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    Quote from MegaUltraBuilder

    Ok I downloaded it and now I have a zip named TooManyItems on my desktop.

    What do I do next?

    This is my first mod im downloading..

    For PC, open the zip in 7zip or WinRar, and then open start, and type in %APPDATA% Open Roaming, and open .minecraft. open
    bin and open "minecraft.jar" also in 7zip or WinRar, Then drag the contents of the TMI folder in to minecraft.jar. That should work, if it does not, look it up.
    I am sorry I cannot help you anymore.

    Aνθροπωσ bλεπει aποστολον.
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    Good idea nato_potato. "Maybe if you're in a hardcore world it could slowly damage you and blizzards would too, forcing you to seek shelter." I think it should like slowly pile up around you, like it starts like snow does, but slowly rises around you forcing you to find higher ground. Kind of like a flood. Speaking of floods, that would be cool also

    I :Ham: Minecraft
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    first of all, EPIC FAIL and not losing all your stuff when you die would make it "Beta dont worry if you die you wont lose all your stuff" and does anybody want 2 play a game with such a long title? even more importantly it would'nt be any fun :Sheep:

    P.S. I've been playing minecraft 4 a long time now SO DONT GIVE ME NO BACK TALK FOO!!!!!

    no offence
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