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    I wouldn't usually complain... but with such a big player-base, I find it a shame that there are staff that have been banning for no reason. Especially AlphaGuards who are meant to be the role models for guards.

    Anyway, apparently I was banned for being: "Unpushable/*****"
    By: Ben, Dyn (Both AlphaGuards) and Otter (who isn't even staff).

    I honestly have no idea what they are talking about, and when accused, they wouldn't even listen to me. They just banned. Being trigger happy ain't good. :(

    (I might as well chuck this in)
    IGN: UltimateBudgie
    Current rank on the server: C
    Reason you were banned: Above
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) Ben, Dyn (and apparently otter)
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) GMT +10:00 6:00PM
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: Because I did nothing wrong?
    Any additional information: All mentioned above!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]== Perfect Shot ==[TNT Cannon Puzzles][Creation]---200+ Downloads!---900+ Views--- Looking for testers! Also need builder
    This map is extremely unique and great fun to play.

    I recommend it for everyone, even if you suck at using TNT Cannons. You end up becoming quite the expert at the end ;)
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    Attention: Picture thread rules have changed. Please read the first post of the current picture thread for more details. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning and your post being deleted. Thank you!

    If someone sent you here or you arrived in here, please post your images in the current picture thread below.

    We've decided to archive the Picture Thread every 20 or so pages, to make browsing them more efficient. This sticky will provide links to all archived versions, and the current thread as well.

    Feel free to discuss the functionality of this thread in a PM.

    Current Thread:



    [Archive #4]07 May 2011 - 23 January 2012
    [Archive #3]April 2011 (And a touch of May :opblock: )
    [Archive #2]March 2011
    [Archive #1]December 21st (2010) - March 3rd (2011)

    Thankyou to OnyxFantasy for the idea of putting exact dates in :Glass:
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    posted a message on Mineocity Is Looking For Talented Builders
    Guys, this is a great server with dedicated staff and a nice community.

    If you have even a small passion for building, it will be worthwhile to join the community and help the place out!
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    posted a message on Need help! (more questions)
    Hello there! I'll try to help you as best I can!

    Quote from Unit888

    Hi! I want to keep track of the updates of the mods I use but htere's no option for that. If I enable watching the topic it will notify me of every single reply what I don't want. (and I think it's not showing what I want even) If I enable watching the forum it just notifies me of the new topics. And one more question: How the hell do I like content. Can you help me please? If somethings wrong with my grammar, I'm sorry. I'm Hungarian and English isn't my native language. And if I'm just stupid then please call me an idiot too:)

    Sadly, we don't have any function to track specific 'updates' of the mods that you like (Although it is a good idea). Your best bet is to watch the topic, and just ignore the posts which don't matter to you!

    Quote from Unit888

    And one more question: How the hell do I like content. Can you help me please?

    Well it depends what you want to like:

    If you want to like a post/thread:
    Click the small green '+' at the bottom right of the post (it should have a number next to it)

    If you want to like a video:
    You can add a nice comment to the video in the comments box

    Quote from Unit888

    If somethings wrong with my grammar, I'm sorry. I'm Hungarian and English isn't my native language. And if I'm just stupid then please call me an idiot too:)

    You're English is surprisingly good! I hope I helped you, and I hope you understood anything.

    Feel free to ask more questions.
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    posted a message on Count to 100 until a mod posts
    This is a sad day for the Moderator kind. A minute of silence please.
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    posted a message on To clear up some confusion about this section:
    What this section is for:
    This section is designed to talk specifically about the wiki. This can be about certain pages in the wiki, certain pages you think should be added, or some sort of add-in you propose for the wiki. Anything directly relating to the Wiki Itself really.

    What this section isn't for:
    This section is not meant to talk about the game in-general. If you have a question to ask about Minecraft in general, please post in the appropriate section elsewhere. If Minecraft.net is having troubles, this is not the place to discuss it. If you've discovered something new, this isn't the place to post it (Unless you want to discuss if it should have a wiki-page)

    This was created due to some people getting mixed up, as to the task of this section
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    posted a message on New to Minecraft Servers? Read this first!
    Locked for a better future ^_^
    Compendium of Useful Guides
    A Compendium of useful guides to help run a successful server

    Most people hate Sticky's blocking up the top of their page. A few are OK, but once you start getting more, they just block the top of the page. If we put this in to perspective with the 'Server Administration' section, we can see there are already quite a few sticky's. If we were to give all the helpful guides a sticky, this forum section would be clogged up.

    That's why, we're making this Compendium. It's a central place for you to find all the useful info you need, to help run your server. Just look through the list, and help yourself to Gourmet knowledge.

    How to Build and Maintain a Good Server
    This is a nice lengthy guide, on the basics, of setting up the administrative and creative side of your server. This guide is not about setting up the technical side of your server, but rather how to keep it running in the long time, with helpful tips. A must read.

    How to Port-Forward your Minecraft Server (With Pictures)
    An In-Depth guide on how to Port-Forward for those of you that struggle with doing it. It has pictures and should help a lot! Be warned though, the guide may be slightly out-dated in some areas.

    Does your server not work? - The list of possible solutions
    A Guide for quick help, if your server isn't functioning correctly. Provides Quick tips for the most common problems that occur.

    Tutorial: Create Multicolored MOTD's!
    A quick guide showing you how to make, fun and playful MOTD's for your server. This is also a useful guide for using colour codes in modded servers.

    Add an Online/Offline indicator to your Server Topic
    Shows you a nifty script, that allows you to add an Indicator to your server topic, so you don't have to constantly update whether your server is offline or online. Very useful.

    Tutorial: Linux box hosting
    A neat, in-depth tutorial, teaching you how to host a Minecraft server, on a Linux Box. Great for all those who use and prefer a Linux VPS.

    How to Set Up a Server [NEW!] [0.1.1]
    This great guide showcases how to setup the 'technical' side of your server. It's very simple to read, and has lots of tips and tricks to make the process a whole lot easier. It is currently outdated slightly, but there is not much difference in setting up a server, between the updates so this should be fine. If anyone is willing to make something more Up-to-date, submit it!

    Staff Basics
    This guide will show you about how one should act to try to get a staff slot on a server and how server owners should handle themselves and their staff

    [Tut] How to bring maps from Single player to SMP! [/tut]
    Help for those of you struggling to move your maps, from Single Player to SMP. This is a great way to show people your maps, and also, not let your hard work go to waste, if you're moving towards playing SMP.

    Submitting a Guide
    I'm sure there are plenty more guides out there, waiting to get recognition! If you think you or someone else has a useful guide, that should be mentioned, please PM a forum moderator with a link and a quick description of the guide. If it's original and hasn't already been mentioned, and it's a useful guide, I'll incorporate it into my Compendium!

    Happy Minecrafting everyone!
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