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    posted a message on ||| WixPvP ||| Grand Opening, Need Staff, KitPvP, Win Real Money, PvP Levels

    WixPvP is a KitPvP server that outdoes all others. We offer REAL CASH PRIZES for participation in our no sign-up seasons. Visit our website for more details on that. We have just released and are looking for 1 to 2 VERY GOOD staff. Do not expect and standard conditions to get on to our staff team. We are only taking extremely professional staff members, an application can be found on our website.

    IP: wixpvp.us
    Website: https://wixpvp.enjin.com

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    posted a message on [MAP REQUEST] WILL PAY, KitPvP Sand Map

    Hello, I am the owner of a kitpvp server and am looking for an amazing map for our players. I am willing to pay for this project at around $15-$20, no I will not negotiate up to something crazy like $70. I am expecting PROFESSIONAL builders with portfolios, please leave a portfolio in your response.

    The map I have pictured is a sand map. I have created a quickly put together sketch of what I have pictured, which you can find at: https://gyazo.com/fe9b211624e881420f00fb3a2e2b607e

    It's a 110x110 block map, surrounded by sand mountains. In the center is a giant, hollowed out mountain which will allow for players to walk in and PvP in. These mountains will essentially create a circle that players can PvP in and also a nice center piece that players can walk in and PvP. In this circle, I would like some decorations and just some things to make it not just a circle of sand. Maybe a little village in one part of the circle. Then, since it's a kitpvp, there will need to be a drop zone. So I've labeled an approximate drop area on my sketch. This area will be in the middle of the mountain, and inside should contain a general spawn area that branches off into several rooms which include an enchant room, a trade room, and an area for me to setup some shops.

    That about sums up what I am picturing, if you could contact me back with an estimated price and time of completion, I think we can work something out. Looking forward to hearing back!


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    posted a message on ✵ VANILLA SMP SERVER - APPLY NOW ✵

    Applied :)

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    posted a message on Optfine Donations


    I want to start off by saying this is most likely in the wrong forum, so any mods, feel free to move it if it is.

    Anyways, to the problem itself. I am trying to donate to Optifine for the awesome cape (and to support them). I am having issues though. The Optifine donation page allows PaymentWall to be used, which within PaymentWall allows the use of Visa Cards. I currently own a United States of America Vanilla Visa Prepaid card which has enough funds to pay for the donation. When I put in my car information though, it just says could not authenticate. Any help please?


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    posted a message on Mods that Compliment Divine RPG?

    Hey guys! I feel like doing a throwback and making a little Divine RPG world for myself. I don't want to do just Divine RPG though, anybody have some mods that would compliment (go good with) Divine RPG?

    I already have Rei's Minimap and NEI (Not Enough Itms) installed, still looking for more.

    Any suggestion is welcome!


    P.S. Divine RPG is 1.7.10, so make sure your suggested mod(s) are 1.7.10 compatible.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Poser Tool

    I need a "poser tool" or help from someone who can pose Minecraft skins. I need a very specific pose though. Something like this:

    (Something like this with my skin instead)

    So just something like this with my skin instead. Do not suggest NovaSkin because I could never do this with NovaSkin, I doubt you can even make anything remotely close to this quality with NovaSkin.

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    posted a message on Anyone Have Town Square Hide 'n' Seek/ BlockHunt Map?

    I am adding BlockHunt to my server. I want to use some of the famous maps like Town Square from the Hive. Though no matter where I look, I can not find any famous BlockHunt maps (I do not want Mineplex maps). I remeber a while ago that some maps were leaked from the Hive, I no longer have these downloaded. I was hoping someone else had downloads to some famous maps still. Thanks.

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    posted a message on Looking for staff members!! {5 Spots left!!} {Mods, Admins, Builders}


    *IGN: Tyguy20

    Real Name: Tyler

    *Age: 13

    *Skype: Give if accepted

    *Experience: Owned 3 servers, staff on more than you can count.

    - People Friendly
    - Extensive knowledge about all plugins
    - Hard Working
    - Does not give up
    - Building
    - More knowledge about Minecraft than the average player.

    *Why you want Staff: A server need staff otherwise it will fall, it is just how it works. Though, you need the right staff. Which I believe I am the right quality and material that this server needs for improvement. I have all the essential qualities of being a mature, responsible staff addition to the team. What better way to communicate and help the community, than to be apart of the community. I can improve, manage, organize, and take all the hard, dirt work off your hands. Almost like a butler, just cooler.

    *Why we should pick you: As I said before, I have extensive knowledge about plugins. Most people think they are really good with plugins and they don't need an experienced plugin user. False, most servers that don't have someone who really knows what they are doing, end up screwing up their plugins and not making it much further down their journey from there on. I have even been hired by people just to come onto their server and do their plugins. I can also build, and be people friendly. I am a perfect addition when you are looking to improve your server. Please, consider me.

    Thanks for reading!


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    posted a message on ChromeBox! Looking For: Players, STAFF, and DONORS


    ChromeBox is a PvP based server. We currently consist of FFA. The future games we plan on include: SG, 1v1, Factions, and more. We need help from you though. Yes you, the community. We are in deep need of players, staff, and especially donors. We recently lost our hub server due to money issues. The only way we can bring it back up is from your donations. If you show your support towards the server by donating, we will show our thanks by giving you amazing perks and benefits you won't be able to resist. So please donate, with your donations we can get our hub back, SG, 1v1, and factions. All we need is your help.
    So please! Come and join us on our ChromeBox adventure. There is so much to do. The IP and website link is below.

    IP: (Temp until we can afford a custom one)

    Website: http://chromeboxmc.enjin.com/ (Temp link)

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    posted a message on Looking For: Professional Builders
    Still looking for builders!

    Feel free to apply!
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    posted a message on Looking For: Professional Builders
    I am currently in creation of a Minecraft server network. I am not the best builder in the world, therefore I need a builder.
    I am not looking for little kids that say they are the best builder in all of Minecraft. I am looking for an actual mature professional builder.
    Please, only apply if you know that you are a very good builder.

    You Get:
    - Architect Rank
    - Website Rank and perks
    - Few other benefits

    I Receive:
    - An amazing well built hub

    Sign Up Format:

    Pictures or Video of builds:

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    posted a message on Essentials Disable Command Not Working
    Still having problem.
    Help please
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    posted a message on Essentials Disable Command Not Working
    - nick
    - kill
    - heal

    This isn't working.

    Can someone help?

    The commands still work.
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    posted a message on I Need a Minecraft Server Icon
    Omg! Perfect!

    Thnx so much!
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