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    posted a message on *NEW* Whitelisted, Survival Server! Friendly Community, Vanilla, Discord, Dedicated Server. 0 lag! Apply now!

    In Game Name (IGN): Umui

    Preferred Name To Be Referred As: Karen

    Discord (Please make this correct as possible and include your 4 digit number. Ex: CaptainSmithers#2847): KFrost0222#8439

    Location/Timezone: AZ/Mountain Time Zone

    Age, just for reference of schooling, workforce, etc: 19

    How much time can you afford per week?: About 1 hour depending on each day. Some days will be less and some more than an hour.

    How can you contribute to the server?: I've had experience building some homes but still learning the fundamentals of crafting intricate builds.

    Tell us a bit about your hobbies (sports, music, video games ;)?): Drawing illustrations and comics, video games, listening to music.

    Why do you want to join this community?: I love to help others supply items and contribute in a world with others' masterful creations :)

    Will you abide by ALL of the rules listed above?: Yes, I do.

    iSprenklejr, I do have one inquiry: can you have a Discord but prefer to use game chat? I'll abide with using Discord if I must use it, however.

    My brother is frosty7337.

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    posted a message on New fresh 1.11.2 SMP server! [Whitelisted]

    Hi all!

    My username is Umui, but you may call me Karen. I will try to sustain and be active on this SMP server, BananaFalls. My brother is frosty7337.

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    posted a message on Need new members for family oriented SMP server!

    1. Minecraft username: Umui

    2. Male or Female: Female

    3. Age: 18

    4. Country: US

    5. Why you want to join: I would want to expand the world with various structures as much as I can :)

    6. Are you okay with younger kids being on the server from time to time? Yes

    7. How much time will you be able to put into the server on a weekly basis? I have school starting next week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Other than that I would like to play for five hours weekly with free time.

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