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    posted a message on Hyperion | Survival | Vanilla | 16+ | Whitelisted | 1.15 |

    IGN: UltraPowered

    Age: 18

    About myself: I enjoy playing survival alongside others in my world. I get along with others well and love to collaborate! In game, I enjoy exploring, building, and overall having a good time with other players. Outside the game, I'm a music student studying composition and jazz. Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on 🔴XMC🔴 - Vanilla & Modded - Season 2 - Fresh World - 16+
    • IGN: UltraPowered[/b]
    • Age: 18
    • Discord: ultra#7038
    • Which server are you applying for (vanilla or modded)? Vanilla
    • What about our server intrigued you? I've been trying to find a mature vanilla survival server for a while and your server stood out.
    • Why do you want to join our server? I would like to join a community built around vanilla survival and meeting new people to play the game with, and this server fits what I want.
    • How well do you get along with others? It might take me a little while to adjust to new people but once I do I get along well.
    • Are you alright with meeting new people and making a community? Absolutely!
    • Have you ever been banned from a server? Probably many many years ago when I was a kid but I honestly couldn't grief a server if I wanted to.
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft? September 2011 late stages of beta/pre-release

    Thank you for reading!

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    posted a message on no longer active

    In-game name: UltraPowered

    What would you like to be called by the rest of the members of the server: ultra

    Discord name and hashtag (double check spelling and capitalization, please): ultra#7038

    Why do you feel like you would be a nice addition to the server?: I'm just an overall friendly player that wants to have fun :)

    What is your Minecraft specialty?: I love mining and building

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    posted a message on Whitelisted Vanilla SMP looking for members! (Lexplex)



    Why you would like to join:

    Been off and on with minecraft for a while, really trying to come back and find a nice, fresh vanilla server.

    Age (optional):


    How long have you been playing Minecraft? (optional):

    I've been playing since 2011, near the end of beta.

    What skill are you best at in Minecraft (optional):

    I wouldn't call myself "skilled" at anything in specific, but I love exploring the landscapes this game has to offer, and finding cool places to build bases, homes, etc.

    Discord username and number [Ex: Person#3221] (optional): ultra#7038

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    posted a message on VanillaSMP - A Vanilla Whitelisted Survival Multiplayer Server - Now Recruiting

    IGN: UltraPowered

    Age: 17

    What is your discord name?: ultra#7038

    What is your timezone?: CST

    How long have you played Minecraft?: 6 years (since 1.7.3 beta)

    Why do you want to join VanillaSMP?: I'v been searching for a new vanilla SMP server, and I think this one fits me well. I like smaller communities who

    are connected to each other, which for me makes a very enjoyable experience.

    What are your building skills?: I'm still learning which blocks go well with others, but I don't think I'm too bad myself.

    What are your redstone skills? I usually follow tutorials since I'm still not the brightest at redstone.

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    posted a message on *

    I would love to do this! I can host a server for you if you aren't able to, just hit me up on discord: ultra#7038 or skype: ultra.powered

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    posted a message on - New Server - Narromore - SMP - Discord/17+ - Whitelisted/Apply Now! -

    Username/Age: UltraPowered/18

    Preferred name: ultra

    Location: Louisiana, US

    Discord username (including 4 digits #): ultra#7038

    Skill level 1-10 (redstone, building, ect.): 4

    What you think you can bring to the server: While I'm not the greatest builder/redstoner, I've always felt more of a survivalist always striving to improve. I will always try to be a helpful player whenever and wherever I can be, and try to be a good friend to everyone!

    How committed to a long term server are you?: I've always wanted to be a part of a long term server, but either the player base or admins would throw me off into leaving their server. I hope this will be the server I've strived for, and if it is I will definitely try to stick around for the long run!

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    posted a message on New, Awesome,100% Vanilla Server!
    dont worry about it rudzz, he gave up on the server randomly last night
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    posted a message on New, Awesome,100% Vanilla Server!
    1) In Game Name: UltraPowered

    2) What You Want To Be Called: Just call me ultra ;)

    3) YouTube Channel (NOT Necessary): None

    4) Skype Name (Necessary): ultra.powered

    5) Redstone Skill (1-10): 3

    6) Building Skill (1-10): 7

    7) Favorite Mob: Skeleton <3

    8) Have You Been Banned Before (If So Explain): Probably a very long time ago, for really dumb reasons. Besides that I haven't been banned from any server.

    9) Why You Want To Join: I think this is a very cool server for me to go on and meet some new friends.

    10) Other: I really hope I get accepted on to the server! Zombie Meat!
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    posted a message on Puresurvival (Whitelisted Snapshot Survival) <24 Person Server> (Applications closed for now)
    1) What is your In Game Name? UltraPowered

    2) What is your age? 14

    3) Do you have a Skype account? ultra.powered

    4) Do you have a YouTube account? Yes, but I do not record

    5) Why do you want to join this server? I have just gotten back into minecraft, and I'd love to be a part of a new vanilla community. This server seems like the perfect server for me to start on!

    6) Do you agree to the rules? Yes

    7) What is rule 3? Be Kind

    8) 10408420
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    Just wondering, but when exactly are you going to add me on skype?
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    Add me on ultra.powered when you want to talk. :)
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    Age: 14
    IGN: UltraPowered
    Skype: ultra.powered
    How long have you been playing minecraft? I've played since 1.7 beta came out
    How often will you be on the server per week? I will be on every day of the week since its summer! :D
    Why do you want to join the server? I would like to be a part of a new growing community
    What’s your favorite part about a vanilla smp server? I like to play with other players with the most original experience.
    Why Should I choose you? You should choose me because I am a very active and nice player to be around.
    What time zone are you in? CST
    What will you do if you see diamonds on the ground? I wouldn't pick them up unless I found them myself.
    Have you ever been banned from a server before? If so why? I don't recall ever being banned from a server.
    How well do you communicate with others? I am a very good communicator to others.
    On a scale on 1 to 10 how good of a builder are you: (1 being a dirt house and 10 being keralis) ~5
    On a scale on 1 to 10 how good of a redstoner are you: (1 being a lever to open a door and 10 being sethbling) ~3
    Do you have a YouTube channel, if so provide the link here: No I do not.
    What do you think a good name for the server is? I'm not very creative with names, sorry :P
    Any questions you have for me? I don't have any at the moment, but I might have some as the server progresses in time. Pancakes!
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    posted a message on Brand New Minecraft Vanilla Server [Whitelisted] [14+]
    Quote from itachi749236



    Why would you like to join?:
    Looking to play again, haven't in awhile and it's always better with a community.

    What is your experience in MineCraft?:
    I played for about a month on my brothers account before the halloween update, bought my own right about the time it wen't from $10 to $15. Not sure if I hit the spot on what this question has in question..

    What do you like to do in MineCcraft?:
    Mine, then mine more, then turn that mine into a small township. I can never quite build a castle, they're all ways so ugly.. I also like to nik around with RedStone.

    North Carolina
    Time Zone:
    EST -5 GMT

    Whats are you like?:
    Not a people person, but I tend to open up if the server has some nice people in it.
    Not that it counts for much, but I've been a moderator/admin on a handful of servers which all shutdown after awhile. I tend to get more distant once I'm in place to moderate.

    Accepted! I had updated the post for adding skype name while you were filling it out, I suppose. If you can send me the skype so I can add you I can inform you on when I will open up the server.
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