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    My apologies all! I had thought that I posted that we are currently full on staff and builders. Damn phone. Thanks for applying!
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    Caddy, Ikrill, sent you a request. ;)
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    Quote from xXAltha4Xx


    Skype: tbrod99

    Mod/Builder: mod but I will build if you need any help

    Experience with either: I was a mod on a server with friends but it got shut down for many reasons of problems with plug in.

    IGN: xXAltha4Xx

    Timezone: eastern

    How often can you be on: I can be on a lot I play a lot on the weekends and I can play if you Skype me and say you need me

    Tell us about you: im 14 play lots of sports and I like minecraft I am in a band and I think I could be good for the server

    Other:i can be a good mod because I am good with dealing with problems.
    I tried to add you on Skype, but your username came up invalid.
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    Hello there all.

    Currently, we have a privately hosted Minecraft server, totally focused on an RPG feeling. We have plenty of plugins, but are still expanding.

    Other than that, we need more mods and builders. Currently looking for 1 mod and 2 builders.

    If you are interested, go ahead and apply here.

    (Optional is marked with *)

    Skype: (Required)
    Experience with either:
    Do you roleplay:*
    How often can you be on:
    Tell us about you:
    Other: (Everything you want us to know, if it's not included, it will not be taken into account when we read your app!)

    Thank you all!
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    posted a message on Need experienced builders for privately hosted RPG server
    It is preferred to have medieval builders, as that is the theme of the server. You can sign up here. http://www.leetloot.com/forums/topic/79-minecraft-building-team/

    We are a privately hosted server that needs some people to help us build. It will take a lot of time and effort, but we're hoping that in the end, we can open the server and have a damn good time.

    If you decide to stay on the server afterwards, you will of course be rewarded, and honored in our spawn area.

    Again, you can sign up here on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Knights of the Grey (Fantasy Supernatural RP) {Accepting}
    -Near the Nation of Drake-

    Tzun sits on a rock in the nearby brush, reading up on his herbalism and taking in a bit of nature, mostly focusing on the wild mushrooms that grow nearby. He can't seem to find any trace of them in the book however, even having checked it many times over. Odd for a guide to not have certain plants listed, but it was also odd that this was the only place he had seen the mushrooms, especially this late in summer. His robe blew in the wind as he stood up, collecting the mushroom and sealing it in his bag. Tzun then took out his writing materials and began to write a small note to himself, naming the mushrooms Aestatis Mushrooms, literally translating into Mushrooms of Summer. There was much here, especially in the nearby mountains, the areas where our true masters resided, the Drakes. As the sun began to hit high noon, Tzun had decided to head back to his small home before taking a few more mushroom samples with him, as they did not have any qualities of the poisonous ones, maybe they'd provide a good dinner for him. The grass was cool, the breeze was nice, the trees swooning in the wind. A fantastic day to be alive. Maybe he'd work on his studies a bit more, have a snack, tend to his garden. There was not much to do on the lazy days like this except for to enjoy the calm for now. As there would be much hard work in the future. The men in his group enjoyed that darkness more, staying locked away in their dungeons and caves, but Tzun enjoyed the world in all forms, even the dark ones.

    ((Intro post is as bad as a usual intro post, sorry. cx))
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    posted a message on Knights of the Grey (Fantasy Supernatural RP) {Accepting}
    Name- Tzun Lajn (Elven name, passed down to him, name of the caretaker of his grandfather.)

    Age- 33

    Gender- Male




    Minor Skill: Alchemy

    Minor Skill: Herbalism

    Minor Skill: Stealth

    Major Skill: Acrobatics

    Supernatural- None

    Powers- Dark Magical skills

    Social Status- A good balance between noble and commoner.

    Faction- Followers of the Forgotten Gods

    Physical/Facial Description- Light skin, blonde hair, toned face, hair pulled back, eyes of green.

    Clothing/Armor- Satin red robes.

    Weapons(5 Weapons or Less)-Dagger, stave, blank scrolls, cards.

    Personality- To be RPed

    Biography(Optional)- To be told to add a bit of drama when posts are slow and dull
    Equipment- Book of Shadows, herbalism guide, leather pouch, ink and quill, mortar and pestle.

    Theme Song-

    Other- The Knights of GREY suck! Good to know that indepth fantasy RPs are still around. I miss them, looking forward to this one.
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    posted a message on Minecraft, The RTS (Looking for server and friends to play!)
    So, as you can see there, this is about a strategy game in Minecraft. We'd need 3+ players, a private hosted server, and a blank slate. We create the rules, but mostly, this is all about taking of the Minecraft world. It would be VERY build heavy. This means that unlike other strategy games, we have to build everything out, and that's the build time for structures. It will all be figured out later, but mostly, we just need a server, and people interested! Lemme know if you are one!
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Biome: Mesa/Canyonlands
    Oh my god, now that this is a thing... YES. JUST YES.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Creative Server with Large Plots
    Hey there! Exactly what the title says! I'm looking to play a game with a friend of mine, and we need a large area to do it and are unable to host our own server, but have been looking around to find nothing! So, if you guys have anything that you want to ask, than we can answer it, or, if you have a server post below!
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    So, there is this game called Age of Empires. It is a game based around building up an empire and advancing to new ages, and then destroying your enemies. I was looking for someone to do something like this with me. We would each have a side of the world and the ability to build up our kingdoms by planting crops to feed our people and gaining population by building houses and making markets and roads and such. It would take quite a while and be a very long going battle, but very very fun. I had done this with 5 friends, 3 people on each team and oh god was it awesome! So, right now, I'm looking for either, an odd amount of people that are interested. Or, just one person. Anyone?
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    Sorry, I mean the idea of using the forum search bar, that is. This idea has been around since forever... Please look before you post.
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    posted a message on Lore Writers/Serious Builders/Creative Minds all needed
    Age: 14, but mind you, age does not affect intelligence or devotion.

    IGN: Griffongeul.

    Skype/Mic?: Tzun_Lajn No mic, however, at least not for now. (Don't worry, I don't have a whiny voice. Deeper than my father's, actually.)

    How long have you played Minecraft?: 4 years. A lot of people say this, but I'm one of the few that has proof. ;)

    What kind of building are you experienced in?: Medieval Fantasy. (I have plenty of pictures of the server that I ran a while back, dedicated just to building medieval style stuff.)

    Do you know anything about redstone?: Hardly. Always hated it. I know the basics, and use it only when necessary.

    How often can you be on to build?(hours/day, etc) Plenty every day. If not, you will be informed ahead of time.

    Is there anything you want to share about yourself?: Not particularly. I play a lot of card games, D&D, RP a lot, etc. Very nerdy culture, and Joss Whedon is my master.
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    posted a message on worst type of mine craft you tuber fanboys,
    But yeah, Sky fans for sure.
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