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    ??? I Still don't understand

    *sigh* Look at comment #111 and you'll understand what I mean
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    Quote from Aeraesoria»

    <_< seriously... either you're trying to troll or are just... I won't complete that thought. I was empathizing the word by capitalizing it. I was referring to karyonix's Shaders mod.

    I'm not trolling to be honest with you. Now I understand what it is now.
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    You should add Optimus Prime V1 (The Original), Optimus Prime V2 (2007 - 2011 Movies), Optimus Prime V3 (2014 Movie), Grimlock V1 (Original), Grimlock V2 (Fall of Cybertron),and Grimlock V3 (2014 Movie). I sort of came up with a Variation approach for the Suggestion. I'll Let you know if I have any other suggestions.
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    It's never good hacking because it's Literally CHEATING!!!! Besides, If on multiplayer server, It's a High chance you'll get banned.
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    Quote from darchangel89»
    This is beautiful! I absolutely love it.

    If mojang/microsoft is smart, they will hire you to make vanilla like this.

    Yea. Besides, why didn't mojang and Microsoft thing of this Real World Generation before? They could've used it in the 1.8 update as the new Vanilla Terrain. Maybe they'll do this terrain In the next update of Minecraft. Who knows?
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    posted a message on Best Modded Servers for 1.7.10
    I've been on servers such as Mineplex, Hypixel, and The It's Jerry and Harry Server. I tried the server out and they where ultimately awesome :D ! But i'm wandering if there's any Modded Servers for 1.7.10 (Sort of like the Crazy Craft modded server for 1.6.4). :unsure: :huh:
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    Quote from Kilyle»

    Let's see:

    • LevelUp! and MC+ BattleHearts give rewards for gaining experience, and let you pour skill points into areas you're interested in, making battles go better or gathering go faster or having extra resources pop out of the blocks you're gathering.
    • Hardcore Questing Mode lets me put together quests and rewards for the kids, such as handing over an iron tool (their choice, sword or pickaxe or axe) after they complete all the normal first-day survival gathering/crafting tasks that I've been trying to get them to internalize, or teaching them how to make use of some of the other mods by walking them through some of the steps.
    • Damage Indicators lets you see the HP of any mob you look at, including villagers (also the name of said mob); Armor Status HUD, Status Effect HUD, and JourneyMap grant a number of niceties (I'll be looking into Antique Atlas later; I liked its look, but JourneyMap's minimap looks great too).
    • Inventory Tweaks, Backpack, and Storage Drawers offer better inventory management and ways to store things. Super Crafting Frame lets you easily craft things you want to craft a lot of over time. I also looked into stuff like Just a Better Barrel Attempt, but either it wasn't up to date or it threw errors or annoyed me for some reason. I'm hoping someone will make the Small Storage Options I've requested, and maybe the Inventory LevelUp that starts you with a small inventory (like just your action bar) and has you earn more as you go, up to the full inventory.
    • Starting Inventory allows me to set up a bunch of basic supplies for anyone just joining the game, including, easily enough, a leather armor shirt and pants dyed white and cyan and named "T-Shirt" and "Jeans". I'd love to be able to have you choose a starting inventory when you join, thus making distinct "classes" of Warrior and Farmer and Miner and such, handing over a single iron tool based on that. (Hardcore Questing Mode can do something similar, but you can only specify a single choice of reward instead of a group, and the reward bags can't be custom named.)
    • FastCraft supposedly improves lag. I hope it's working; I haven't really tested it or anything.
    • BetterRain makes the sound of water so much better. Also the look, but the sound is just astounding. And Snowfall, though I haven't seen the effects yet, apparently lets snow pile up.
    • Longer Day/Night Cycles lets me specify a day length (well, time multiple anyway) that makes the gathering and crafting of the first day not so rushed, which is extremely useful when a lot of new mods are active. Unfortunately, it also makes the night equally as long, but it's really nice to not have to run home every few minutes to sleep and avoid the monsters.
    • Cave Control and Custom Ore Gen let me tweak the settings of the underground world, which works well with:
    • Underground Biomes Constructs, GeoStrata, Metallurgy, and MC+ Fossil, which surprisingly don't overwrite each other as much as I expected, all liven up the underground world and the process of digging. (I also considered adding the Peaceful Pack or other packs that add more fossils, but they also added too much extra content, and Peaceful Pack adds in stuff my other mods take care of.) It's nice to have a much more varied stone content that lets me have nice-looking blocks for building, and UBC even puts Metallurgy ores into its stone blocks so there's little disconnect as I'm mining around.
    • For upper world variety, besides BoP I've got HarvestCraft. Even when I don't use BoP worlds (I usually do), it's nice to have the decorative wood, limestone and shale, and purple crystal as an alternative to Glowstone. HC gives tons of crops and food and makes early-game hunger not such a big issue (which is important for the kids and pleasant for me). I've used Hunger Overhaul for myself at times, but when I watched my dad struggle with it (not understanding much about cooking yet) I realized that it wasn't going to work with the kids at all (they die enough as it is, and are always begging for food; how much worse when the game is designed to emphasize hunger?).
    • Ruins, Desert Wells, and Better Villages decorate the landscape nicely in little ways, while Battle Towers, Roguelike, Chocolate Quest, and Gravestone add neat places to explore / fight through / get treasure from. I've had a fair number of errors from Chocolate Quest because it's still in Beta. I had been using Floating Ruins and Floating Islands, but dropped that when I came across a village with a Ruins barn, spawned next to a submerged battle tower, inside a graveyard, with the wall of the barn pulled up into the sky on a floating island XD
    • Gravestone also has the vital component of sticking all your loot in a little grave if you die, and since my nephews and niece die constantly, I figure it's a great alternative to either letting them skate around with keepInventory on (reinforcing bad habits) or having them constantly beg me to give them their stuff back... or just fail to have anything they need for proper dungeon runs because they refuse to do basic chore gathering/crafting.
    • Lava Monsters, Special Mobs, Primitive Mobs, Improving Minecraft, and Elemental Creepers give a wide variety of neat monsters and add potion effects to existing monsters. It's actually pretty fun to have a zombie grab me with a fishing pole and pull me to him. Was kind of freaky to see a zombie riding a Ghast, though, although the Ghast didn't seem to want to throw fireballs so I'm not sure what was going on there. Lily Lurkers are an easy way to make water areas a little less safe (I've always thought it weird that water was the safe area, as any other game I've played with monsters has always been the opposite), yet they're not a huge problem if you're careful and they're easy enough to spot. Also, I think one of those mods overlaps Elemental Creepers in providing a variety of elemental creepers as well, and I'm debating about taking one or the other out. But having tons of wandering village merchants around is pretty neat, though the dozens I've encountered tend (over 50% of the time) to have really stupid offers where it's like "No wonder you're outcasts!"
    • Besides Improving Minecraft adding wild animals (that you have to breed to get to the normal animals), Rancraft's Penguins, MC+ Turtle, and Fairy Mod give a variety of non-enemy mobs (just saw the penguins for the first time yesterday, and man were the sounds unexpected); one of my mods also adds a bunch of chameleons, which is neat. HerdCraft gives animals a herd/stampede behavior (and also affects hostile mobs, such as making skeletons attract each other and form firing lines). Pet Bat gives pets, and at some point I had Doggy Talents but either they were throwing an error or I don't know what because they're not in my pack now. It sounded neat to give dogs levelups and skills, though I don't care to have dogs myself.
    • Decorations come from UBC's blocks, as I said, but also BiblioCraft (with BoP BiblioWoods), Fireplaces, Garden Containers and Garden Trees (they've got small logs you can use to make it look like small tree trunks), and someone breathed new life into Kaevator's old Wallpaper and Timber Frames (haven't gotten to use these yet in the actual game, but looking forward to it). These are neat in survival but also things I could use to make custom villages and structures. I had been using MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod, but took it out when I realized that almost everything in it was covered by BiblioCraft, aside from the many modern bits that annoyed me (electric fences, boom boxes, doorbells, Christmas trees...). Have considered Jammy's as well, but it also annoyed me; the only thing I really wanted more of from those two is small storage options, which I'm still hoping someone will make as a separate mod for me. Also, if I weren't using Bibliocraft I'd be using the custom Bookcases That Obey the Laws of Physics mod that makes them 2-sided instead of 4-sided.
    • Slingshot and Throwing Spear offer a couple new weapons. One of my mods adds Machetes, which allow you to go through foliage like a hot knife through butter (and without losing extra durability as swords would). I had looked into more extensive weaponry mods, but most of them were just way too much stuff; this is nice and simple and ought to be a treat when the kids first discover them in a chest or something.
    • Ex Nihilo, Glowstone Seeds, MC+ Wooden Bucket and Shatter, and AutoSapling offer some amenities and realistic elements that I think much improve certain aspects of gameplay. I'm particularly enamored of Ex Nihilo's hammer, which turns cobble to gravel, gravel to sand, and sand to dust (which can be made into clay), and the buckets that catch rainwater.
    • Emotes give us a chance to be more expressive.
    I think this post has links to most of the mods I'm using, so let me know if you need to track down the other ones. There are more suggestions in my Bored Nephews: The Search for an Engaging Mod Build request, as there are plenty of suggestion there that didn't make the cut for various reasons.

    Also, there are a few bits that my build doesn't cover, where I haven't managed to find decent mods to cover them (or to cover these areas without adding a lot of extra stuff I don't care for). Also, a mod or two that people made for me but which are for an earlier version, which I'd like to see updated (Non-Pausing Book Writing, for one, though it doesn't matter to multiplayer). These are things I'm hoping to find (or have someone make for me):

    • Villages spawn chests (with customizable loot) in places other than just the Blacksmith
    • Expanded Villager trades, which makes them much more logical and balanced to my mind, as well as allowing certain mob drops to be accessible from villagers so you can get them even on Peaceful (and get them on Survival either easily from mobs or expensively from villagers)
    • A time-cycle mod that establishes custom weeks, months, and years; just that much would be fine, but ideally I'd want to be able to have gamerules and maybe other bits change based on day of the week or holidays or such (monster-free Notchdays, for example, or better fishing on Fridays, months that made crops grow faster (and other months that made them die), or holidays during which regen existed). Would also like to be able to tweak likelihood of weather conditions.
    • Tiny Storage Options, as mentioned, but also Visual Variety for chests in some fashion
    • Unstable Stone Blocks; MC+ has a version, which was interesting but didn't quite scratch that itch in my mind
    • I found some teleportation mods, but I'd like to see one that created moongates randomly around the world (with config options on how far apart and such) in some fashion
    • Similarly, I've seen some colored-bed mods, but I'd like to see a version that hit closer to my proposal... only I don't know if mine is even really possible. I'd also like to see the "well-rested" buff part of my proposal, whether as part of the bed mod or separately.
    • Something like an item frame that works on the ground and doesn't actually look like anything other than the item itself. I'm not sure how it'd work but I want to have items look like they've been dropped on the ground, but neither cause lag nor disappear. That way I can added "dropped" items to trails and floors and such.
    • An Esperanto language pack. Someone made me one a long time ago but the file doesn't exist anymore.
    I've had my Decorative Gem Blocks proposal made into a 1.6.4 version and am waiting on it being updated to 1.7.10, but if that gets updated it's going into my build too (and with any luck will also work with Underground Biomes Constructs). And I ought to try to get around to making some better textures for it.

    Um... I think that's it. Hope that points you at some mods you hadn't considered before!

    That's a lot of mods you got there. O_O
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Caveworld 2 - Adds more new cave dimensions!
    With this Mod Plus the M-Ores (Add in a Ton of Ores into the Game) Mod, Then it would be literally the Miner's Dream mod!! :lol:
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    Quote from xH3X3Nx»
    Can no one help me?

    For some reason, The Only Vinalla Biome I get is the Desert Biome, But there are Biomes which are really hard to find (Such as The Dunes, Mesa, Sacred Springs, and some others).
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge] Amethyst Mod | Dimension, Mobs, Weapons, Items!
    Can you possibly update it to the latest version of Forge or 1.7.2?
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