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    posted a message on Survival Server 10 slots, No PVP

    Rest in peace to my favorite server ever, all these years later. Message me if you want a Discord and I knew you on here.

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    posted a message on ◄Simplicity► || A Roleplay Server With The True Minecraft Experience || ||Custom Map|| ||Dynamic|| ||Player Freedom||


    IGN: Izaaya

    What’s the most important rule?: "Respect everyone and behave intelligently"

    In Character:

    Izaya has been transported to this world unwillingly. Despite this, he does not seem to have any interest in going back to his world, as he hopes to find increasingly more interesting humans and other beings.

    Izaya was considered one of the strongest men in his city. He is extremely skilled in using his small pocket knife and is well versed in parkour, being able to cross cities in minutes by running from rooftop to rooftop. His speed is another astounding attribute of his, shown when he was able to pull a knife out, cut the strap of a bag and put his knife away faster than anyone could see.

    Izaya is a genius and master planner causing entire wars to entertain himself. He is extremely good with technology, as he has at least 10 cellphones.

    Izaya is extremely durable being able to he hit by heavy and blunt objects and walk away unharmed. However there is a limit to his durability as he is only human. He had been crippled at one point after a fight with Shizuo Heiwajima, not even being able to walk. Izaya is also afraid of dogs

    RP Test:

    -Out in the wild, you come across an overly protective miner camping outside a cave entrance. He starts throwing rocks at you, barking at you to leave. At this instance, a person can be faintly seen coming out of the cave entrance. Diffuse the situation, and take it from there.

    *The girl is hiding behind the posts of the door.*

    Izaya: I'm sorry sir, but I really mean no harm! *The young man says while dodging the rocks and running towards the miner, as if he were used to this situation*

    Miner: Then get the hell out of my mine!

    Izaya: I just heard there was someone in here, I really need to meet her!

    Miner: *The only miner seemed to only get angrier* My daughters the only one here! And she does not want a pretty boy boyfriend like you!

    Izaya: *At this point Izaya is closing in on the miner* You misunderstand, I heard she's something unusual and I wanted to see her for myself.

    *Izaya finally reaches the man and proceeds to slash him across the chest. He then grabs the man by his collar and puts the man on his eye level, smiling like a deranged killer.*

    Izaya: Sorry, but I don't like being attacked. It pisses me off. But you understand right? I mean I'm not gonna kill you, but you tried to kill me, so isn't this fair?.

    The mans face was that of pure horror. How could he speak of murder so seriously, yet so casually?

    -A player who is RP’ing as a newspaper reporter is questioning a crowd about the recent monster attack in the area. Another player who plays a notorious street thug starts harassing the reporter for money. Interact with them.

    Izaya: Bullying is lame. *Izaya broke into the conversation strangely*

    Street thug: Who the heck are you? You wanna die old man?

    Izaya: Really? What a crappy response. Are you really gonna rip on my age when I'm really only 23? What a sad little kid you are.

    Street thug: Why you *The thug pulls out a knife and rushs at Izaya*

    *Izaya moves out of the way and throws his hands up with a smile as the thug falls .*

    Izaya: Sorry about the hair by the way.

    Thug: What? *A large patch of his hair fades away.*

    Thug: You little! *The thug gets up only to be kicked in the face, knocking him out*

    *The reporter watches in astonishment*

    Reporter: Why did you help me?

    Izaya: I was just in the area and I was feeling stressed. Don't take it as if I actually care for you significantly. All humans are the same, myself included.

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    posted a message on Survival Server- Whitelist- Small Community- Little to no plugins- PG-13 server

    IGN: GutsSenpai


    Why do you want to join: I find small servers with less people are more enjoyable than big servers. It's easier to make friends

    How long have you been playing Minecraft (seeing how classic we go as a server): 2011 I believe

    Have you griefed/ stolen before (in a survival server): On factions servers.

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    posted a message on ♥♥BaconBacca & saberfang101's Highschool rp server! ^-^♥♥ WHITELISTED ♥ ALWAYS GROWING! ♥

    Name: Guts/Guts Kuroi (If I have to have a last name)/ MC Name: GutsSenpai

    Gender: Male.

    Personality: Guts is seemingly always either stoic or angry but kind and caring towards those who are innocent, sympathetical, or his friends. He holds himself at an arm's length to most, preferring to keep his distance in order to protect those around him. Guts is a veritable 'gangster beacon;' after attacking an multiple gang members, he has become widely recognized as someone to attack by many gangs. Anyone around him is guaranteed to become entrapped in the endless battles Guts is forced to partake in as he's constantly under attack. He still feels a deep, strong sense of loss and longing after losing many friends. Beneath the outer layers of his personality the regret, the longing, the emotional distance, is an insatiable blood lust that cannot hope to be tamed nor satisfied.

    Look: Guts is a tall man, of abut 6'3. He is heavily muscular and scarred from a lifetime of fighting. His left eye is permanently closed due to an injury, and he is missing his right arm. He has a scar on the bridge of his nose. Guts has black hair fitted with constant, short pointy spikes already built from short hair itself. At the base of his hairline, he allows a few strands to hang just above his forehead. He has a white strip of hair.

    Bf/Gf: Technically single. Girlfriend was put in a coma.)

    Goal: To take down the gang leader who put his girlfriend in a coma, Griffith.

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    posted a message on Rogue - A Minecraft Roguelike - A procedural dungeon generator in Minecraft

    Possibly the best map I've ever played. So much fun everytime.

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    posted a message on Aquatica 1.1 for MC1.8! (Working on Update For 1.10!)

    Amazing map, the terrain is beautiful.

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    posted a message on Looking for a Bukkit Npc Plugin for 1.8 that makes NPC's that can freeroam

    Not sure if Citizens does this, but I havent found a way yet.And NPCWarehouse is outdated.Please and thank you.

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    posted a message on Starting Tight-knit Community Server

    Just some idea's;



    -Turn off pvp and mob griefing

    -Turn on keep inventory

    Just trying to help, if you dont want to add those just ignore this.

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    posted a message on Starting Tight-knit Community Server

    Thank you! I look forward to being on your server

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    posted a message on Starting Tight-knit Community Server

    Minecraft Name:Heiwajima_Shizuo

    Age: 17, turning 18 soon

    Location: New York

    Fingers crossed :D

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    posted a message on Skin Request
    I'm decent with making skins, but this one looks too complex for me (or maybe I'm just lazy) it doesnt need any special shading, as long as it looks good

    Thanks in advanced

    The character is Sakuya Tachibana

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    posted a message on Resource Packs that make mobs look like people?
    Please and thank you :D
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    posted a message on [Idea/Request] One Click Skin Armor Hider
    My idea is a mod that automatically takes all your skin armor off or turn them all on. Good for people who have two in one skins and things of the sort
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    posted a message on Any resource pack that have the mobs as people?
    The title says it all
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