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    posted a message on [1.4.6] [Forge] Golui's Mods - Sword Pedestal [1.1.1]
    Wow, I leave for an hour and a bunch of people have beat me to videos! I made one too, if you're interested.
    I'd love to see support for hex codes in the beam colour, too!
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    posted a message on Problem with my texture pack
    Vanilla Minecraft isn't designed to use textures at anything other than 16x. The fact that most textures will work at higher resolutions isn't really an intended feature. MCPatcher actually gives Minecraft HD texture support, preventing the texture bugs you mentioned. So, yes, you have to use MCPatcher or an equivalent (Optifine).
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    posted a message on [1.5.2][SSP][SMP][Forge] Bookshop - Your books anywhere.
    Wow, this is an amazing idea! I signed up and wrote a quick book about a miner's encounter with some creepers. I hope this mod gets some more attention, because I'd love to have a library full of player written books.

    Edit: Oh, I decided to make a video for it, if that's okay. It's rendering at the moment, so should be up later tonight.

    Edit 2: Done!
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    posted a message on Respriting vanilla swords. Is it legal and how should I go about it?
    In terms of legality, this is what I know (correct me if I'm wrong). For personal use, anything goes.

    If you want to remix someone else's work, check the license for the texture pack.

    Texture Artists Union Emblems:

    TAU Wood - non-commercial, anything else goes (no credit is required).
    TAU Iron - non-commercial, anything else goes, credit required.
    TAU Gold - non-commercial, written permission required.
    TAU Diamond - off limits.

    Creative Commons Licences are made up of multiple parts. Credit is always required.

    Non-commercial ($ with a slash in) - what it says on the tin
    Share Alike (Circular arrow) - the same license must be used for your work as their's did
    No-Derivs (=) - you can't edit it, though you're allowed to post it somewhere else.

    Legally, texture packs with no license are covered under a 'All Rights Reserved' license, where legally, you can't do anything (including downloading it). Though, that's fuzzy, and any texture pack probably isn't meant to be covered under that (which is why the forums require posters to use a license).

    Technically, you can't modify any of Mojang's work, meaning that mods that modify class files are illegal. However, there's nothing really stopping you, and no one will do anything to stop you if you do, apart from egregious offences like posting the minecraft.jar

    In short, go ahead if it's for personal work, and check the licenses if it isn't. I'm no lawyer, so this might not be 100% accurate.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Recycler [v13.10.28][ENG/GER][SSP/LAN/SMP]
    Hey, I made an English video spotlight for the mod.

    I really liked the mod, but the recycler seems much too slow without the mystic stone. Perhaps, you could make it so that it uses up the fuel, but it goes faster. For example, redstone could take one minute, and the ender pearl could produce the same speed as the mystic stone, with the mystic stone giving infinite uses. I'd also like to see a few more items being able to be recycled, like pistons/sticky pistons and stairs.

    Apart from that, amazing mod! I'd love to see it be developed further!
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    posted a message on legal question regarding texture packs
    Quote from Nyssaz

    *sigh* why am i not surprised >.< well, glad i asked first. thanks

    That's not strictly speaking true, it depends on the license. Some people have licenses stating that you are allowed to remix their work without permission, provided you give credit. Some of these state that you must share-alike, meaning your work must use the same license to use it. Theoretically, they can let you use the work for commercial purposes, allowing you to do Adf.ly, but I've never seen it.

    If the artist uses a Creative Commons license, you want one that doesn't say NoDerivs (the equals sign). If it has NonCommercial (crossed dollar sign), you can't use Adf.ly.

    If the artist uses a Texture Artist Union logo, you want one that is either Wood (doesn't require credit) or Iron (requires credit).

    If they don't use either, you have to read the license. Pretty much all licenses have a clause allowing the creator to give you permission if you ask, but most people will state whether they will accept in the post.
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    posted a message on Challenge - The Chestplate of Life
    As you begin to die, you feel your life’s essence being drawn into the chestplate you were wearing. You blackout, and wake up stranded in a strange new world. You realise that all of your possessions are gone, except from your chestplate, which seems to be fused to your body. You realise that it is the only thing keeping you alive - if it is destroyed, you will go with it.


    Hey there. This is a challenge that I thought of for Minecraft to mix things up a bit, and to see if I could get a play style that encourages you to avoid damage whilst not restricting the game too much. The idea is to inventory edit in a chestplate, and try and last as long as you can before it breaks.


    The rules are pretty simple:

    • Play on at least easy – this is a challenge based around survival.
    • Start a new world, with a random seed
    • Start by inventory editing a chestplate. I suggest diamond, but iron could be used for an extra challenge (I would avoid leather – it just makes the first few nights boring because you can take very little damage).
    • Keep the chestplate equipped at all times. This chestplate contains your life essence – unequip it and you die.
    • If your chestplate is destroyed due to running out of durability, either:
      • Consider the challenge lost (harder option)
      • Make a new chestplate - immediately return home and build one. Additionally, destroy an extra 8 of the material away as a punishment for losing your chestplate.
    • You are allowed to create new chestplates out of any material, however the old one must be destroyed to do so.
    • If you die, you can do one of these things depending on how hard you want the challenge:
      • Consider the challenge lost – delete the save.
      • Run back to the location of death to retrieve the chestplate – if it has despawned you have lost.
      • Make a new chestplate – immediately return home and build one. Additionally, destroy an extra 8 of the material away as a punishment for losing your chestplate.
    • Don’t use cheats/hacks – any mods you want to use are fine, but will affect the difficulty.

    For an extra, optional challenge, play ‘Nomad’ style – don’t set up a base, and don’t dig any ores that aren’t in plain sight.

    I hope you enjoy the challenge, feel free to post any suggestions and improvements!
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    posted a message on TNT bug!
    That's not a bug. It was changed in 1.7 - you now have to light it with a :Flint and Steel: or using redstone.
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    posted a message on SEED YOUR REAL NAME!
    I used my name, Max Smith, as the seed for my legit world. It has a nice flat area overlooking the sea, with a lava pool nearby, where I built my base. There's also a smaller body of water on the other side with a desert behind it. I really like it.
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