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    posted a message on [Story] MineZ (Needs Feedback!)
    Cool to see someone write a story of MineZ, which I love ^^
    Chapter One have already made me Bookmark this. It's interesting, and I would like to see how it turns out.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] ★★ Avius ★★ [Towny][Roleplay][PvP][LWC][No Whitelist!][24/7][Lag-Free]
    IGN: Uncreaten9
    Server seems friendly and nice ^^
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    posted a message on Keep Emerald Ore in Game Petition
    I just agree
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    posted a message on True Story (funny griefer)
    I see what you did there
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    posted a message on Crates - A new storage block
    This would be awesome! Both for storage, fun, trolling and puzzle maps!
    I give this my full support.
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    posted a message on If you're being attacked by a player on a server...
    Bury them.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Trivia Quiz
    I hereby hate goats.
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    posted a message on The Secret of Minecraftia
    This is really good! I can't wait to read more! It's really one of those kind of stories that you don't see often.
    Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on Worst Seed Ever to Be In Minecraft
    Dirt, sand and sugarcanes?!
    Thx for the seed!
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    posted a message on MultiCraft 1.3
    Woah! This is amazing! Downloading now!
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    posted a message on Am I the only one who plays legit?
    I slightly agree with you. But Minecraft is made for both building and gaming. Some players enjoy gathering resources and fighting monsters. Some players enjoy creating and building. Both of those Players shouldn't be forced to do the other thing. Creative mode is in there for a reason. Becuse some Players enjoy the building aspect of the game. Voxel and WorldEdit has made it even easier for those players to do what they enjoy without having to do what they do not enjoy. The legitimately players enjoy playing the game how they want, and so does the building and "cheating" players. Legitimately creation may be more impressive for some, but the point of the game is to have fun doing what you want, isn't it? So both the legitimately and building players should have their place. As you see, there are alot of legitimately players (Above posters as example) that share your opinion, so your not alone :wink.gif:

    (Sorry if I said something wrong or stupid, this is my opinion and I'm not trying to do post anything offensive)
    (Fixed typo)
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    posted a message on Ender Dragon Boss Fight Changes
    Yes! The Boss battle was definitly too repetive, boring and easy! I love all the ideas of purple flame breathing, teleporting and having to awake the dragon. Hopefully Mojang will do those kind of stuff in 2012, with the AI expert guy and all of that.
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    posted a message on YOUR FIRST WORLD!
    I spawned on some sand close to a small pond by the mountain. I grew bored of playing with the sand, and went up the mountain. On the other side of the Mountain, there was a lake, a waterfall and a lavafall (You know what I mean). There was a cave which I made into my awesome base. I worked alot on creating caves, experimenting with recipes (Until I found Minecraft wiki after searching for more crafting recipies on the net) and creating dirt brigdes. I fought epic battle against chickens and cows, fell in lava twice and had a hard time finding the purpose of Gravel. I thought Iron was super mega rare becuse I couldn't find it in the mountain. I was so happy when I found it while mining deeper. I made buckets and Iron pickaxe, and instantly decided to create the greatest minecart track ever.
    Unfortunately, the world got deleted due to a bug in Alpha or something. Of course I was sad, but like everyone else I was addicted, and decided to start from the begining.

    but thanks to some other weird Alpha bug, I got my world back. I just randomly createn a new world, and started exploring it. Then guess what? The world was there. All my items. Everything. I have heard about it happening to alot of people. I have the world hidden somewhere on my computer now, just in case I feel like playing good old Alpha...
    Thanks for creating this thread, I'm off to play some Alpha.
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    posted a message on So no way to play classic then?
    Last time I checked you could save in Classic if you had made an Account (Making a Account is free). You saved some kind of file on your computer and Loaded it next time. I may be wrong but If you haven't registered yet then you might try it out.
    Also I have a link for a DEMO, I haven't tried it out so I'm not sure if it works, but you can try it yourself: http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/04/19/download-the-minecraft-demo
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    posted a message on What do you think of the ending?
    The Ending was great! Good work on that one Mojang :laugh.gif:
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