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    This could work very well.

    However, pictures don't work.

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    Are you just posting this to yourself?

    Anyway, I once had an idea to add lore to Minecraft. Nothing huge, just adding little fragments of stories, much like No Man's Sky does.

    Also we need to revamp caves, and also give a player a visible insomnia effect if they haven't slept in a while.

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    Quote from dinnythedalek»

    Hmm maybe. Didn't realise we were talking about game lore haha.

    That sounds really cool! You should post that in the literature section of Show Your Creation.

    Ok, thanks! I had no idea that existed, but I will definitely do that!

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    Not actually a bad idea.

    You are right, this would be a great addition to adventure maps, and it certainly would be fun to prank your 7 year old sibling.


    (P.S. Your English is great, better than some actual English speakers...)

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    The Dark Lair (Or Giant Caves)

    Please comment your thoughts and suggestions below.

    The Giant Bat

    The Giant Bat is, as the name suggests, a giant bat, a larger model of a normal bat. With a wingspan of 4 blocks across(2 for each wing), this colossal beast is the lord of the underground. Unlike its smaller brethren, it can attack you, although it does slight damage amounting to about 2 and a half hearts, not counting armor. However, to make up for that, it has a top speed twice that of a walking player, and usually dives at the player before attacking. Its health is 50 hearts, and it is weak towards fire damage and will avoid sunlight. It will enter combat as soon as the player enters;

    The Giant Cave (or dark lair)

    The Giant bats lair, containing many bats(comment how many). Looking like the caves you find in Anthem, this huge place is covered with bats, bats, and bats ex food(bone blocks). The giant bat will attack once the player enters this new underground biome, and will stop attacking once the player leaves. The giant cave will be connected to other cave systems, meaning players could stumble upon it randomly while spelunking. It will spawn up to 50 blocks above the bedrock level, and has a 1 in 200 chance to generate.

    Taming the Beast

    Once you have damaged the large bat to where is has about 4 hearts left, it will fall to the ground(not taking fall damage), and it won't get up nor move. You are presented with two choices.

    1. You can choose to kill it(you monster) and receive a drop of 4-10 leather(100%) and 0-3 phantom membrane(40%). Or, you could choose option 2.

    2. You can feed it raw meat(1-10, 40% chance of success until 10, where it is guaranteed), and it will begin to crawl around and not attack you. You can then start the regular taming process(You climb, it bucks you off, repeat.) Then, it will become your own flying mount.

    A Whole New World

    The Giant Bat will now follow you around like a dog. It has four modes, crawl(default), stay, hover, and fly. While in crawl mode, it will bend its wings and can fit in any gap the player can. In stay, it will be in crawl mode, but will not follow you. Hover will be activated if you get off of the bat while riding, or if you right click it twice rapidly. It will then go fly around in a 15 by 15 by 15 square, the center being where hover was activated. Fly is fly. Right clicking it while it is in any mode will make it go into fly mode.

    Riding the giant bat is simple. You just mount it with a saddle and you're off!

    Unless you're riding in daylight, in which case, you will fall off of the bat and it will flee to the nearest shaded area.

    This can be avoided by armoring it with bat armor. It can be crafted by placing leather in every corner except the top two corners of the crafting table, which will be filled in with phantom membrane. Bat armor will also give your giant bat two armor points. The bats can also be given a chest, and will carry as much as a donkey would.

    Bats can also be named with name tags.


    Current Version: V2 "Nerfing and Spelling"


    Changed the intro.

    Changed phantom scales to phantom memebrane.

    Changed the crafting reciepe for bat armor.

    Nerfed the giant bats speed.

    Increased the giant bats health.

    Changed possible location of the Giant cave to be closer to bedrock.

    Clarified the rarity of giant caves generating.

    Made Changelog

    Fixed Grammar.

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    When I first clicked on this thread, I was thinking "Oh great, another incomplete whishlist. I'll hear what he has to say, and I'll go."

    Then I saw the paragraphs.

    Belive me, I was blown away by your excellent explainations of, well, EVERYTHING. Normally I skim through mega-threads, but yours was so well thought out, so well presented, and so logical, I was captivated. I read the ENTIRE POST. And I loved it.

    I am fully onboard with this idea, and I hope that you express your new ideas soon.

    100001% SUPPORT,


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    Neat idea! I truly doubt Mojang would ever want to add this, not because its a bad idea, but because it is too new and risky(to their eyes, at least). I honestly think that it could become a great mod, though.

    Just one question, are the worms hostile? I assume yes, but I can't find a sentence saying "The worm is a hostile mob..."ect.

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    posted a message on Bendy and The Ink Machine- "Into the Depths" #1 (Minecraft Roleplay)

    Hey, neat! I don't really know a better place, though, so you must have made the right choice!

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    posted a message on Why I believe sharks would make a great addition to the new Aquatic update.

    I love the sharkskin idea, as well as the sharktooth arrows. However, sharks usually stick in small groups, and ones who do not are called rouges, and are more vicious. So Kupa's idea for shark health could be used for normal sharks, while ScotMisers' idea could be used for rouges.

    98% Support!!

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    Didn't even read it, YES

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