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    posted a message on Lapis Lazuli Enchanting Table!
    Quote from Cheeyev»

    Not really, I don't think so. That's just decor, this is gameplay for Enchanting methods.

    That's... potentially worse. Adding back in gameplay element that was removed for balance reason is not a good idea.
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    posted a message on Crafting (and destroying) the End Portal
    Quote from TheqoreeZ»

    I agree with Badprenup.
    But there is one twent tiny problem. Actually, the majorest major problem.
    Endstone is finite. D:

    True, but with 3 endstone per portal frame, and 12 portal frame in total, one portal just need 36 endstones. The amount of Endstone in the End appears more than enough.
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    posted a message on Variable Speed Rail.
    Idea stem from Slow Rail

    Currently powered rail behavior is binary. Fully powered accelerate minecart up to 8 blocks/second. Unpowered stop minecart (decelerate to 0).

    The idea is quite simple, have powered rail tries to accelerate/decelerate minecart to a target speed based on its power level.

    Redstone Signal = Target Speed (in m/s, assuming 1 block = 1 meter)

    • 0 = Full Stop
    • 1 = 1 m/s
    • 2 = 1.5 m/s
    • 3 = 2 m/s
    • 4 = 2.5 m/s
    • 5 = 3 m/s
    • 6 = 3.5 m/s
    • 7 = 4 m/s
    • 8 = 4.5 m/s
    • ...
    • 15 = 8 m/s
    In short, the general rule is Speed = (Signal - 1) * 0.5 + 1.

    If a minecart is above the target speed while over the rail, the powered rail will try to decelerate down to the target speed. Conversely, if a minecart is below the target speed, the powered rail will try to accelerate it up to that speed.

    A powered rail will power up to 8 connected power rail to the same level as itself (a powered rail with signal strength of 4 will power up to 8 connected rails to signal strength of 4).

    If a powered rail can be powered by multiple signals, the stronger signal takes precedence. For example, if a power rail is connected (within 8 blocks) to a power rail at signal level 4 and another at signal level 8, the power rail in question will be powered to signal level 8.
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    posted a message on New Nether Mob - Nether Scarab
    Nether, despite it's hellish look, is surprisingly safe outside of the nether fortress, with only zombie pigmen and ghast as you only threat. The former only a threat if you anger them, the latter can be avoided by digging into the netherrack itself.

    As such, I propose a new mob, the Nether Scarab.

    Nether Scarab
    A scarab with hardened carapace that rivals that of flint.

    Basic Stats:
    HP: 3 Hearts (6 HP)
    Armor: 7.5 (60% damage reduction)
    Damage: 1 Heart (2 HP) + 12 second of Venom (4 Hearts/8 HP damage)
    (Double damage/Venom duration on Hard).
    Speed: Normal (can keep up with player indefinitely).
    Drops: Flint.

    Immune to lava (like all nether mobs).
    Can climb wall (like spider).
    Can "glide" (falls slower). Speed is increase a little during a glide.
    Can "burrow" into and "tunnel" through netherrack.
    Limited Flight: Can "jump" across 6~8 blocks gap (utilizing its glide ability to reduce the fall time).
    Aggro Range: 16 blocks

    A beetle-like mob similar in size as a cave spider. The nether scarab is a hostile mob. Nether scarab can "fly" a short distance (in essence giving it an ability to jump across long distance) and is immune to fall damage (falls like a chicken, but a bit faster). Nether scarab's flight speed with faster than the player's walking speed. Nether scarab attacks similar to a spider by lunging at the player. Combined with their flight ability and small size, this makes nether scarab a threat that's difficult to escape from.

    Nether Scarab has a silverfish like capability allowing it to burrow/unburrow from netherrack. Burrowing into a netherrack turns the netherrack into a nether scarab spawn-egg (in game logic may treat this as a mob-entity attached to a block as a block entity, as such the spawn-egg can "despawn" as normal once player is out of range).
    Burrowing: Nether Scarab takes 3 seconds to burrow and can still be attacked during that time. Nether Scarab will burrow under two conditions (unless specified, the condition is not guaranteed to trigger burrowing, but just increase the chance of it):
    1. Nether Scarab is injured: Chance of this happening is based on the number of unburrowed nether scarabs nearby. The more unburrowed nether scarabs nearby, the higher the chance of it burrowing. Nether scarab will never burrow during combat if it's the only unburrowed nether scarab.
    2. At random. If in combat, the burrowing chance is higher if there's more unburrowed nether scarabs nearby (never if there's only one unburrowed nether scarab).
    Tunneling: A burrowed nether scarab can "tunnel" through netherrack. If idle, it does so slowly and at random. If in combat, it will try to tunnel to a block behind the player and unburrow from there. The nether scarab's tunneling speed with 1/2 of its normal movement speed. Tunneling does not destroy netherrack (it's treated as an invisible mob entity in the block that's immune to suffocation damage).

    Unburrowing; Nether Scarab takes 2 seconds to unburrow (which does not destroy the netherrack), or instantly if the netherrack spawn egg is destroyed. Nether Scarab unburrows in the following conditions.

    1. At random if idling.
    2. In active combat, if it's within 8 meters of the player and behind. This is to allow it to attack
    3. In active combat, if it's further than 8 meters away from the player.
    Aggro: While nether scarabs are automatically hostile to player, nether scarab will not start tracking and attacking player while burrowed (unless it was already tracking/attacking the player before it burrowed). Nether scarab will start to track/engage/attack the player if.

    1. It's unburrowed and within 16 meters radius of the player.
    2. It's burrowed and a nether scarab within 16 meters is injured.

    The combined behavior means that in large group. Nether scarab will try to burrow to heal and/or ambush the player from behind. This means that in fighting a large group, it is key for player to try to kill nether scarab one at a time (leaving one injured would result it healing itself by burrowing). Tunneling behavior can result in player being attacked on all sides, even if player has their back to the wall (nether scarab may unburrow right below the player, or from blocks above the player). Back-pedalling may help in forcing nether scarab to fight from the front (it's tunneling speed cannot catch up to the player). But given that it's the nether, player might just fall into lava.

    The harden carapace of nether scarab means that only a solid hit from diamond sword (critical hit) can one hit kill it or using potion of harming.
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    posted a message on What about Muskets? (Realistic, Balanced, SMP friendly) 130+ Supporters!

    hahaha i was about to mention all that as well good thing i read the comments before replying to mustang. and i doubt slaughtering villagers just because they have bad items is kid friendly either.

    It's not just slaughter, but most of the stuff we do to get rid of villager could borderline sociopathic.
    1. Dump into lava.
    2. Drowning.
    3. Suffocate (aka bury them alilve).
    4. Forced against Cactus.
    5. Exile and zombify.

    Heck, shooting them with musket is a LOT more humane way of killing them.
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    posted a message on What about Muskets? (Realistic, Balanced, SMP friendly) 130+ Supporters!
    Quote from Mustang83»
    Isn't Minecraft supposed to be kid friendly?

    No support.

    Also, Minecraft would become the next scapegoat for the media when there is a school shooting because it would have a Musket which is technically a gun.

    If Minecraft convinced kids to use muskets for school shooting instead of using semi-automatic or bolt-action rifles, I think Minecraft deserves an award for that.
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    posted a message on Hydrated: New Status Effect with Bottle of Water
    This suggestion is considered a minor tweak that adds some functionality to a Bottle of Water.

    The idea is that currently, a Bottle of Water is just an intermediate step to potions. I would like to give it some minor utilities.

    The idea is this: Drinking Bottle of Water grants a Hydration Buff.

    Hydration buff last for 8 minutes, and has the following effect:
    1. foodTickTimer (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Hunger#Mechanics) increase is accelerated by 20% if you have 9 or more drumsticks. In essence, you regenerate half-heart every 3.33 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
    2. foodTickTimer increase is slowed by 20% if you have 0 drumsticks (reduce health lost from starving). In essence, you lose half heart every 5 seconds instead of every 4.
    3. Hunger limit on sprinting is lower to 1 drumstick (allow player to sprint at 1+ drumstick, instead of requiring player to maintain at 3+ drumstick.
    Note that this does not give free regeneration, merely accelerate the conversion rate from food to health. It also slows down health lost from starvation but don't stop it completely.

    The overall effect is that this accelerates player food consumption rate a bit (both due to slightly faster healing and that player can sprint for a bit longer).

    EDIT: Removed the "lower regen food limit to 8 drumstick" and add "allow sprinting at as low as 1 drumstick".
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    posted a message on Inductors! - The golden magnetism of Minecraft

    One nitpick. Inductor, as an electrical component, is characterized by it's resistance to changes in current. The fact that it generates magnetic field is merely incidental as it's operating principle uses magnetic field as energy storage. In fact, most inductor don't generate much magnetic field, those that do are generally those of the high-current/high-power inductor, and generally steps are taken to stop the magnetic field from leaking out (don't want to accidentally turn a pair of inductors into a transformer). Functionally, when placed "inline", it slows down circuit response (a low-pass filter). Similar functionality in redstone is the redstone repeater, which "slows" down signals.
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    posted a message on Sleep During Day - Balance Through New Sleep Mechanics
    The suggestion, at it's core, is simple. Allow player to sleep during the day.

    This suggestion evolved from discussion for ways to balance The Hammock: Sleep Away The Day suggestion to prevent player from just sleeping repeatedly to skip multiple days.

    * There's a new hidden stat called the sleep state counter, which default to 4 when player first spawns (the counter do not reset to 3 if player dies and then respawn). The sleep counter can range in value from -4 to 4.

    * If sleep state counter is >2, that means the player is Diurnal (active at day) and can sleep without penalty (day/night). Conversely, if player's sleep state counter is <-2, that means the player is Nocturnal (active at night) and can also sleep without penalty (day/night). If sleep state counter is between -2 and 2, that means the player's sleep cycle is "Disrupted", and sleeping will incur a penalty.

    * The sleep state counter is updated base on the following conditions. The update values are "per hours slept". Dusk and Dawn hours are not counted.

    -- Counter > 0 (tending toward Diurnal): -0.1 if sleeping during day. +0.07 if sleeping at night. (-1 on full day sleep, +0.5 on full night)

    -- Counter < 0 (tending toward Nocturnal): -0.07 if sleeping during day. +0.14 if sleeping at night. (-0.5 on full day sleep, +1 on full night)

    * Note that the above sleep state counter updates means that if player keep trying to sleep through the days, the values will trend toward middle (the sleep "Disrupted" state). And once there, it takes some time "recover" (takes about 2~3 days of full sleep to recover from "Disrupted").

    * Player sleeping when they're in Disrupted sleep state will receive a penalty when sleeping. The penalty may be one or more of the following:

    -- A hunger penalty of +4 exhaustion level per hours (half drum-stick per two hours).

    -- One or more of the following status effect for a random time (1~2 minutes): Weakness, Slowness, Mining Fatigue.

    * Player will receive warning if they're trying to sleep at the "wrong" time.

    -- If player is fully Diurnal/Nocturnal: "I don't feel sleepy...", player can force themselves to sleep.

    -- If player is "Disrupted": "So tired...", player must sleep anyway to get out of that state, this is just a warning that they'll receive a penalty while sleeping.

    So What Does This Mean?

    1. Player has the option for Nocturnal game-play style.
    2. Switching between Diurnal/Nocturnal takes some effort (need to have food stockpiled, and milk to get rid of the negative status effect for a few days/nights).
    3. Repeated sleeping through the day and night will cause player to remain in "Disrupted" state, which incurs penalty in sleeps in both day and night.
    4. A well prepared player can still sleep through the day and night (need lots of food).
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    posted a message on Sleep During Day - Balance Through New Sleep Mechanics
    Quote from MattoFelice»
    No. Because you are taking the people don't sleep most of the time and only want to sleep the night/day away every now and then and throwing them under the bus saying " if you ever try to sleep you are screwed". and telling people who are "Dinural" and wanna see there build at night or nocturnal or need to sleep the night away because they need to repair creeper holes that if they do it they get punished. I fully UNSUPPORT IT.

    How about instead of all of that they just make it where there is a cool down to sleeping so you can't sleep in a hammock then sleep in a bed you need to wait at least 1/2 minecraft day

    Um... this doesn't impact player who occasionally sleep?
    The sleep state counter only updates if player sleeps, and negative effect only comes in if you keep switching between sleeping and night/day.
    This won't impact player who.
    1. Don't sleep.
    2. Only sleep during the night (occasionally or frequently).
    3. Only sleep during the day (occasionally or frequently).
    4. Sleep mostly during the night, and rarely at day.
    5. Sleep mostly during the day, and rarely at night.
    I should probably correct the opening post that if the player is Diurnal, sleeping during the day won't cause a penalty. It just mean that sleeping during the day enough time will push the player into "Disrupted" state, at which point the penalty start coming in.
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