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    posted a message on [1.4.5] The GG, a whitelisted 100% vanilla 18+ server
    in-game name: TYMOW
    your age: 21
    your mental age: 21
    cake or pie: both, depends on my mood i suppose.
    what would you be doing on the server: building my own little pad, enjoying conversation, helping and making friends. Just looking for a good vanilla server with a mature community.
    rule #3 1. rule of 3 140 up, 31 down
    The rule of 3 states how men overstate and women understate theirnumber of sexual partners.

    When asking someone about the number of sexual partners they've had, multiply a woman's answer by 3, because a woman wouldn't want to seem like a ****. When a man answers, divide the number he gives by 3, because he wants to seem like a player.
    Josh said he'd made it with 3 women this year? Rule of 3: that really means he made it with one, or zero.
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    posted a message on -- Jackal's Den 1.15.2 -- 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server, no map resets, dedicated hardware, large map, and anti-grief.
    • What is your IGN? TYMOW
    • Are you 18 or older mentally and physically? Yes, I'm 21 years of age.
    • Is this a valid, paid for, Minecraft account? Yes, Premium account.
    • Do you have a life away from Minecraft? Yes, I spend a good amount of free time on minecraft, but i've also gotta work, and go to school.
    • Do you like pistachios? Have you had the ice cream with them in it? Yum!
    • Anything else about yourself goes here: Just looking to have a good time playing survival mode with some mature online friends, and uhh. . I like to partay! :D
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