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    Humanity Prison is a prison server.
    You start at A and work your way through many different blocks to get to your precious reward,
    freedom. You will mine to get money to use to buy your way out. We are online 24/7 and we have active staff to assist your needs.

    Server Info:

    IP: play.humanitygaming.net
    Website: http://humanitygaming.net


    To gain your precious freedom, you must go through a series of levels or ranks. Starting with the lowest, A, and ending up
    at the highest, Escaper.

    A: Free
    B: 1,820,000
    C: 19,000,000
    E: 350,000,000
    F: 850,000,000
    G: 955,000,000
    H: 1,140,000,000
    I: 3,582,000,000
    J: 6,650,400,000
    K: 9,900,000,000
    L: 17,521,000,000
    M: 25,398,000,000
    N: 37,245,000,000
    O: 49,621,000,000
    P: 56,700,000,000
    Q: 63,395,000,000
    R: 77,000,000,000
    S: 86,000,000,000
    T: 92,000,000,000
    U: 101,000,000,000
    V: 120,000,000,000
    W: 148,515,000,000
    Y: 177,000,000,000
    Z: 180,000,000,000
    Free: 275,000,000,000
    Prestige 1: 290,000,000,000
    Prestige 2: 370,000,000,000
    Prestige 3: 540,000,000,000
    Prestige 4: 985,000,000,000
    Prestige 5: 1,352,000,000,000
    Prestige 6: 1,912,000,000,000
    Prestige 7: 2,320,000,000,000
    Prestige 8: 3,560,000,000,000
    Prestige 9: 4,820,000,000,000
    Prestige 10: 5,100,960,000,000
    OP GOD: 6,500,000,000,000
    Escaper: 7,000,000,000,000

    Other Activities

    There are many other things to do on HumanityPrison besides mining and farming. You could participate in one of our daily events
    at our event arena. Or you could join in at one of our PvP classes. Maybe PvP isn't your thing, so try our Parkour sometime!
    Food is also served more than once a day in our cafeteria for free, so be sure to check that out as well.

    Mod Application

    Mods are in charge of monitoring chat, banning, kicking, muting, and looking for those crazy x-rayers!
    If this sounds like the job for you, apply at our website:


    pixeltyler - Owner
    Aaracraft - Owner
    RyanTQ123- Admin


    To learn more about donations, go to http:/store.humanitygaming.net

    Ban Appeal

    Have you been banned?

    Post an appeal at our website:

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    posted a message on How to disable compass jumping?
    It is in the worldedit configuration file. You can change the item (called navigation wand) that it uses for teleporting.
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    posted a message on Forge Server Not Working?
    If you download the forge installer it should be able to install the files to your server location automatically.

    You can get it here:

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    posted a message on Error: Unable to access jarfile /jar/! Custom JAR File
    Let me explain what your host was trying to say in an easier way.

    1. Download the modpack you are wanting to install onto your computer, then extract it.
    2. Log into your multicraft panel.
    3. Click the stop button.
    4. Download FileZilla: https://filezilla-pr...php?type=client
    5. Connect to your server using FileZilla (Your login should be under Files>FTP in multicraft.
    6. Upload the extracted files onto your server using FileZilla.
    7. Move the files you uploaded into the server's "jar" folder.
    8. Enable custom jars on the home page of the multicraft, then save your changes.
    9. Start your server, then stop it.
    10. On the Server Jar section, select the jar you recently uploaded, then save your changes.
    11. Rename your world in multicrafts File Manager to something other than "world", then start the server up.

    If you still have issues installing a modpack, I recommend that you submit a ticket here (They should be able to do it for you):

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    Quote from Gibbyboy

    Moderator APP:



    Time Zone:Central

    Do you understand the rules?:Yes I understand the rules i never break rules I have my own rules too No spamming and no abuse

    What times will you be available to be online?:I will Be On 3 to 4 hours a day

    Can you be online during weekends? (Friday- Sunday):Yes i can be on on friday sunday and sometimes saturday

    Current Rank:Warrior

    Are you staff on any other server?:Yes I am staff on 1 other server its called bananacraft i helped them out alot when i was mod

    Why should we pick you:u Should pick me because i will help out alot and not break any rules and just make the server more better than it is

    You bugged staff WAYYY too much. Denied
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    Quote from Gibbyboy

    Hello Im Gibbson3,

    I would like to be moderator on ur awesome server if u make me moderator i will be on ur server for several hours and help it out as much as i can.I am 15 years old and i love helping out as much as i can i also have skype. I also have a set of rules for myself No spamming, No Abusing people,And No being mean to anyone on this server. I would love to be ur moderator Thank you so much If u make me Mod.
    Incorrect application format please look at the forum post and copy/paste the application format and answer the questions.
    Current Status: Denied
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    Quote from Doodlecatt

    Moderator APP Format:
    IGN: doodlecatt
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: CST
    Do you understand the rules?: Yes
    What times will you be available to be online?: On weekdays from about 4-9pm and on weekends all day.
    Can you be online during weekends? (Friday- Sunday):
    Current Rank: Warrior
    Are you staff on any other server?: Yes
    Why should we pick you: I am a very trustworthy person. I have a lot of experience moderating. I have moderated on a few servers. I also have a good temper. I'm used to dealing with trolls and such. I am generally a really friendly person. I get along with most people. I am a pretty fast typer so I won't be slow to warn. I am very persistent, when I want something I don't give up until I have it. ;)

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    posted a message on My buddy and I will be staying at the Hilton, where will you be staying?
    I booked a room at the Peabody.
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    Quote from Synnnical

    Recommended. I've had past guarding experience with Luke, and I can say that he is an outstanding guard. I'm sure he's fit for the job. :)
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