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    posted a message on Near perfect seed missing only mooshroom island

    I wanted to bump this, because this is a great seed and now with TU43, if you create a new world, it has all the stuff previously mention as well as an igloo with basement along the west edge of the map. I am getting tired of completely restarting with major updates though. I'm on my third restart with this seed.

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    posted a message on TU43 Seed with Igloo, village, water temple

    The 306959825 seed still works with TU43. If you create a new world using this seed, it has an igloo along the west border of the world. I'll see if I can find the original thread since TU43 makes it even better than it was.

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    posted a message on Looking for Seed with: Mesa Bryce, All Wood, Swamp, Flower Forest, & Ocean Monument

    Greetings iDyeSheep,

    It could be that you have found one of the many glitches that happen when the world spawns. The stronghold could be partially or completely missing. The only fix is regenerating the world. I've had worlds since TU31 that the end portal has either not generated or only half the portal generated. It's like seed 306959825 sometimes having the sunflower plains and sometimes not, depending on where you spawn (you do not want to spawn in the plains, that's where the sunflowers are supposed to generate). I'd recommend loading worlds in creative and find where the stronghold is supposed to be, then make it a priority to mine to in survival before spending too much time building. No sense spending weeks working in a world that didn't generate key structures.

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    posted a message on Seed with Mesa, Mega Taiga, Ocean Monument, all wood types and much more!

    I did find swamp biome along the south end of the map. If you look between x coordinates of 300 and 350 along the south edge you can see the water is discolored. If you build the ground up there, let the grass spread, it is swamp land. If you bone meal it later, you can get the blue orchids that are only available in swamp biomes. I don't know if it is large enough to spawn slimes. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any of the two block high flowers on this map except the sunflowers previously mentioned. No rose bushes, peonies, or lilac. Nor have I been able to find tulips.

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    posted a message on TU31: 2 and 3/4 Ocean Monuments

    Found a seed on my 360 with 2 complete Ocean Monuments and another partial.

    Complete X: -248 Z: -313

    Complete X: 167 Z: -312

    Partial X: -425 Z: 72

    Its missing a lot being mostly water, most notably savanna and villages, but does have the following.

    Mesa Islands (Red sand but very little hardened clay)

    Roofed Forest

    Forest (Wolves)

    Redwood Taiga (Podzol)


    Extreme Hills

    Jungle (Ocelots, Melons)

    Swamp (This biome is underwater at edge of map when created and needs dirt built up. X: 430 Z: -196)

    Almost forgot the seed. -7456049666918536537

    I think this is one I found myself but 've been sorting through my seeds and deleting, so if this is one that someone else posted, please let me know so I can give credit.

    End Portal: X: -151 Y: 35 Z: -22 Corner of portal room visible from water next to mesa island above it. (no stronghold except Portal room)

    Pumpkins X:-372 Z:-268

    Melons X: -156 Z: 247 & X: -66 Z: 337

    Rosebushes X: 396 Z: -179

    Tulips X:318 Z:-263

    Lilac X: 416 Z: -173

    Peony X: 403 Z: -103

    Blue Orchid X: 429 Z: -196 (Once you build the ground up for the swamp biome and use bone meal)

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    posted a message on TU31: Ultimate Survival Seed

    I had a village spawn at x20 z5. That is east of the desert temple. I think the only blocks this map doesn't have available on survival is the packed ice.

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    posted a message on Looking For: Ice Spikes Biome Seed

    Another Ice Spike Biome seed I have is -988361039550294818

    This one is mostly land masses but surprisingly it doesn't have villages either. It also does not have a water monument.

    It does have more biomes than the island one I posted above, including a couple small jungles. No mesa.

    If a water monument isn't a must, this one would be better than the first I posted.

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    posted a message on Looking For: Ice Spikes Biome Seed

    This seed might not be what you are looking for but it has a large ice spike biome.

    No villages- Will need to cure zombie villagers

    Mostly water- small islands except for the ice spike biome

    No jungle trees- bonus chest with jungle tree saplings?

    Large ice spike biome at south end of map.

    Water monument at north end of map.


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