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    IGN: UnitedGamersMC

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    About OGNation/Staff Expectations

    OGNation is a dedicated Factions server that is shooting to be unique in a way. We've had a few staff members quit, and we're now looking for brand new members. As our server is currently not huge, we would like staff who are kind, optimistic, and dedicated to spend time on our server and support or help our players. We do have a goal on our server for what we believe our future will hold. Which is why we need more staff to support us in the journey. IP: OGNation.myserver.gs

    Here is a list of expectations for staff and a few questions you'll be required to answer:

      You must actively be on the server for two weeks before you're accepted
    • Staff are expected strictly to follow all rules
    • You must be at least above ten years of age
    • You must be able to stay active on the server (Have the time to moderate our server.)
    Needed Staff Positions

      Developer (3)
      Trial-Mod (3)
      Trial-Helper (3)
      Builder (3)


    1) Do you own a Skype profile/account? If so, please include it in your answer.

    2) What is your age?

    3) Was there something about our thread that made it stick out, or made you want to apply?

    4) What might you be dedicated to bring to the server?

    5) Why do you want to be a part of our staff team?

    6) What position are you applying for?
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    What We'd Like In A Builder

    Be able to build in mostly medieval style

    Work well in a group of builders with a similar talent

    A creative mind

    Nice manners (So that others can communicate and not argue)

    Follow server expectations

    Application Form

    Please state how old you are:

    Please show us a picture of one or more builds you own:

    How well do/would you work in a group of builders?:

    How do you rate yourself in building? (Instead of 1-10 please try to explain by words):

    Do you see our server growing and populating in the future? (Please give a detailed response):

    Have you built for any other servers? If so, explain about your experience:

    *Note: We have a similar thread to this one, except for different staff ranks. Please use this thread for builder.*

    Link to other thread:

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    Hello! We are CoolGamersMC, we own a YouTube channel, but are just starting out. We also own a survival server that is yet to release if we can just do a few things at once. In order to accomplish that, we require staff. Including builders(For the build team), developers(For the programming team, and testers), and just normal staff in general who have experience in running a server, or who can handle players. For our server we only would like staff who are ultimately nice, fair, and fun. We don't want anything but that, and you being able to handle other normal players. We do want our survival server to be dedicated to survival and players being able to play the early release versions of Minecraft so they can experience it with other players. Honestly, we want our server to be unique.


    Here are the positions we need:

    Beta-Tester(Can be anyone based on if you'd like to get early access(Get early access by leaving a message in the application)

    Application Form

    Do you have Skype?

    Which position are you applying for?

    Why would you like to support us?

    What are applying for?/ What do you want out of this? (Money, server experience, because you love to support and help other servers?)

    Why should we give you this rank?

    What can you do for us?

    Do you have any experience on any other servers? If so, please add their names.

    What is your Minecraft User-name in-game?

    *For any rank you apply for, if you're accepted, you obtain early access to our server*

    Our IP: UnitedGamersMC.myserver.gs
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    derpproduction, denied.*

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    Hello, we are OGNation. We want our server to be unique (as like all servers, yes), but we need more developers and builders, etc... in order to make it amazing! We are looking for ultra high quality developers, and builders to make our spawns and other builds look great!

    The ip is: OGNation.mygs.co

    To apply for builder or developer, answer the questions below:

    1) How old are you?

    2) Do you have Skype?

    3) Have you been muted, kicked, banned, tempbanned, etc.. on any server? If so, how many, and what are their names?

    4) What are you able to code, build, or work with?

    5) Why should we give you this position?

    6) Why do you want to be a developer, or builder on this server, and not another very popular server?

    7) Which position are you applying for?

    A. Developer
    B. Builder

    8) What is your username in-game?

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