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    Quote from DeAdLyILLuSiOn

    I didn't find it rude, I just thought you were being honest and that's what i want to hear. Not everyone will like my work no matter how good or bad it is. people have different opinions and taste in things and it's good to hear this way the next video will be better and have more viewers.
    It's no trouble, I find honesty to be the better answer even if it is an unwanted one.
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    Host pictures here: http://imgur.com/
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    First major thing I did in Minecraft was Punching a tree.
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    It's a good start, but it's not really a "Skyscraper" unless it's...you know, scraping the sky. Make it taller bro.
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    Quote from robinjack

    This is a minecraft city I've been working on for over a month now. I built about 90% of it while the other 10% was either built by a few of my friends or the players that made a house.

    This city includes a lot of tall buildings (fully designed interior), a road, a little railway, three islands, a McDonalds, a Pizza Hut, a Target, several hotels, a mall, bridges, a park, a beach, a police station, a farm, and much more!

    I've named this city Bakersfield (the main part), the other two islands are called Capital Island and City Island.

    This city was built by me (Blake; minecraft name: robinjack). This city resides in the minecraft server Gazamo Land.

    More info here: http://www.planetmin...it-permissions/

    Thanks for watching.

    (MADE IN JUNE 2011)
    Not sure if you really made this or not, but I'll give my two cents anyways.

    It's very bland. even though most office buildings tend to have a gray/neutral theme to them, these all look the same, with very little thought put into the construction. Things are also very generic, consider building more organic, more round. Add something different than cubes and rectangular-prisms for buildings.
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    Quote from Arif320

    I have a LAN bug when you open LAN,instead of saying lots of numbers,it just says 0.
    Have you ever got this bug?
    If you have,then comment below. :D
    Thank you for your time.
    By Arif
    Whenever I setup a lan I never use the 'LAN' button option within minecraft. I setup a server on my local machine so that I can run bukkit with it....So in short, no I haven't had this issue, but like the poster above me mentioned, as long as everyone is able to connect then I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Quote from justdiver2

    Sorry, no I'm not looking for a village in the nether. I'm looking for a village in the overworld and was just saying I've been to the nether and haven't found a village yet.

    I only recently started playing, so forgive me if I'm sounding ignorant. I don't want to start a new world because I've already put a good chunk of time into this one.

    The closest thing I've found to a village was a lone fountain in the middle of a desert. And I have explored alot.
    Keep exploring for a bit, you're bound to find one eventually.
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    Quote from justdiver2

    I have been trying to find a village for a great deal of time now. I've been the nether already but I haven't found a village. The real reason I'm trying to find a village? I can't find carrots! Everyone online says to steal them from a village but how can I steal if I can't find a village?

    Am I just having bad luck?
    Bad luck? Possibly. Be sure to keep your eyes open and search far and wide to cover a lot of land. Also, may I ask why you are looking in the Nether for a village?
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    What on Earth to build?..Build the Earth! Duh.
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    Quote from tobybondie

    My gess is that youd get more wood from one log. but i prefer efficiency instead
    ...I can't think of a rebuttal rude enough for this post.
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    Quote from Digzahole

    Heres a one I found from the internet?

    100 Days To Mine By: Zuned1
    Chapter 1: An abrupt landing
    For me, it was going to be an average day. I was going to go Christmas shopping for my family, last-minute, like usual. But wouldn't you know, it wasn't meant to be.
    I suppose I should start with myself. My name's Alex, and I'm 14 years old. I'm your typical teenager, with girl problems, school, and all that other crap. Well, that's all you'll need to know about me...
    I was driving on the highway, doing 65. I knew I was speeding, but seeing as to how I was 14, that didn't seem to trouble me. I was doing at least 3 illegal things right now. I was in my mom's car, a Lexus RX330. It was old, but it wouldn't draw attention to me. I was enjoying driving, but I knew I had to be careful. I would catch Hell if I got caught. Little did I know, that was gonna be the least of my problems.
    I was moving from one lane to the other, trying to weave through traffic to get to the next offramp. But sadly, some idiot that really shouldn't have been driving decided to ram right into the side of me. I swerved out of control, my head spinning, and crashed into the barrier separating the two sides of the highway. Everything went black.
    I awoke once more, still in the car, in pain, crying, with blood splattered everywhere. Then I realized, with what little strength I had left. It was my blood. At that thought, I blacked out once more. This time, I wasn't going to wake up in that wretched car.
    I awoke once more to a falling sensation. I felt wind whipping past my hair, whooshing in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and realized with a snap that I was falling. I quickly became awake and looked around. I could see ground, closing in fast. There was a small puddle of water, and using some tricks I'd learned from watching movies that had people skydiving, I aimed to the pool. I splashed down, and for the third time, blacked out. It was beginning to get very irritating.
    I awoke in this strange land, with no explanation as to how I got here, what this place was, or simply where I was. I looked at my surroundings. I could see a few trees around me, the small pond that had saved my life, a couple of rolling hills, and a cave, along with a few mountains in the distance. I walked around this place, thinking that I was alone. I found this untrue when the oinking of a pig nearly gave me a heart attack. I turned and saw it simply standing there, staring at me with a confused, blank expression. It wondered what I was, no doubt.
    I slowly approached it, and tried to pet it. When I found that it liked me, I gave it a hug. "I'll name you... Randy!" I said. The pig oinked with approval. Approval of what, I didn't know; I simply didn't care enough. I wandered around some more, and decided that my lack of shelter was unacceptable. I was worried, at that time, that I would get rained on, something I hated, or that I would need shelter from the Sun, but I had no idea what that shelter was actually going to protect me from.
    Chapter 2: My night alone.
    I used my bare hands to break some of the sticks off of trees, and found that the sticks we're rather hard. I knew that if I wanted the thick log that made the base of the tree, I would need tools, preferably stone tools. I made a crude pick out of my sticks and hiked to the mountain. I dug some stone out of the side, and made my simple stone axe. It was terrible, and wouldn't last, but I didn't care. I was hoping I wouldn't need it long. I walked back to my chosen clearing, and chopped down the hard logs of the trees. It was nearing sundown when I finished. I made the logs I'd collected into some planks, and set out to build my shelter. I used a tree I'd left alive as a base. I realized I would need a door, but knew I couldn't use my hands to make it. Instead, I fashioned a workbench with some tools and a work area out of some of the spare stone and wood in my pack. I quickly fashioned a door, and placed it in my chosen doorframe.
    However, I realized that I'd forgotten something important: Light. I had no source of light. While I probably wouldn't need it, it would make navigating at night easier. So at the crack of sundown, I dropped all my stuff but my wood pick and ran to the mountain fast as I could. I had no idea the dangers that would lurk all around, but the darkness alone made me run. So I ran to the mountain and looked around for something flammable. I struck a load of luck and found some coal. I quickly mined a few chunks of it, and headed home. I ran once more, but night struck before I could get inside. I slowed down a little, and tried to stay calm, but it was a futile attempt. From seemingly nowhere, a skeleton appeared from behind a tree. It was unexplained: it had simply appeared and then come out. I cautiously walked by it, hoping that it wasn't aggressive, when it suddenly pulled on a bow on me. I saw it try to notch an arrow, and knew that this was not good. I started sprinting, but it didn't save me from the arrows. While none of them hit me, I was forced to duck this way and that, to dodge the rain of fire. It seemed like a bit much for one skeleton to be firing; I looked around and saw dozens more, firing at me. I turned behind me and saw more, in addition to something just as chilling.
    I saw zombies, hurrying behind me, groaning and moaning and looking generally unkind. I found my house, which I almost missed because of the darkness, and quickly opened the door and ran inside. However, I was greeted by an unfriendly face; it was green and distorted, and the creature that the face belonged to was no sight for sore eyes. It was a hideous, infected green body, with four equally creepy legs. I started slapping it to the best of my sad abilities. It wasn't having an effect, so I simply opened my door and ran outside.
    The creature, which I named a 'creeper', for the fact that it's creepy, followed me out. It started hissing, and so I ran. But after a mere second, I felt an explosion behind me, and was thrown by a sudden hot force into a tree. To add to my irritation, I blacked out.
    Chapter 3: The method of rebirth.
    Everything was black and calm. I wondered if I had truly died this time. My answer was soon given to me. It was No.
    A hole in the ground spontaneously opened up, and I was thrown out of it by an unknown force. Instead of it being nighttime in this strange world, it was once again daytime. I was wondering if this was the world I was previously in, and thought that it probably was. I soon spotted my old plank house, and knew at that moment that I was indeed still in this world. I walked over, and as I was walking, I fell into a random crater. I tried to remember what had happened the night before, and it hit me like a tree. And I would know what that feels like. Either way, that creeper, as I call them, had exploded behind me. It created this crater and killed me by throwing me into a tree. I saw dirt lying around, and figured it would be helpful later on. I put it into my sack and climbed out.
    I covered the hole with some of my dirt, so I wouldn't fall in again, and walked into my house. I saw a few things lying around, and some things I could tell were missing. My pick, axe, some of my sticks, and half of my planks were still there. I found my coal lying outside. My tree sapling and cobblestone was missing. I took no mind of it and made some torches, hoping the light would scare them off. I hoped it would, ever so dearly. But looking at the sun, I knew that the day was still young. I ventured outside to collect more resources. I took my daily hike to the mine, and on my way chopped some trees, planting new ones all around. I approached the mountain and began to mine. After mining for a little, I encountered a strange ore. It had a brownish-orange tint to it, and appeared hard. My weak wooden pick would not suffice to mine it, whatever it was.
    I took the wooden head off the pick, and replaced it with a harder stone one. I began to mine the strange material, and took some of it home with me that night. When I arrived home, I remembered last night's episode, and decided that I didn't want a repeat. So I built an underground shelter. It was a simple staircase in my house leading downward into a larger room that was safe from monsters aboveground. I built a furnace and placed it in the corner. I placed my spare workbench in another corner. In the time I had from night, I built a chest for my valuables. I stored some items in it. I stored a bundle of sticks, a bundle of planks, and my spare wooden pick head. It wasn't full right now, but I knew it soon would be.
    As it got later, I grew tired after my busy day of work. I fashioned a bed of dirt, which I knew I would have to replace, and got on it. I began drifting into a sleep with thoughts of the day's activities in my head. I was almost asleep when I awoke to a loud noise. I was too asleep to realize what it was, but I was awake, and became more alert. I got up and brushed some dirt off, then went up to my bunker entrance to see what had caused the noise. I looked through the tiny window on my door, but didn't see anything. I went downstairs to resume my sleep, but I grabbed my axe just in case I need protection. I was about to get back in bed when I heard the noise again. This time I was awake enough to tell what it was; there was a girl somewhere nearby, screaming. I panicked at first, not knowing what to do. Should I help the girl, or was it some unknown monster attempting to lure me out? Would I make it back alive, or go through the painstaking process of rebirth-through-dirt hole again? If there was a girl and I did rescue her, would she be hot? Would she like me?
    I chose to ignore every instinct telling me to stay and let the noises live their own life, and followed the one instinct that told me to go and risk my life.
    I followed the continual screams, through the forest. I climbed a tree and hopped on top of them, where the monsters didn't see me and the view was much larger. I followed the screaming for 2 or 3 minutes, and then found the source. There was in fact a girl, and she was running from the monsters. I followed her, until she got backed into a corner with no path to keep going. The monsters closed in on her, and she would have died, had I not intervened. I jumped from the treetop and cut a good 3 zombies on my landing. I reared my axe once more, to strike again, and swung with all my might. It wasn't much, but it got the last zombie. I saw more monsters approaching us, and I grabbed the girl's hand and ran forward, pulling her behind me. Her hand was soft, and warm, the only kind thing about this world that we were lost in. We ran as fast as we could, and made it back to my small bunker alive. I opened the door and pushed her in, then closed it behind me. I took her downstairs, and sat her down on a pile of dirt I called a chair.
    She simply sat there, with a look of disbelief in her green eyes. Her cheeks were red from exhaustion, a bead of sweat dripping down her forehead. Her long, brown hair had been messed up while we were running, but it still looked beautiful. I looked at what she was wearing; a t-shirt and a skirt. Her skirt was ripped, along with a few small rips on her shirt, and there was dirt all over her clothes. I gave her a moment to calm down, then asked her a simple question. "Hey, calm down, there's no more monsters. Calm down," I said. She began to breathe regularly once more, and her heart had stopped pumping. She sat calmly, thinking about what had happened. I asked, "What's your name?" But she simply looked at me with a distressed face, and ignored me. She got up and sat in one of the corners and started crying, quietly. I watched her for a few moments, then offered her my bed. She didn't reply, just simply got up and lay down on my bed. I lay on the hard, cold floor and thought about what had just happened. Had I made a new friend, an ally to aid me in my survival, or would she abandon me? I slowly fell asleep with questions buzzing in my head.
    Chapter 4: Her Hysterical Hysteria.
    I awoke to the sound of footsteps. I almost freaked out, for fear that a monster had gotten into my base, but soon remembered my eventful night. I got up off the hard floor and looked for that girl. I still didn't know her name... I heard the sound of a pick hitting a rock. I knew that sound anywhere. I looked in my room, but didn't see her. Then I noticed a new hole in the wall. I ventured through it, to see if perhaps the little troublemaker had gone mining. Wouldn't ya have it, she had. She was digging a room, a simply ten by ten room. I asked her simply, "What're you doing?" She replied simply, "Making my own room," at which I turned at went to make myself some breakfast. Although on the way out, I snuck a smile.
    I went outside and killed a pig, then said a simple apology I prepared for any animals that died to keep me alive. I found it the right thing to do. Then, I walked back inside, to see if my little friend wanted some bacon, or needed help. When I got in, she was crying. I felt bad for her and all, but she was becoming a pain.
    I sat down next to her, and started rubbing her back softly. She sat there, crying into her hands. After a few minutes of me rubbing her and her crying, she abruptly got up, and charged out of the unfinished room, and began making a lot of noise. I followed her out to find her destroying my dirt bed, messing up my toolbox, ruining my furnace, and throwing the things in my chest all over the place. I started panicking and tried to save as many things as I could. I then followed her up and out of the bunker, to find the small wood hut on fire. I ran outside and started trying to put it out, but it was no use. I simply looked at her, and she was just sitting there again, crying. She was driving me nuts.
    I sat down next to her, and tried to soothe her. "Come on, calm down. Please? Stop crying? Come on." I kept saying. Then she went berserk. "What're you talking about? Calm down? Calm down? How the hell can I calm down! I was in my house, sleeping, when I woke up in this hell! And then I get attacked by zombies, and skeletons, and spiders, and little explosive things! How the hell am I supposed to calm down!" She screamed. Obviously, she wasn't taking this nearly as well as I had.
    I got up and stood next to her, and grabbed her by the shoulders. She wasn't taking me being nice very well, so I was gonna have to rule with an iron fist, instead of a heart of gold. "Listen. And listen well. I saved you out in that forest because you don't deserve to die. I saved you because you were worth saving. But ever since we got here, you've been crying. You've sat down and cried. And recently, you went and destroyed my supply stash. And, you carved out half a room and left it there. I'm giving you two options. You can stop your crying, and help me survive, or I can kick you out back into the wild and watch you from the safety of my bunker. Now, which do you prefer?" She simply stood there, dumbstruck, a tear still mid-roll down her cheek. "I'm gonna give you 10 minutes to choose. So hurry up." And then I went into my house, and lay down on my bed. It felt good, after venting a little, and after that hard night on the floor. I sat for 5 minutes, when the girl came down. She wasn't crying, but her eyes were still red and puffy. She simply picked up a pick and started finishing her room. I sat and watched, watching her work. She was obviously a girlie-girl, you could tell from her clothes. But she seemed to have a tomboy side, as well. She was certainly strong, athletic, but proud and dignified. When she came out of her completed room, she simply said, "And my name is Julia." Then vanished into the confines of her room.
    I fixed the majority of my room from her little episode, and went over to her room. I knocked on her doorframe, which was still empty, and walked in. "Hey. You all done crying?" I said. "Yeah. But that doesn't mean I'm not still upset. I mean, it's sort of nice here, but I just want to go home, to my real bed, with my family, and just curl up and go to bed, without worrying about monsters outside our door." I listened to her, and sat by her side. "Well, there's two of us now. And one of us can sure kick-ass." I said, happily. She blushed a little, then I got up to go to bed in my room. She silently giggled, but I didn't notice. I was just happy what happened had happened.
    Chapter 5: One more unstable friend...
    Life out here, in the middle of nowhere, was growing into a simple routine. Every day, me and Julia would go out and gather resources such as dirt, coal, and stone, and we always restocked on wood. I did most of the work while Julia carried most of the materials back and forth. Together, we made a great team.
    Our long term survival was mostly guaranteed, as long as not too much changed. But seeing as to how this was a rather spiteful world, and it always seemed to shake things up, my thinking that at the time was pretty much me jinxing us both. Our problems reignited when we got a new visitor. It began when me and Julia were going on a stone mining trip. It was getting dark out, so we filled our packs with all the stone we'd collected and headed home. We'd found some Redstone on an earlier mining trip, and hooked up a few Redstone torches to the house so we'd know when someone was inside. It was to scare off the monsters when they were near us. Otherwise, our house was hidden. But we came back and saw that the light was on, which was curious, seeing as to how the only two people in this world was us. We grew nervous at the thought of someone else in our house.
    We slowly approached, and I drew a makeshift wooden sword I'd made the third night we were here. I quietly opened the door, and walked downstairs. Julia followed, a simple stick in her hand. We entered the main bunker part of our house. I saw a figure going through our chest, and decided to put on a brave act for Julia. "Hey! You! Get out of our chest and turn around!" I demanded. The figure stop shuffling through it and turned his head slightly, so he could see us. Then he got up and turned around entirely. I drew my sword to a defensive position, but lowered it slightly when I saw that it was just another human. "Hey! Sorry 'bout going through your stuff. I thought the place was abandoned. So who lives here, just you two?" He questioned. I told him that I lived here, and Julia had moved in a day later. At the mention of Julia, he slightly raised his eyebrow, and grew a little half-smile. He walked forward and pushed me to the side. Up close, I could figure out most of his info. He was slightly taller than me, with blonde, long hair that had that 'flow' to it. He was muscular, more than me by a bit. He had a slight tan. I figured that he was 15, maybe 16. A year or two older than us.
    "What the heck's your name, anyway?" I interrogated. He calmly replied, "John." Then he started to act all 'cool' for Julia, obviously trying to flirt with her. He used a few crappy pickup lines, but then he screwed up. "So, you got a phone number?" He asked Julia. I simply stared at her, and then we both broke out laughing rather hard. "Are you kidding me?" I said. "Do you realize where we are?" Julia asked, laughing as she spoke. John realized his error, and simply hung his head. He looked at me and asked me, "So, you got a room I could borrow? This is a nice place." I explained that my house was originally only for me, and we had to make it a split hallway at the entrance to give me and Julia our privacy. I also told him how Julia and I had carved out our own rooms. I pointed to a place in the wall I'd be meaning to mine for a few days. "Start digging here. Go about 3 meters, then on the fourth meter, start building your room. Only three blocks high, otherwise the monsters will start noticing you, even underground. And we don't need a breach in this secure facility." And then I reached into my pack and tossed him a stone pick. "Better get started." I told him. Julia came over, and saw John holding the pick. He appeared confused, probably wondering, 'Why am I working,' or 'Who is this kid to think he can boss me around?' But Julia simply laughed at him. "Come on, he's got some work to do." I motioned for her to go to sleep for tomorrow. I soon fell asleep to the sound of a pick hitting rock, and zombies groaning from the above side.
    Chapter 6: A Christmas Miracle.
    I awoke in my bed, fully rested. I got up and slowly grew awake. When I was ready, I headed for Julia's room. We we're going to go on a mining trip today. I went over to make sure she was ready, and sure enough, she was. She was sitting in her room, playing with some sticks from when we'd first arrived. I asked her if she was ready, and she said she was. We checked our supplies. We had our picks, some spare food, a sword for defense, and a sack to carry the ore we collected. So we headed out, hoping to come back with something.
    We journeyed first to the mountain, where the cave was. I asked her if she was ready, and she nodded agreement. Slowly, we headed down into the dark, deep abyss we called a cave. We placed torches here and there, lighting up the place. We slowly descended, collecting any iron or coal we saw along the way.
    Soon, the caves began to grow warm. When the cave stopped inclining, we saw it; before us was a massive lake, filled with lava. I looked around. I told Julia to stand back, for fear of her safety. I checked my watch to see what time it was, and figured we had about 10 hours to mine our stuff and get back up. Then I noticed the date. My watch said it was the 24 of December, the day before Christmas. I knew I liked Julia, and thought this was an opportunity to impress her. I knew I had to get her something, somehow. I looked around the lava lake to see what might lie in wait, but didn't spot anything. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a glint. I looked, and saw a massive iron vein. That didn't impress me; what did was that I could see a small amount of diamond near it, along with what appeared to be gold. So I told Julia that I was going to go get the iron, which in reality was the diamonds and gold. I built the bridge, and soon made it across. I began to mine the gold and diamonds. I thought about what this would be good for, and decided to make Julia a necklace. I mined all the iron as well, just so I would've seemed legitimate, and decided to head back. I started to cross the bridge when I heard a moan. A moan that could've only belonged to one thing; a zombie. I turned just in time to see a zombie pouncing on me. I cut off its arm, which made a sick sound as the rotting flesh ripped. I took another strike at the zombie, getting his other arm. I reared for another strike, but before I knew it, the zombie had pinned me to the ground. It had done so with such force that all the wind was knocked out of me. The now armless zombie tried to eat my face. I fought back, but the zombie managed to get my cheek. I winced at the pain, and he managed to get another blow on my shoulder. I reached for my sword, near the zombie's lower torso, but the zombie kicked it into the lava. As it burned, I knew that that would be this zombie's fate. I pushed him off me with one burst of strength, and then threw him off the bridge. He burned slowly in the magma.
    I continued down the bridge, making my way back to Julia. When I saw her face, it was distorted with fear, with horror. I could tell why; she'd nearly watched the only true companion she had here burn in a pit of magma, a not so pleasant thought. I hugged her and said some soothing things to calm her down. I checked my sack for the items, and saw they were there. I wrapped my arms around her comfortingly, when she said she was scared. So I told her to come back to the surface. We both went up, Julia slightly traumatized. We got back to the house safely. I took Julia to her bed, and told her to lay down. I let her go to sleep after the traumatizing events that had taken place.
    When she fell asleep, I began my project. I selected the largest diamond, and shaped it. When it was done, it resembled a somewhat flattened grape. I had melted some gold into a case for it. I put the diamond into the gold casing, and it fit perfectly. I then attached an iron chain to it. Looking back, it seems to have been done fast, but in reality, it had taken a good few hours. I then fashioned a jewelry box out of some planks and wool. I snuck into Julia's room and placed it on the table, where she would notice it. I then snuck out. As I passed John's room, he signaled for me to come in. He said plainly, "Even if she likes the gift, she's gonna go for me. I'll make sure of it. Now get out."
    I went to my room, and sat down. I was going to go to bed when Julia walked in. She asked me, "What in the world is this?"
    "Well, it's a present for you. Today's Christmas day! Merry Christmas!"
    Julia was momentarily stunned. She thought, and then realized that it was in fact Christmas. "Oh, thank you Alex! But, I can' take this. I don't have anything for you."
    "It's okay. Just open the present, I think you'll like it!"
    "I'll open the present, but I have to give you a present sometime! I'll feel guilty if I don't."
    "Okay, but hurry and open the present!" And she did. She took the lid off the wooden box, and looked the contents. Then, her jaw dropped, and she simply stuttered with her words while trying to describe it. "Why, Alex! It's so beautiful! Where the heck did you get this!" She asked. I told her the story of how I found diamonds and gold behind the iron ore, before I was attacked. She gave me a big bear hug and kissed me on the cheek. "It's wonderful." She said. "I'm gonna go try it on in my room and think of what to get you. Thanks again!" And she kissed me on the cheek one more time before leaving.
    I silently celebrated, think about what had just happened. Then, I noticed John standing in the doorframe. "You may have impressed her, but I'm gonna win this here fight. Just watch and wait." He said. Then he vanished as quickly as he'd come. I took no mind to his warning, but later realized I should've.
    Chapter 7: My New Best Frenemy.
    I awoke to the sound of music. I had no clue where the music was coming from. I got up and walked around. I followed the music to its source. I found myself in Julia's doorframe. I looked around the room, and saw Julia tinkering with something on the far wall. I stood there and waited for her to notice me. She continued tinkering with the strange box, when she spoke. "I know you're standing there."
    "I knew you did." I said, walking over to her. "So what's this?"
    "It's supposed to be your Christmas present. I made it myself, but I'm still working out some.. There we go. Never mind what I was saying." She picked up the box and held it out for me to take. "Merry Belated Christmas!" She said. I took the box, and looked at it. I looked at all the sides, and tried looking into the long, thin hole on the top.
    "So what the heck is it?" I asked.
    "It's a jukebox, silly! You put a CD in the top, and it starts playing!" She said.
    "Okay. It's a jukebox, and a nice one. But where do I get the CD's for it?" I asked. She frowned and thought.
    "I guess you don't... I got the idea because a creeper that exploded dropped it. I knew it was a CD, so I made a jukebox for you." I laughed at the thought.
    "Well, I guess it's a good thing you didn't get killed by the creeper." I said. I then heard a footstep behind me, and turned around. John was standing at the door, a bag slung over his shoulder.
    "Well guys, I'm gonna be going. I hope you get screwed over by a creeper." He said.
    "Wait, you're leaving?" Me and Julia asked simultaneously.
    "Yup. I can't say it's nice living here, so I'm gonna find a nicer place. Like I said, hope you get screwed over by a creeper." And he turned for the door. I looked at Julia, who had a puzzled look on her face. Then I ran up to the entrance and watched John leave. Julia came up behind me. "You're not going to make it out there. There's too many monster's!" Julia called. But John simply pat his bag, and said, "I got it all covered. Good to know you care." He said sarcastically. Me and Julia watched him go.
    I was the first to break the silence. "I hope he gets screwed over by a creeper.." I mumbled.
    "I'm glad he's gone, but you don't have to be rude." She said, hitting me on the arm. I walked down to my room and sat on my bed. ~I'm glad he's gone. But what he said Christmas night.. Was he serious? Was he gonna fight back somehow?~ I thought. Questions like that popped in and out of my head for a couple minutes, then Julia brought the Jukebox in.
    "Well, here's you present." She said.
    "I'm gonna go catch some sleep. Like you, that project kept me up all night." And she went to sleep. I kept thinking about what John had said. ~I'm glad he's gone. Good riddance.~ And tried to nap. After I found I couldn't, I went outside. But when I came up the exit steps, I saw the wooden shelter that indicated the entrance burning. My eyes suddenly grew wide, and I ran outside the hut, dodging a falling piece of wood. I looked at the burning entrance. My eyes were filled with horror.
    I turned around and saw John on top of a small hill. He was laughing evilly, waving good-bye. He turned and headed down the hill, laughing. I silently cursed him. I sat and let the entrance burn, then set out to rebuild the entrance once the first was out. The only thing going through my head was, ~I guess I have a new best frenemy.~
    Chapter 8: Another boatload of people.
    I emerged from the simple underground bunker and stretched. "Another fine day in the land of no name." I said. I sat down in a lawn chair I had built. I took out a book I had found and started to read it. As I read, I thought about what had happened with John yesterday. I couldn't get him out of my mind. I hadn't told Julia that the entrance had caught fire, but I think she knew. How, I didn't know, but I knew she did. After reading for a while, Julia came outside and sat in the other lawn chair I'd built. We started talking. I asked her what her life was like back home, and we just talked. We bonded more than we ever had. We stopped talking after a while and started enjoying the beauty of the world we we're in. I broke the silence. "This is the perfect world. So fine, so wonderful, and joyous. And with monsters, certainly thrilling." She laughed at the last part. She brushed some hair out of her face. "Alex... I've really enjoyed being here. Being with you. And... I just want to tell you tha-" But she was cut off. In the distance, there was a giant plume of fire. It caused the earth to shake, and it made a large boom. Me and Julia got up and started running towards the source of the event. We knew we were close when there was a large circle of dirt, a crater, and a lack of trees. We looked into the deepest part of the crater, and saw a mob of people. Me and Julia just stared at the mob. They were all panicking and running around and screaming. Then, they suddenly grew silent, and stared up at the sky curiously. I ran down into the crater a little, and Julia followed. Then I shouted, "Hey! Over here! Look at me!" And Julia joined in. Once we got their attention, we told them to be quiet. "Look," I said, "You may not know where you are, or why you're here, but please be calm! You're in..." I looked at Julia, and mouthed the words, 'What do we call this place?' She mouthed back, 'Name it whatever you want.' So I shouted to the crowd, "This place is called Julans!" I looked at Julia and smiled, and she just laughed and hid her face in her hands, playfully. I turned back to the crowd and shouted, "Me and my friend, Julia," and I saw some of the guys or girls our age snicker, "Have been here for around 3 weeks now! We have a small home, but we believe that with your help, we could create a great empire!" And then, I saw a small explosion, and heard someone shout, "Or, you could come with me!" I looked. It was John. "First, I'd like to know. How come so many of you suddenly came?" One man in the crowd stood on a rock, a head and shoulder above the rest. "We we're all on a cruise. We saw a meteor, headed straight for us. We all braced for the impact, when it hit. There was a huge explosion, but none of us were hurt. When the smoke subsided, we were here."
    I got the next word. "Look, I'm not one for trouble, so I'm gonna let you guys pick. Come with us, the experienced, supplied kids, or the evil, unprepared one." I knew it was harsh. But then murmurs started in the crowd, and everyone started moving. Some people came to our side of the crater, but an equal amount went to John. I realized something: We we're almost like the kings of our own cities. I turned to my people, my new people. There were around 50 or 60 of them. "Come. I will gather my supply of stone, and we shall build!" The crowd shouted with joy. Me and Julia led them to our small house, and I got out our wood supply. I quickly made a small table, and everyone crowded around it. I started drawing on the map, planning out the walls and the city as a whole. We would have 7 people go mining for a stone supply, as well as gather coals, 5 people would be chopping down wood, 10 would be building the wall, and the rest would be landscaping or building houses and whatnot. At night, we had a small wall up, one that the monsters wouldn't be able to get over. We had roughly 5 houses built, and we roomed everybody in them. Me and Julia stayed in our underground bunker. We had built a small wall, 1 meter high, to announce the boundaries of our soon to be castle. It was slightly larger than our underground bunker, which would soon become the basement of our castle.
    Julia came into my room. She sat next to me on my bed. "You know... That was great, what you did out there. That really was amazing. But do you really want to take on this responsibility? You want to be a king, to manage all those people?"
    I thought about it. I put my arm around Julia and said plainly, "Yes."
    She smiled, and said, "Good. But don't forget about me. I'll always be here, and that won't change."
    I smiled and laughed. I kissed her on the cheek. "I won't. Now let's get some sleep. We've got a big week coming up."
    Julia smiled and left. I laid down and went to bed. In my dreams, he kept seeing this one scene... It was John, in the middle of a burning kingdom. He stood and laughed, holding a sword. Then, he struck down and stabbed a figure in the chest. Then he laughed to the heavens, and said, "I said I would get my revenge!" Thinking back on the dream, I realized that the figure had been me. I was nervous. I wondered if John really would attack our kingdom... As I slept, I prayed that he wouldn't.
    Chapter 9: The note that changed it all.
    It was a week from when the kingdom was started. I hadn't seen eye nor ear of John, but I knew he was busy. Meanwhile, so had we. We'd had a birth in the week, which made us build a hospital. We'd built a school for the kids until they were 13. We'd added a tavern, sold multiple lots to raise money, using our new money system, and watched a building company get started, watched a public mine get dug, and watched the slow progress of our castle. All around us, the wall was growing taller. By the end of the week, the city was mostly complete. We had a wall, a gate, a populous, and a money system based on the refining of gold into gold coins. If you found gold, you had 3 to 5 gold coins on your hands.
    Me and Julia were proud of ourselves, and of our people. The castle we stood in was nothing much, quite modest actually. The basement remained our rooms, simply because remodeling would waste time. So the first floor was the throne room, the second held our wonderful indoor hot tub, and split down the middle, the other side held our storage facility, and the third was the kitchen on one side, and the other was the dinner hall. But it had a balcony with a wonderful view of the whole city. Me and Julia were on the balcony, talking. The wind up here caused her hair to blow with it. She looked beautiful. I put my arm around her, and got closer. We stood up there for a few minutes. Then I turned to face her. "Julia, I've loved having you around these past few weeks. But.. I'm leaving in a few hours." Her smiling face dissolved, replaced by a frown. "Why?" she asked. I told her that I wanted to go back to the mine where I'd almost been killed. "That's crazy! It'd be suicide! If you're going, I'm coming too!" And so I went downstairs, and got ready. When Julia was ready too, we headed out for the mine. Before I left, I appointed my temporary replacement. He was a 40-year-old man, but he was qualified and everybody seemed to like him. So he got the job.
    I slowly approached the mine, nervous because of what had happened last time. Julia squeezed my arm. "Do we have to do this? Why are we back here anyway?" I told her that I'd gotten a dream two days ago. It was of an apocalypse, one that would have to be prevented. I told her that the image of an hourglass kept popping into my head during the dream, and that it appeared to be where I'd fought off the zombie. So she begrudgingly agreed, and we went down into the mine. We soon came to the underground lava lake. Sure enough, I was right. The middle of my bridge had been removed, this gold and glass hourglass replacing it. I walked over to it, and saw a book on the ground.
    It read, 'I have created this world, in hopes that I can stay in peace. I do not wish to be visited by anyone. Should my location, this fine lava lake, be compromised, this hourglass will start to tick. There is enough sand in it to last 100 Days.' I showed the entry to Julia. I flipped the page and read on. 'Today, I believe I've been compromised. I saw a boy wash up on the shore. I heard him talking, and his name is Alex. Later, a girl came. The two of them visited my cave... I believe that he has started the Hourglass. I hope he enjoys his time here, because when this place blows, I won't be around to watch.' I flipped through the pages, reading about my own adventures. On the last page, I saw some useful information, that would save our lives, if not doom us. 'I have studied the hourglass, and it is almost 2/5 empty. This is good news, but bad for poor old Alex and co. It has only been around 20 days since the boy arrived, which means that he only has 30 days left to survive. Then I can start a new world. Hopefully, he doesn't figure out how to stop the apocalypse.' I closed the book and looked at Julia. We both had a look of disbelief on our face. It would've been funny, but seeing as to how we had 30 days to live, it really wasn't. They began the trek up the mine, remaining in disbelief.
    When they arrived at the castle, they immediately went to their rooms. Alex stored the book in his chest that was hidden under his bed. He didn't want word of this out yet. He suddenly yearned for a hot bat, having not taken one in weeks. He went up to the second floor, wearing only his underwear. He'd also brought a towel. He walked through the door to the hot tub, but stopped dead in his tracks. Julia was already in the hot tub, in a bikini. He figured he had three options: the first was simply to leave. The second was to try to pull a move on her, a rather extreme one at that, involving bikini straps. The third option was to get in the hot tub with her. He found the 1st one stupid, the 2nd one was inappropriate at this point, but the third was just fine. So he slipped into the hot tub with her.
    I got in the hot tub with her. When she heard the water splash, she opened her eyes to see who it was.
    "Oh! Alex! Gosh, you scared me, I thought you were someone else. And that would've been embarrassing." She said.
    "Sorry, I just felt like taking a hot bath. So, I got in with you. You don't mind, do you?" I asked. I felt like an idiot at that point.
    "No, I kinda like it. It was getting sort of boring." She said, smiling. I scooted closer to her, and put my arm around her. She leaned her head on me. "Are you worried?" She asked. "About the whole apocalypse?"
    "I don't know. Part of me says it's true, and to worry, but part of me says, 'Yes, sweet relief from this stressful life!' But then there's part of me that wants to simply stay here and not worry." I started stroking her hair. "I dunno. Are you nervous?"
    She looked up at me and said calmly, "No." I looked at her curiously. She understood what I meant. "Well, I don't really care, in all honesty. I'm gonna be here, and I'll have lived one of every girl's dreams in a matter of 50 days. I'll become a princess, with a kingdom, and a castle, and all the fun parts of being a princess."
    I looked down at her, and she looked up. She sat up straight next to me and said, "And I even have a Prince Charming."
    We looked into each other's eyes. I leaned in, and she did too. We sat there, in that hot tub, kissing. We kissed, and kissed some more. Then we sat there, cuddling each other, waiting for the apocalypse that we were going to stop. But we didn't care, because whatever happened, we were going to stop it together.
    Chapter 10: The Word gets out.
    Me and Julia were in the hot tub together again. After the first time, it became a simple habit. We'd been there for around an hour, so I decided to go get dressed. Julia stayed in the hot tub. I went down to my room. I opened my clothes chest, and got dressed. I sat down on my bed, and remembered something. 3 days ago, I'd gotten the book. There didn't appear to be anyone that actually wrote in it, the writing seemed to appear. And apparently I was right; there was another page in the book. I grew nervous when I saw it was addressed to me.
    It read: 'Hello, Alex.
    I know you've gotten my book. I suppose I should tell you a little something. I'm the one who created this world; my name is Notch. Should you figure out how to stop your coming apocalypse, I request that you seal off the hourglass. There's always the chance a nearby human presence could reset it. Thank you, and enjoy your remaining 27 days.
    Signed, Notch.'
    I sighed at the letter. I had no clue how I was to stop the coming apocalypse. But for some reason, I thought about John's empire. I figured he should know, should we need his help. I wrote a letter explaining the situation, and enclosed the book inside an envelope. I sealed it and went down to the castle yard. I found the nearby gardener and told him I'd pay him 7 coins if he could get my letter to John. And the gardener went on his way. As he left, I went back to the castle. I went to the second floor, where Julia still was. She turned and saw me coming. "Where'd you go?" She asked. I told her about the book and my thoughts that John would need to know. "Okay. But Alex... How are you gonna stop the world from somehow being destroyed? We don't even know how it will be destroyed. We're safe from attacks from the usual monsters, lava, water, and most other events. Why are you stressed?"
    "Because I get the feeling that it will be in larger quantity than we could expect or prepare for..." I said. Julia got up on the rim of the hot tub. She wrung the water out of her hair, then let it fall. She got up to go get changed. I got up and went to the top floor and looked out the balcony. I could feel the gravity of the situation... Then I heard a banging. I went down to the first floor of the castle and opened the door. Outside, there was a mob. I quickly got them to quiet down, then asked what was wrong. One of the ladies shouted, "You sure as hell know what's wrong! There's and apocalypse coming, and you're not telling us? We should be preparing!" I knew that John would probably tell the gardener that there was an apocalypse coming, but I didn't know how to tell the people myself. So I quieted them down again, and addressed them. "Look. There is an apocalypse coming, and I know it. But I get the feeling that it's gonna have something to do with the unleashing of monsters. I say this because my word is law; any metals or diamonds found are to be placed inside a chest in the forges. I want armor and swords made for everyone, and a shelter made for the children. We will prepare for the coming apocalypse!" At that, Julia ran up behind me. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She figured out what was going on, and whispered in my ear, "Are you sure about this?" I replied, "I sure as hell am." And I walked downstairs and went to bed.
    Chapter 11: The Douche Comes Home for the Holidays.
    As I emerged from the castle that morning, I noticed something strange. In the distance, there was a low, high-pitched whine. It was barely audible, so I took nothing of it. I simply continued my morning walk. I continued around our small kingdom, looking at what we had accomplished so quickly. I was proud of it. When I finished my walk, I went back To the castle. I went down to my room and checked the book. No new pages. So then I went up to the third floor to get a nice view of things. But what I saw up there shocked me.
    I saw a man in a cloak standing in the center of the room. In one hand, he held a knife. In the other, he held Julia. He had the knife to her neck. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at the robed assassin. He wore a mask, but I knew it was John. "You let us go, or I kill the girl." Not wanting a murder, I let the assassin go. I watched from my tower as he headed southward. I was shocked that even John would stoop so low. Without telling anyone, I snuck other of the castle, armed with my sword and arrows. I headed in the direction the assassin did. After a few hours of traveling, I came to his castle. It was day out, and not wanting to be spotted or attacked, I waited in a nearby tree. When it was dark out, I took out the ladder I'd brought. I climb up the wall, then snuck down and headed for his castle. It was a large, tall castle. I knew I was in for trouble if I went in through the front door. So instead, I took my ladder and built one up the side. I was halfway up though, when I ran out of ladder. So I grabbed the moss in-between the cobblestone and climb the rest of the way. I was at the window for the top floor, and listened to the sounds inside. I heard... Snoring? I looked in and saw hammocks around the room, certainly for all the army men. There was only one sleeping, so I snuck past him and went down a floor. It had double doors, made of iron. There was a window at the top of one of them. I listened in, to see what I could hear, and it wasn't pretty. I heard Julia screaming. There was ruffling, and shuffling, like people fighting and fidgeting on a bed. I closed my eyes in pain, simply imagining what could be going on in there. I heard another scream, which was then muffled. I looked up through one window on the door, and saw Julia. The scene that laid before, I knew would haunt me for a good while. Julia was on the bed, her limbs tied to each different corner of the bed. She was obviously struggling, but to no avail. She had been cut off in her last scream by a gag that John had put on her. John was on the bed, kneeling above Julia. She was struggling, but it wasn't helping. John was unbuttoning her shirt, going down the line. I knew I had to time this right, but I didn't want to risk Julia's safety... Or virginity.
    I prepared to kick the door down, right as John started unzipping her pants. I kicked down the door, and aimed my bow at John. I knew I could end this, here, now, and fast. But I knew that he would prove a valuable ally. So I planned to let him live. I looked at my surroundings, in case I needed a trick to stay alive. It was a long hallway, elegantly decorated. There were paintings along the walls. Through the center was a long carpet, with gold fringes. Alongside the carpet were columns. The carpet and columns led straight to the bed. John heard the door and stopped frozen. "So. You came to rescue your little princess, did ya? Well guess what. You can't have her." He said, turning his head. He saw me and snickered. "You? You're not going to kill me, Alex. I know it, because you think there's going to be an... apocalypse. But I don't believe your ­. I know there won't, so just relax. And let me kill you fast and easy." He drew a knife from his belt, and jumped off the bed, doing a back flip, throwing the knife, and landing facing me. It was an impressive feat, made more impressive by the fact that even though I ducked, the knife cut my back. I cringed, and John grabbed a sword off the wall and charged at me. I rose up, and drew my sword, throwing my bow and the arrow aside. I started slashing and fighting with John. It was clear that we were equally matched. I'd slash, he'd parry, I'd stumble, he'd take a slash, and I would dodge. It seemed like the fight was more a test of endurance than skill. I backed into a column, and John smiled. He reared back to strike, and stabbed forward, but I was too quick. I rolled onto the other side of the column, where my safety was quickly intruded. He took a slash at me, but I was unprepared for it. He aimed a little too short, so he only cut into my arm. It was a nasty cut, at least 1/2 an inch in, but I would survive. If I survived this. I didn't notice this at the time, but my quiver had been cut off. I quickly got up to ran, but he stabbed my leg. The blade went clean through my leg, giving me a terrible limp at an even worse time. I tried to stand and take a few steps, but fell over. I saw John walking over, taking his time. He was enjoying this. I looked over at Julia, her eyes wide with fear, struggling harder than ever. She was full of anger, and I hated seeing her like that. But seeing it gave me a renewed energy. I struggled, but I got up. John looked at me. "Heh. You thought you could beat me, Alex. You thought that you would get your girl. You thought you could come and stop me. But you were wrong. I have your girl, and she's mine. I've nearly beaten you. You aren't stopping me. And for fun, I'm going to cause you pain. And I'll love it." He said. He stabbed my other leg, then sheathed his sword. I was crying with pain at this point. He walked over to Julia, though, and smiled at her evilly. Her eyes grew wider than ever. She was filled with fear. He started to unzip her pants. I watched in horror. Until I remembered. I had a flashback of when I first entered the room, when he charged me. I'd thrown my bow to the side. I cursed silently when I remembered my quiver was across the room, but silently cheered when I remembered I'd had an arrow in the bow. I pulled my body, dragging myself, to the arrow. I grabbed it and the arrow. I rolled over and sat up as best I could. "John!" I shouted. He turned, just as he was going to take off Julia's shirt. I was furious with him. "Why don't you grab this." I said, letting go of the arrow. That moment seemed to go in slow-mo in my head. 5 things happened at once. The arrow flew through the air, hitting John in his stomach.
    1. He fell over, unconscious, possibly dead, on one of Julia's arm restraints, and the pressure ripped it.
    2. Julia grabbed a knife from John's belt, and cut herself free.
    3. She ran over to me, and made sure I was okay. She helped me up and leaned me against a wall.
    4. I grew unconscious, saying one last thing to Julia before I blacked out. It was possibly the stupidest thing I could've said. "Julia... Yo.. Your shirt... I.. Is still unbut.. unbuttoned." And I gave a small laugh, then fainted. The pain was simply too much for me to bear.
    Hey! It's me, Julia, taking over the storytelling for this bit, seeing as to how Alex practically died on me. Well, when he fainted. I laughed at what he said. It probably was the stupidest thing he could've said, but I found it funny none the less. I buttoned my shirt and zipped up my pants. I'd felt so tortured by that experience, however I wouldn't until we'd gotten home. For now, I had to think of how to get Alex out of here. I knew that we could try to simply walk out. It was late, but there would probably be guards.
    I thought and thought, but couldn't think of anything. Alex was the one who thought, and lead, I was just a good fighter and everything else. But those skills wouldn't come in handy, or be enough for that matter. I thought, when it occurred to me. I prepared for my plan. I was going to be embarrassed by this, but I knew it was what had to be done. I unbuttoned my shirt again, and unzipped my pants. I don't know why I wasn't quite as disturbed by this as I was when it was John, but I guess it was because this was my own free will. I looked over at John, regretting what I was about to do. Before I picked him up, he spoke. "I don't hate you Julia. But... I knew you'd never love me. That's why I did this. Tell Alex that... That I'm sorry, even though we'll still be enemies." He said the last sentence with a smile. I glared at him and told him, "Shut the hell up. This isn't fun for me."
    I ran downstairs, looking like... I hate calling myself this, but a ****. I knew everyone could see my bra, and my thong. It was... embarrassing, to say the least. Downstairs, there were a few guards. I shouted at them. "Hey, come here! Someone... Someone hit John! Help him!" The guards immediately ran over, and they, out of desperation, picked up the table and carried to the town hospital. I snickered. I ran upstairs, to Alex, and picked him up. He was heavier than I expected. "Damnit Alex, you've gotta lose weight.." I carried him out the front door. All the guards were busy being occupied with John, and most townspeople were staying inside their houses because they thought if they went outside they would be killed. I ran out the front gate, easy as pie. Then I started walking back, carrying Alex. He only spoke once, and said 5 words. "Tha... Thanks for n... Not leavin... Me..." And he blacked out for the last time until we got back to the castle.
    At the castle, I only woke one person. I remembered someone claiming to be a doctor. I ran to their house, and went in. I made sure not to wake the girl on the couch, or his wife. But I woke the doctor, and took him to the castle. There, he took care of Alex. He examined him. He saw that Alex had been hurt, and simply patched him up, doing things that would help him, but I only got to watch part of it. He came to the door and asked for me to come in. I remembered being as scared as hell out there, as scared as I was when John was stripping me down, and when the two had fought. I was relieved when I saw him on the bed. He had bandages, and a sling for his arm. He still wasn't conscious, but he was breathing regularly. I paid the doctor 10 coins, and asked him to not tell anyone what had happened. He agreed. When he left, I talked to Alex, even though he was unconscious. Or so I thought, at the time. That ­...
    It's me, Alex again. Sorry, but my story had been simple at that point. 'I saw blackness.' But when the doctor left, I'd regained consciousness. I opened my eye just a peek, but not so that Julia knew I was conscious. I was too tired at the time to do anything, anyway. I simply laid there, listening to Julia. I remember what she said... Almost perfectly.
    "Alex... God, I'd been worried. I know you're still unconscious, but... I just want to say that... Well, I love you. You saved me back there. John was... Oh.. I hate him for that... He was going to... To rape me. We both knew it. But then you, you came and saved me. You didn't let him. You took a sacrifice, for me... For us..." And she kissed me on the lips. I didn't react, or she'd know I'd been awake. And I didn't want that. So I let her kiss me. She kissed me, on the lips. I silently cheered, but on the outside remained as staid as I had. I soon fell asleep. Not unconscious, but asleep. I later awoke. I sat up in bed, and tried to stand, but then fell back in pain. I groaned. I remembered my fight, and everything... I looked at my legs, at saw them bandaged. I looked at my arm in the sling. I shook my head in pain, and opened them. To my right, I noticed Julia. I slowly looked at her. "Julia... What... Happened?" I looked at her. She smiled, and hugged me. "Thank god you're okay! Jesus, you had me worried!" I laughed, but it hurt my side. I looked at her, and noticed something. "Julia... You didn't button your shirt, or..." She looked down, and grew an uncomfortable look. I just stared at her, inquisitively. "I.. I had to do it, to get us out of there, and then... I took you back here, but I guess I forgot about it..." She said. "Aren't you going to button it up?" I asked. "Mmm... Nope. I don't care about that right now. All I care about is that you're safe." She said, hugging me. I hugged her back, and then asked if she could leave me to rest. She left, and I fell asleep to the sight of Julia saying she loved someone. Loved me.
    Chapter 12: The Mystery, Revealed.
    I fell asleep that night to a kind sight, a warming one. But in my dreams, my nightmares, I was plagued. I kept seeing Julia, tied on that bed. John, and arrow through his chest. My limbs, being stabbed. John, attempting to rape my girlfriend. I woke up in a cold sweat. I calmed down a little, before moving. I laid in my bed, realizing before I hurt myself, that it would hurt to stand. So I laid there. I grew bored quickly. My only comfort, my interest, my fun, came from Julia visiting me, sometimes alone, sometimes bringing someone new from the community to meet me. I loved her company, but when she wasn't with me, laying in that bed bored me. I sat, thinking about what there was to do, when thoughts of the apocalypse entered my mind. I thought about John, how he'd called my apocalypse theory, '­.' I didn't believe it. But I had to. I rummaged under my mattress, and found the small book. I took it out from under there, and opened it. I examined the last page. There were 2 new entries. The first was from the night I set out. Apparently, Notch was either a god, or truly a great wizard. Alex figured a wizard, from the entry.
    'Dear Alex,
    Tonight you've set out for John's castle. But I write this, knowing you won't view it for a few days, in hopes that it aids you in your survival. As I have decided, that if you can get the people to worship me as a god, then I shall assist you. I also point out that your wounds acquired will certainly hinder you during the apocalyptic fight that will come 25 days from when I expect you'd read this.
    Signed, Notch'
    I figured wizard because he admitted that he wished to be worshipped, 'like a god,' not 'as a god.' I decided that I would have to get this done, or he would not tell me the true secret. I read on.
    'Dear Alex,
    I hope you enjoyed Julia's presence. For some reason, you two are destined to not be together. However, I believe that is why you are so close. Well, because I believe in true love, I have chosen to aid you in a few ways. First off, your wounds will heal, during, if not after, the apocalypse. That is one of my 3 gifts. The second gift, is the Ring of Invisibility. However, there is a catch to that one. It must be placed on your hand by one you love. Then, you control the invisibility. However, if you tell anyone what the ring truly is, you will lose it. The third gift, is knowledge of my methods. I wrote a few entries back that I wished that you would die. I now regret saying that. I find your presence here to be highly entertaining, be it watching you attempt to impress Julia, or fighting John, or any other problem. However, I wished that this world would be destroyed, you along with it, so I could start over. It is a long story, but the monsters on this land were created by me. If there was a new world, I could forget about monsters, but I do not believe I could take so many lives. I have cursed this land, but you will have a chance to redeem it. Please, Alex. Save... I don't believe you chose this, but... Julans. Save Julans, for me, for Julia, for everyone. Even John.
    Signed, Notch.'
    I read the note a few times. Sure enough, I was feeling better already. And my arm and legs seemed stronger already. I saw a twinkle in the corner of the room, and on top of my chest, a ring appeared. The Ring of Invisibility. ~Real original name, Notch...~ I thought. Then I thought about the rest of the note. I knew that I would probably already create the new religion, one worshipping Notch, the creator. Simply as repayment. But I knew what was coming. Why there had been so few monsters recently. They were hording for some reason. The monsters that lived in this world, were preparing an attack. I feared that my city would fall. But I knew I had to relax, so I laid back, and napped. I was awoken once, by Julia. She walked into the room, and sat next to me. She started singing, just a nice song in general. I didn't pay attention to the lyrics, but the sound of her voice was beautiful. I fell asleep with a smile upon my face.
    Chapter 13: Douche Didn't Die.
    I'd thought about it, and from the way Notch had put it, he made John sound alive. The thought troubled me. The man who I'd hit in the stomach with an arrow, the man that had tried to rape my girlfriend. I knew there was always a possibility, when I'd missed his heart, or lung. In the old world.. I thought about the old world, and began longing for it. I thought about how I could get back there, to the place I belong. I knew that it would mean leaving this wondrous world. Leaving my people, my kingdom, Julia. Those thoughts saddened me. I tried to refocus on what I'd been thinking about. I'd thought about how in the old world, he would most likely survive. However, here... He had slim chances. But knowing John, that meant that he would probably survive. I looked at my wounds, and realized how hopeless I was. If I managed to get there, then it would still be impossible to get back, especially if found. But then I realized that in my hopeless state, did I really pose a threat? Could I possibly play ambassador here? Would they hold me a hostage?
    Those questions and more plagued my mind, as I crawled over to my chest. I grabbed some iron, wood, and wool, and after a great effort, got it to the crafting bench. I started building, cutting wood, threading the wool, and molding the iron. Soon, I had a working wheelchair in front of me. I pulled myself into it, and wheeled myself to the stairs. I managed to use the extra wool to make a rope, and tied the rope to the wheelchair, and the other end to me. I began to climb the stairs, slowly but steadily. I was having such great trouble, seeing as to how I only had one wheel. Eventually, I made it to the top. I wheeled myself out the door, and began my troublesome trek through the hills and woods. It was sunset when I arrived at John's kingdom. I realized that neither of us had named our kingdom. I made a mental note of it. Then I wheeled into the kingdom, the sun setting behind me. I'd just made it.
    I wheeled myself to the door of his castle, and knocked. It was opened by a man in robes. "Yes? What do you want?" He spoke in an old, raspy voice. "I wish to see John." I told him. He shook his head and said, "I'm sorry. No one may see John. He is in critical shape. He does not need to be agitated or disturbed right now. Especially by a child." I saw the irony in this, as John was only a year older than me. But when he called me a child, I lost my respect for him. I simply wheeled at him, and he dodged to the side. He sighed, and closed the door.
    I wheeled up to the bed John was laying in. I looked at him, his figure, and his condition. His face was twisted in pain, and his breathing was fast paced, but consistent. I asked the nurse tending to him if he would make it. "Right now, it's uncertain. He could go either way. But he shouldn't be disturbed. You may stay with him, but don't wake him." She said, leaving. I closed the door and locked it behind her. I then wheeled back to John. "So, friend. Old friend. You didn't die. I knew you wouldn't. I hoped you wouldn't. You've given me hell, making me a handicap." I simply stared at his weakened form. I heard a chuckle, and realized it came from John. He was awake. "Ya know Alex, I didn't think you'd have the guts to kill me. And you didn't." He gave a pained chuckle. "So what is it. You want to check up on me? Nah. You're probably mad at my amazing abilities. Come to finish the job, then? No? Well. I want to finish it." He said. The smile on his face dissipated into a frown, and he struggled to get up. His whole lower torso had been bandaged. I knew he was weaker than me, but I was a handicap, a cripple. I had one good limb. He hobbled over to the wall, frequently losing his balance, or stumbling. I saw him going for a sword. I thought he would be in worse condition, but obviously not. He grabbed the sword, and made his wa
    y back to me. I wheeled to the wall, and grabbed a sword of my own. Mine was slightly smaller, but his was large, and required two hands for him to carry. I tried to cut him, but we we're both terrible at fighting. We each had terrible aim, slower reflexes, and slower speeds. So it was like us fighting in slow-mo, only a bit more boring, but a hell of a lot funnier. I tried to cut his stomach again, thinking if I could hit him, I would get him down, and he would probably die this time. I didn't hit him, though, because I lost my balance and fell out of my wheelchair. John laughed at me, at my sad state. But I think the anger that gave me, combined with a little bit of Notch's healing magic, gave me the strength to endure the pain that came with standing. When I stood, he froze. A look of disbelief formed, then a look of anger. He charged me. It wasn't that fast, so I had time to dodge. When he missed me, he crashed over a small table with a flower pot on it. All of the sudden, I heard a banging on the door. "Let me in! John! You shouldn't be roughing with anyone or anything! John! Open up!" It seemed to be the old man that I had gotten past. I looked back at John, and saw how easily beaten he was. Simply hitting that flower pot had injured him. I almost laughed, until I realized that the same could happen to me. I figured I had to get out, back to my kingdom. I looked out the window, and knew I was at ground level. Using my last bit of strength, I'd picked up my wheelchair and hoisted it out of the window, and climbed out. I got into the wheelchair, and felt instantly relieved. My legs thanked me. I then wheeled out of the kingdom, and back to mine. I looked around, noticing a lack of monsters. This gave me hope. I decided on the kingdom's next big project. And made my way home, planning it out. I got home safely. I wheeled myself into the kingdom, to the castle, and made my way down the stairs, this time leaving the wheelchair at the top. I got myself into bed, and prepared to sleep, when I saw a note on the pillow.
    It read:
    I'm SO mad at you right now. Why would you leave, without telling anyone? I freaked out, but I couldn't say because other people would start to flip! Also, how did you get out? Only one of your' limbs is usable.
    I'm mad at you, Alex.
    I laughed, at how serious she was. Although I knew it was a bad time. She was that serious, and it wasn't a matter to laugh about. I went to bed, thinking about the day. I'd found out John was alive. I'd found out what the apocalypse would consist of. I figured out how to build a wheelchair, which would be personally helpful. And I found out I was healing. ~19 days? Pshaw. I can be ready by then. What have I got to worry about?~ I thought. But, because of that cosmic force in this galaxy, I'd merely jinxed it.
    Chapter 14: Broken walls, broken hearts.
    Julia had certainly been mad at me. For 3 days now, she's ignored me completely and to the best of her ability. She'd come and get me when it was time for a meal, or if someone needed me, but her face was never a good one when she saw me. It often brought my mood down. And I knew I needed to make amends. But I didn't know how... I let the problem rest, and hoped she would forgive me soon. Thankfully, the town had begun its latest project, and it was helping me keep distracted.
    The project was simple, yet lengthy. I planned to build a wall. 10 feet thick, 15 feet high, and spanning all the way around the current wall. It would be a great project, so we had every spare hand in the city working on it. Our mine was growing larger, as the stone supply became depleted. I knew that the supply would never truly run out, but the distance to go to retrieve the stone was growing, a bad thing. While I was helping the project, I wasn't completely distracted. I instead thought about Julia more. I would go back and forth between laying the stones and mining, and often times I would see Julia, at the top of the tower. Her hair would be blowing in the breeze that didn't stop up there. She would appear depressed, and bored. She simply watched the going-ones of us, the miners, the villagers, anyone down here. I grew angry at her, sometimes. But I kept working.
    That night, I took out the Diary of Notch. I flipped through it, and saw a new entry.
    I see you're having girlfriend troubles. Well, don't be discouraged. I once had a beautiful wife. She was wonderful, and certainly knew how to entertain a man. But unfortunately, she was killed. We wizards may only be destroyed by human greed; that is to say, in combat. If a mortal kills us, we die, and don't come back. They inherit our powers; our magic, our immortality, but also our weaknesses. They... inherit, part of our personality. If you were to kill me, you would most likely become a hermit, as I had inherited. You would most likely start a diary. You see, you learn a lesson from losing your girl, be it a mere week, or forever, and knowing she can't come back. But Alex, that Invisibility ring... I said you couldn't tell anyone about it. And it looks good, yes? Think about that.
    I realized what he was saying almost immediately. If I gave Julia that ring, which did look awful nice, then she would probably forgive me. And if she figured the invisibility out on her own, then I wasn't telling her. And then the ring wouldn't disappear. I'd loved the idea. So I grabbed the ring, went up to my wheelchair, and wheeled to the top. I slowed down, to be quiet. I wheeled up behind Julia, but then noticed something. Usually, you could see the chain of the necklace I'd made for her with ease, but for some reason, I couldn't see it. I tried to see if there was a bulge in her shirt, but there wasn't. I realized she had taken it off. She hadn't once taken it off since I'd given it to her. I felt saddened by the thought, almost heartbroken. I wheeled out the door, accidentally scraping the stones on accident. Julia heard and saw me leaving, but only a wheel. She didn't make any attempt to follow me. Up there, she had been thinking of what I had done. She hadn't spoke to me, so she didn't know where I'd gone, when I'd left. She reached down to look at the diamond on her necklace. She always felt safe, loved, and always seemed to find an answer in it. As if I had a part of me in it. Neither of us knew, but there was. But when she reached down for it, it was gone. She remembered that she had taken it off, and suddenly grew heartbroken, like I had. She simply sat at the balcony and wept.
    Downstairs, I had thrown a fit. I threw the ring at a wall. I tipped my craft bench over. I cut my comfy chair open. I sawwed my chair in half. It was terrible. I felt like that amulet had meant something, like it was a part of her, a part of me. I felt like now that she had taken it off, part of me was missing. Part of my heart.
    My heart was broken.
    Chapter 15: Betrayal, Riots, and other diseases.
    When I awoke, the sound of doors being banged on rang through my ears. I got up to see what it was, and when I got to the front door, I saw a mob outside. It was rather terrifying. They were holding their picks, or their axes, or their hoes. They were hitting the doors, and if the doors weren't iron, they'd have gotten in by now. I wondered what the riot was about. I tried to get away from it to focus, and went upstairs. I went to the hot tub, on the second floor, in an attempt to relax. When I got there, Julia was relaxing, in her bikini. When she heard me approach, she simply got up and dried off as she walked downstairs to change. I sighed a sigh of depression. I went to the third floor, and looked off the balcony at the mob below. I wondered why the people were there. What they were mobbing for, why they found lethal force necessary.
    I didn't notice before, but there was someone behind me. I didn't notice until he attacked me. He attempted to lift me out of my chair, but I punched him square in the face with my good arm. He dropped me out of pain, and my whole world started spinning. I wasn't in a good enough shape to be dropped. I saw him draw a dagger. I looked at his outfit, and realized I'd seen him before. He was around my age, only 5 years older. I wondered why someone would be attacking me. It was betrayal. One of the people in my town. "Are you working for John?" I asked him. "No." He replied, picking me up again. I tried to punch him again, but he tied my fist down. He walked out onto the balcony, and placed me on the ledge. I looked down, and saw how far the drop was for the first time. I knew if I fell, I would die. I remembered that respawning thing, but there was no guarantee that I would. He watched me and snickered. "So funny. You can simply kill yourself now, or I could tip you. Easily. Just a little push, and.." He was about to push me, when someone jumped on his back. He tried to push the figure off, but to no avail. I saw what appeared to be an amulet, but it might've been my imagination. I did see long hair, though. The attacker back up into a wall, squashing the figure between him and the wall. The figure fell on the floor, and slumped over. I saw the amulet again, but this time I knew it was real. The figure looked up. Julia had come to save me. "Goddamnit! I was so close." He groaned. Then he kicked Julia in the head. She almost went unconscious, on the verge of blacking out. All of the sudden, I heard the doors two floors down break open. Julia tried to lean on a wall, grasping her head. "Watch this, little girl." He said. He took out his knife, and looked at me. He threw the knife, and it hit me in the foot. But it was enough. I spasmed a little, and it threw me over the edge. Julia suddenly jumped up and ran to the balcony. She saw my face as I fell. A lighthearted, joking smile. A smile that showed no regret. Julia looked away before I hit the ground. I died almost instantly, cracking the stones under me. My lifeless body laid there. A cripple, now dead. I was dead, and therefore had to respawn sometime soon, if at all. It felt like forever, but I think Julia should tell you what happened during my time... Away.
    {Julia Narrates}
    I watched him fall, and saw his smile. It made me feel warm, though only for a second. I looked away from him at the last second. I didn't want to watch. I turned to face the man that had just done this. "You ­!" I said, tears forming in my eyes. I charged him, and that charge was so full of emotion, of power, that it could've killed him. But he sidestepped, and I missed, hitting the wall behind him. I hit the wall, and it drove me unconscious. Almost. I was seeing black spots in my vision. I knew I would faint soon. But while I could, I watched the angry mob come in the room. Apparently, they knew that there was an assassin. They grabbed him, and took him...
    God, I don't want to know what they did with him. It certainly couldn't have been pleasant. But then, as I almost blacked out, I saw a gentle face, somewhat old, with a caring smile. He was slightly chubby, and he looked as welcoming as... Well, a welcome mat. When I saw him, I knew who it was. Notch.

    1. 100 Days To Mine PT12. 100 Days To Mine PT23. Notch City4. Diary Of A Creeper5. The Heart Of The Nether6. Herobrine's Origins7. Notch's Pen

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    I sure am. ;)

    Could you give me some examples? This the first time, I am taking a project seriously.
    I'll give you a few examples of some stuff you could possibly do with your flooring:

    Simple gray border with stone bricks to create a border along the edge of the floor.

    I use this alternating pattern quite often with my 'fancier' buildings.

    Gray/light gray checkered theme.

    Coat of arms design(just a random idea)

    Brick with sandstone. Do note that I posted this picture for the color combination, and not necessarily the actual design shown here.

    indoor lit pond!

    so as you can see, there are many possibilities as to what you may do. Any other questions?
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    I created a base for a house but I'm out of ideas.

    A fan of Samurai Champloo and One-piece eh?

    back OT: First off, I would do something with the floor. Add some patterns or a design into the floor, make it unique, make it yours!
    I would set up the house to have a second floor, but that's just me personally. As you do build your home, don't forget to make the outside look nice as well, use trapdoors for window-shutters, make good use of corner-stairs etc.

    ps. windows are nice.
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    Ok, I'm not sure what it was, but here's my story:
    I began the game in my deep underground mine at night. I got out my iron pickaxe and started mining a 2X3 wall in this order: Top right, top left, middle left, middle right, bottom right, bottom left. A few seconds later, all six blocks of stone reappeared in the order I mined them. I assumed it was a glitch, so I exited and re-entered the game. I mined the same wall, and once again it reappeared. I tried to mine the same area from a different face. I fought against the reappearing blocks to get two blocks deep, but it all came back. Suddenly, I was aware that there was a possibility Herobrine was behind the trick.
    I immediately tried to shovel up some dirt to see if it was only the stone being affected, but it too reappeared. I placed my own dirt block and shoveled it up, to find it reappear again. Scared out of my wits I'd be buried alive, I ran up my spiral stairs up to the tunnel checkpoint that leads outside. I took to a wall and mined a stone, and it miraculously didn't reappear.
    As soon as morning came, I ran out of the cave, jumped onto the ice, and turned around to make sure nothing jumped off of the top of the cave to chase me. I spotted a couple of creepers on top of the snowy mountain (of which the tunnel exited) and got out my bow and arrows. Luckily, I had 13 arrows with me. I jumped up the short side of the mountain and shot two arrows at the first creeper. He came at me, but I finished him off with a third arrow. I continued up the mountain until I had the second creeper in view. There was a big fall between me and the creeper, so he couldn't come after me. 10 arrows left. I bombarded him with three arrows, knocking him over.
    After picking up some gunpowder, I began to walk home. In about a minute, I reached my double-doored cave home. I went inside and closed the doors. Right before I turned away, the bottom halves of my doors opened back up. I was surprised, and thought maybe I clicked the doors wrong. I closed them again, and the top halves swung open. I walked outside and tried to close them, but the same thing happened. I began to get paranoid, and ran into the forest, iron sword in hand.
    I ran as far as I could, turning around to look every once in a while. Soon I found the large cliff I was looking for and hid in a tunnel I had previously dug into it. I thought I heard some whispering sounds (although this may have been my imagination), so I ran back out into the forest.
    The sun was starting to go down, so I headed back home (once again, I forgot to run). By nightfall, I made it back to my cave home. I closed the doors, but nothing strange happened. I checked on my three wolves to make sure they weren't possessed and checked the furnace room to make sure it wasn't enchanted. Finally, I deemed my home safe enough for me to go to sleep.
    When I woke up in the morning, I found that nothing had changed. I went straight outside and walked over to the entrance of my mine's spiral staircase (not to be confused with the cave I jumped out yesterday morning). I proceeded to descend the stairs until, about a minute later, I came upon the mine.
    I walked inside my mine and looked around; all of the blocks that had reappeared were now gone. This event has left me suspicious of ghosts haunting me in minecraft.
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    I've started quite a few random worlds, and I've never spawned in a swamp before. Or a desert for that matter. Can we only spawn in taiga, forest, plains, or jungle?

    Have you ever spawned in a swamp, desert, or mushroom biome before in vanilla SSP?
    ^This guy

    Seriously, I must have been an Egyptian Pharaoh in a previous lifetime with all of the deserts that I have encountered upon spawning. Also, I get jungles very often as well.
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