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    posted a message on Star Trek Mod
    That's awesome.... I would totally help if I knew how to mod! Actually, I am going to go learn so I can help!
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    posted a message on TooManyItems, the inventory editor and more (1.8 Forge is here!)
    Quote from MegaUltraBuilder

    Ok I downloaded it and now I have a zip named TooManyItems on my desktop.

    What do I do next?

    This is my first mod im downloading..

    For PC, open the zip in 7zip or WinRar, and then open start, and type in %APPDATA% Open Roaming, and open .minecraft. open
    bin and open "minecraft.jar" also in 7zip or WinRar, Then drag the contents of the TMI folder in to minecraft.jar. That should work, if it does not, look it up.
    I am sorry I cannot help you anymore.

    Aνθροπωσ bλεπει aποστολον.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    Quote from StrawHatUra

    Worked like a dream.

    what texture pack is this?
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    posted a message on Zombie Skins
    I think it would be cool if when you die and respawn, there would be a zombie with your skin, and before you die if the would have villager skins. One more thing, DEATH TO ENDERMEN!!!!

    I :Ham: Minecraft
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    posted a message on Sandstorms - desert version of snow
    Good idea nato_potato. "Maybe if you're in a hardcore world it could slowly damage you and blizzards would too, forcing you to seek shelter." I think it should like slowly pile up around you, like it starts like snow does, but slowly rises around you forcing you to find higher ground. Kind of like a flood. Speaking of floods, that would be cool also

    I :Ham: Minecraft
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    posted a message on What scares you the most in MInecraft?
    Ghast noises and Herobrine. I had this world where Herobrine kept putting monsters inside while i was sleeping. I SWEAR every block there could be a torch there was one. :Bacon: yummy
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Snapshot is Now Available!
    Removed all ghost entities under the command of Lord Herobrine

    Ghost-"umm... Herobr-"
    Herobrine-"aww now I have to make my own sandwich!! #%@&..."
    Me-" Sparky... Did you hear that?"
    Sparky-" woof!!*whimper* woof woof!!!"
    Me-"your right Sparky. Probably just my imagination..."

    Hurry everybody!! play minecraft three days straight and try 2 find ghosts!!! I :Ham: Minecraft
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    posted a message on ModCraft
    so when i start mod craft it says "C:\Users\puppy\Desktop\MODCRA~1.7\ModCraft.exe The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.CS:1291 IP:00df OP:ff ff ff 00 00 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application." does anybody know what this means? :huh.gif:
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    posted a message on First time installing a mod, getting black screen.
    Quote from bubblecars

    Delete META-INF.

    i found it but it wasnt for minecraft :unsure.gif:
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    posted a message on Zombie Man Clan
    :Zombie:'s rule :Spider:'s and :Skeleton:'s don't. Join the Zombie Man Clan now!!! killing spiders and skeletons all the time!! steps for joining
    1:get zombie skin for minecraft
    2:PM me your email adress with minecraftforums
    3:if you can, text in green


    if you dont join i will give you a link to our recruitment video!!
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    posted a message on stuff you make
    how do i post screen shots?
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    posted a message on Mod'ing minecraft beta
    Quote from Xamio

    No and no. You're dumb.

    mother fug.....
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    posted a message on Mod'ing minecraft beta
    so, i have recently started wanting minecraft but just a wee bit different. So if anybody can tell me how to make mods or show me a unlimited tnt mod (i really want that!!) plz help out
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!
    somebody plz make a Paul Mcartney skin cause i wanna be the the beatles man!!!! YA!! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Coming To Xbox Kinect This Winter
    Quote from WedTM

    UPDATE: Notch confirms separate team is working on the Minecraft for XBOX Live Arcade. More details to follow later.
    In a brief statement made by Phil Spencer, during the Xbox Kinect press conference at E3 it was announced that Minecraft will be launching exclusively on Xbox Kinect this winter.

    The game, based on the images shown at the press conference, retains its classic graphics style. One huge reveal for the console port, however, is that it's coming complete with Kinect functionality.

    This looks to be a big week for Minecraft, as the mobile version will be demoed on the Xperia Play during the E3 Expo as well.

    If you'd like to hear it yourself, it's around the 1:30 mark.

    Be sure to follow Curse's E3 coverage this week!

    :dry.gif: i say it should be for WII xbox360 is 1 thing kinect is somthing else.
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