4. An interesting feature would be to have a sort of MCMMO style skill leveling system, to increase capabilities with weapons, scavenging, fighting, etc.
    5. As always, more items would be interesting. I can't wait to see how this mod develops in the future!
    6. Different types of zombies would be unique and liven up combat a bit more.
    I know a lot of these won't be implemented or may be impossible to implement, but it was just a sort of brainstorm to sort of throw out some ideas. I can't wait for the multiplayer versions, servers, and custom maps to come out. This mod has great potential and I'm excited to see where you take it!
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