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    posted a message on [Forge][1.4.7][Tech Mod][Pre Release] XyCraft
    Awesome mod! it looks great and has alot of potential, I love your somewhat futuristic style that kind of reminds me of tron
    the engineering table model and texture are really good as well as everything else. I'd love to see what you have planned for future versions and I'd be happy to help by alpha/beta testing (possibly even with coding etc if I acquired the skills, but its not likely)

    PS: is the xy in xychronium and xycraft pronounced zy like in XYlophone?

    Edit: i came up with some ideas but since we/i dont know what the "Style" of the mod really is yet they might be out of place

    for a power and item transport possibility there could be laser transmission, the lasers are power and emit from some machine and are recieved by another, power loss over distance is higher unless you have some sort of laser containment pipes used, and there would be laser-guided minecarts that follow the beam, a regular lasercart you can ride and a chest lasercart that stores and transports items.
    thats one of the only ideas i have so far, sorry if its completely out of place in the mod XD
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [WIP] Dragon Catcher (0.5.5 - Put them in your inventory!)
    Wow this seems like a great and really fun mod, I love your models, they are very good
    Some ideas i have are medium sized dragons, obviously larger dragons that spawn rarely, have more health etc, they are harder to tame and sometimes aggressive to you, and they have abilities (or better abilities if their small counterparts already have certain abilities)
    Abilities like being big enough to ride or shooting blaze fireballs (maybe even ghast ones) etc
    And then their are huge dragons, enderdragon sized that could spawn in dragon caves, which are like dungeons but with lots of loot and a somewhat overpowered dragon guarding the whole thing that's nearly impossible to tame (but would be worth it)
    And my last idea for now is that when bred dragons create an egg (like the ender dragon egg)
    That will hatch into a baby dragon (the egg s could have certain requirement to hatch and could also be picked up in item form to transport dragons place to place via breeding, this would help if nether/end dragons were implemented because it gives a way to move dragons from one dimension to another)

    But anyways it's a great mod and the models are excellent, I can wait to see what you have planned
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    posted a message on Imagination Unleashed (Coders needed!)
    (warning, probably a large post of ideas)
    The name sounds enticing, but it only adds a button to pause the game? or have you just not filled out the rest of the information (or something like that)?
    EDIT: crap sorry my computer was derping
    THIS IDEA IS AMAZING, id love to see this mod created (if you have ever heard of nodus minecraft client, they have a freecam mode inplemented, allowing you to freely move the camera while your character stands there, and no i do not use this client to hack, my friends and i were goofing around on our server) (theres also the time remote mods out there, freezing time, or slowing it down)

    my idea is that time does not stop, but slows down a great amount, although you can completely stop time with a certain item maybe, or maybe it will drain exprience while time is totally stopped
    also, imagination tools/blocks, you have infinite of these, the blocks will disappear a short amount of time after deactivating imagination mode (what im calling it for now) probably after a minute or so (a cool "fading" animation for these blocks would be nice, or they could explode into several particles)
    one tool could be a magnetic omni-tool sort of thing, point cursor, click, breaks block and sucks it toward you and another tool to place blocks far away, like an uber extended reach sort of thing, or the opposite of the magnet tool, throwing blocks to where you click and placing them, it would be a cool effect (these tools could also be innate abilities of imagination mode also but key binds might be inconvenient etc)
    also imagination blocks could have some options, like the option to throw/shove them in one direction, allowing for the ability to smash a creeper into a wall with imagination, and other things as well like maybe heal/hurt on contact or explode etc EDIT: maybe move them like the portal gun functionality in portal gun mod as well?

    this mod has so much potential, id love to see it made
    PS sorry for wall of text, ive forgotten the spoiler code
    PPSS i MIGHT be able to help make it, but probably not
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    posted a message on [WIP](1.2.5) Gamo Exousia indev V0.1.0 - Fireworks!
    Wow this seems like a pretty cool mod, i love the fireworks effect and the models for everything (although the crystal models themselves could use some work everything else looks pretty awesome, especially the macerator, i like animated stuff)
    the only bad things about this mod is it SLIGHTLY copies industrialcraft (not that i really care, just saying try not to copy it too much, be original, which you already are doing pretty well) and the textures and models could use work (theyre still pretty good and the fireworks are awesome)

    this mod has lots of potential! keep up the great work!

    EDIT: maybe more information on the op? (still a great mod, keep keeping up the great work XD)
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Flowerchild i must commend you on your great work, ive been following this mod for awhile and i cant wait to see whats in store for us in the anniversary update, i also must say that i havent actually played minecraft in a fair amount of time, your amazing mod has actually gotten me to play minecraft again XD
    but anyways GREAT job
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    posted a message on [WIP] Spirit Realm+ Mod | Need Moders [0.1.8]
    This looks like a great idea
    My suggestions:
    Spirit hardcore mode where when you die your character is teleporte to the spirit realm when he dies, and maybe there's a portal at the same co ords of where you died (in spirit realm) an thats how you get back (you re enter real world where you die and portal disappears upon entry)

    Spirit counterparts for every vanilla mob (at least the peaceful mobs like cows etc)
    Which if you're wearing spirit goggles will spawn in overworld when you kill their real living counterpart
    And they could maybe even haunt you! (lol)

    Also, a ghostbusters ghost catching laser thing for teh lulz
    (and maybe captured spirits could be used in certain recipes or potions!)

    But this idea looks great! Good luck!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    I have a suggestion for a later update (probably after your amazing agriculture is added)
    First, the rivers would actually flow and have waterfalls and other cool stuff
    The flowing water would erode stone into gravel after maybe 5-7 days, gravel to dirt in 2-5 days and dirt to sand in maybe 1-2 days
    And also the flowing water has a chance to break gravel dirt or sand, when this happens th item will flow downstream and be placed somewhere along the way as a block again
    And maybe the eroding would depend on the type of river, as in a "gravel" river where gravel cannot erode, just so there's a variety of riverbeds

    And the system of block placing could be used later, like a sandstorm could break sand, blow the items, place Sand again (if you ever do have a weather update)

    And with erosion I'd also recommend underground overs as well, watch out do sinkholes!

    I also suggest that grass can't always float mid air, theres a chance that it will stay suspended depending on how far set the nearest supported grass block as in (G= grass block) (S = supported grass block)
    S G nope SG 3/4 chance to stay SGG 1/2 chance to stay SGGG 1/6 chance to stay SGGGG 1/10 chance SGGGGG Nope
    And the chance to stay is when there is a block placed next to the block or some mob walks over it (including player)
    (chance to stay is like chance for a cave in to not happen)

    I hope Im making sense here with my ideas, but I must say your mod is awesome
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    posted a message on [1.5.0][Forge][SMP/SSP]Obly's Sheepers Creepers v1.2.3 - New Creatures for Minecraft
    This looks like a great and funny mod
    I'd suggest spider pig, skeleton wolf, slime ocelot
    (zombie and magma cube not really necessary blaze powder+ slime is a magma cream and rotten flesh is useless)
    And for ghast maybe a blaze moo shroom? It is white blaze cow and drops ghast tears? Or maybe a ghast squid?
    And I'm not sure about a peaceful zombie pigman version
    But I love the mod, great work!
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    I have yet another idea that could find its home in the mod even though its slightly out of place
    first, blue ore that resembles redstone ore with glowing and particles effects etc, this ore is called lodestone ore
    lodestone ore will draw any iron based item/object towards it, this includes thaumium, iron tools, and if not to hard, anything involving iron in its creation, it could even pull mobs or the player towards it if they are iron based (like iron golem) or are carrying/wearing iron items
    lodestone isnt THAT strong of a magnetic pull, but its there
    and the more lodestone (or the more concentrated it is *ahem lodestone blocks* ) the more noticable the particle effects are and the strength as well (and the effect visual is heavily inspired by the flecks in the guardians of ga'hoole movie, so ya)
    you can also discover a stronger magnet (possibly) called Neo-Thaum or Neo-Thaumium which is far more powerful than regular lodestone blocks/ore
    lodestone and Neo-Thaumium could play a crucial role in many recipes and could also be part of the astro/stellar branch of research mentioned awhile back if implemented
    one object could maybe even be the soul/particle draining item i suggested a few pages ago
    maybe also a lodestone charge, lodestone + fire charge, and it could be fired from dispenser and would obviously be like a flying magnet and attract everything it can (maybe even the player? could be neat form of transport, magnet charges)

    PS i know this isnt EXACTLY magical but in my opinion it seems pretty mysterious and arcane (although magnetism isnt that mysterious in real life, maybe its the flecks inspiration that makes it seem more arcane?)
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    I have another few ideas to put out there
    A sort of wand, gun, laser, something that would drain the life of any entity it's pointed at and could either store it somehow or shoot it at something for good damage

    Or something similar
    Called the delphian gauntlet (or something if you have a better name)
    Which would be able to wield any particles like the particle man mod
    And you could use the particles as weapons or use them for other means like maybe healing yourself with "life" particles (acquired by draining a mobs soul with the item) or maybe even use the particles as a shield
    Who knows? It seems like a good idea to me (and of course the particles have to be Azanor's fancy shmancy particles from tc2 or similar)
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    Thaumcraft 3/Arcanacraft? My god Azanor you'll be a god in the modding community in no time at this rate!
    My ideas for it:
    One or several intuitive systems with lots of combinations, similar to IC2's crops and beer systems and forestry's bees
    Probably the botany idea suggested awhile ago, possibly new mobs and a breeding system? (EDIT: GRUB COMEBACK...EDIT AGAIN: dragons?)maybe even potions and magic items, maybe like magic dust or items of power that vary from one another, forcing to try and create the best one. Personal i think that something like that would be great fun to try and get the best magical stuff for your experiments
    Speaking of experiments that would also be a good idea, having to experiment more with stuff and maybe more lab accident possibilities

    Besides that I can't really think of much us besides SMP support which will most likely be covered by 1.3 and the mod api etc

    But I can say that you've done an awesome job with your mods so far and I'd love to see why you have in store for us next!

    (request: more sneak peeks, itll keep us interested and know that the mods still alive)

    THIRD EDIT: (oh god az you got me thinking of ideas again lol) elemental vis? Like fire vis (or some other name like tas for fire pos/lev/ onus for earth gaw for water etc and thumbs if you see the reference I tried to make) and water vis etc and certain machines and stuff need certain elements of vis to run, like arcane furnace needs fire vis to run? Maybe? And maybe even new elements/crystals/etc like ice, plant, cave which could even be branches of the main elements like water ->ice or gas. And earthen -> cave or plant etc
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][OPEN-SOURCE]Rise of The Automatons/Zeitgeist V0.83.4
    Personnally I think this mod is great, I love it
    But what was/is the plan with the colab mod?
    And who/what's gurgadurgen?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [WIP] [OpenSource] ModBridge
    Hach - que
    You deserve a godly position in the Minecraft community

    This is exactly what Minecraft needs for the upcoming mod API
    Auto updates, a central server to get mods from, forward compatibility,
    Anti malware, mods can be turned on and off!, and even mods being installed upon entering certain servers!
    Simply AMAZING!!
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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2
    this mod is an utterly amazing idea, i cant wait to see it happen
    I love how you've created your own lore while integrating greek mythology into the mod
    although the class system.. id recommend replacing the cleric possibly, the cleric is like a good wizard, and you already have a wizard, so maybe make cleric a sub-class of mage? i mean if you havent already thought out everything for it, that would be very inconvenient and i dont want to be a burden

    i have a suggestion (for now, ill probably be back since your idea/mod is awesome XD)
    Nemean Lion: A lion, obviously that has inpenetrable skin and can only be killed by being "strangled" or "crushed" (how this will work i dont really know, maybe when he is hit with falling gravel etc he takes damage, and maybe you can strangle him with bare hands somehow?)
    drops nemean pelt, can be made into armor which is inpenetrable like the lion, you only take damage from falling or being suffocated

    maybe the lion can be tamed? maybe with a golden apple or dragon flesh? something like that and bred somehow, can be ridden '
    should have some reason to be killed, bred, tamed, ridden i just dont know what (right now)

    but i love this idea and really hopes it gets somewhere
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    posted a message on New type of Piston.
    ive thought of the exact same thing, although i was thinking of it as an idea for the more pistons mod
    but maybe when it retracts it pulls ALL the blocks in front of it, not just the one directly in front, because a piston chain reaction using these pistons would be a pain to reset, and maybe they can push/pull more than 12 blocks and emit redstone from all sides
    i like the idea, in vanilla though? im not sure, but still a good idea
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