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    I wanted to change my oak_slab textures, so the top of the lower half is purple and the bottom black. The top of the upper slab yellow and the bottom of the upper white. I've put the textures I've created in my texture/blocks file and rewrote which texture the game is supposed to use (Pic 1). Idk what I am doing wrong hope someone can explain it to me.

    Second Problem:
    I want my stair texture, to be yellow on the top and purple on the half (like the stair in pic 3), I was able to fix it, by changing the texture on the top, from the completely yellow (pic 2) to half yellow and purple (pic 3). But it only works if the stair is faced to the north xd. (I do have top textures for other directions, like south, west and east, but I don't know how to implement them in the code).
    The "top" of the stair is also black, if the stair is upside down, how can i change that, it uses another texture depending on the direction and other stuff.

    Thx for ur help <3

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