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    Hello everyone on the minecraft forums! i'm back from the dead. i think, man its been a long time since i've used this website; i've opened this new vanilla minecraft realms server and its quite lonely. I'll invite anyone who is searching for a good vanilla server to play on.

    Just post your IGN's and i'll invite everyone.
    if you cause problems on the server you will be removed.
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    posted a message on PvP/RP Server - Looking for Builders
    Some things that will get factions Disbanded:
    - Cheating (xray, clients, see-through texture packs)

    - Retarded Faction Tags (popcorn, newbz, killers, RGH, RMM)

    - Having only 1 member (like srlsy, dont do this)

    Some things that will get YOU banned:

    - asking for a rank/op

    - the common " im from planet minecraft" scam

    - begging for your friend to be unbanned

    - cheating (duh)

    What were looking for:

    - Builders (good with building medieval structures)

    - Good Players (not just people wanting to 'PWN' everyone)

    - Dedicated Players

    Server Info:

    - 80 Slots

    - 1000x1000 square Border

    - Custom plugins

    - 97% Lag free (the other 3% caused by world edit)

    - 99% uptime (the other 1% for plugin/server editing)

    Come on now, Join:
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    posted a message on -= NitromeCraft =- [Custom Plugins]

    Hello everyone! I'm here to advertise a relatively new server... NitromeCraft (Obviously ). NitromeCraft is a month old and it's in the early stages of development. We have people building and supporting the server as we speak! We currently only have a handful of players on at a time but we are hoping that, with the Minecraft communities' help, we can expand and make the server great!

    We currently have PVP events and mob events, where you fight of waves of mobs. We have spleef arena, & a game that involves archers fighting each other on 2 towers.

    All offences result in a warning, unless stated otherwise;
    -PVP Is allowed anywhere (Except for safezones, that is), but it is encouraged to take your quarrels to the... ARENA!

    -Grieving is allowed, BUT ONLY IF the structure/area is unclaimed by a faction! So be sure to claim your land! (/f create <faction name> to create a faction, and /f claim to claim the land )

    -NO burning down forests near spawn town!

    -No complaining/name calling (Unless you're joking)/asking for items from staff.

    -If you're caught grieving ANYTHING in spawn town, you will be tempbanned.
    -No hacked clients/mods/or x-ray texture packs.

    -Use common courtesy.

    -No racism/sexism. We are all human beings.
    -And, of course, SURVIVE!

    We are a fairly laid back community and things such as swearing are allowed, but if you fail to listen to our first and only warning, you will suffer the consequences.

    Vote for us!

    Now Come Join!
    Server IP:

    Our Other Server

    Donate For Donor Rank, Also to keep our Website/Server Up And Running! ^-^
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    posted a message on Universe Five
    Head Over to my site to see info on the game, spread the site around..
    Btw, the game is a quick & easy project, since i have now joined in a team working on a much larger project ;]

    Main Menu Song:

    Website Completion: 75%

    Game Completion: 98%
    NEED TEXTURE'S !! mine suck.. =L
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    posted a message on Maintenance over!
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    Quick Update,

    I added a new enemy.. Next im going to try & make a sprite-sheet, adding in moving, jumping.. animations..
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    posted a message on Cave Explorer Duo Beta v0.6
    FML... its a .exe

    i have mac..
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    posted a message on 2d Game In Development !
    lol IM MAKING NEW TOPIC =D :iapprove:
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    posted a message on [1.1] TwoGunnedPanda's Tutorials [ STILL UPDATING ]

    Modding tutorials for 1.1

    Stuff You'll Need:
    MCP - MCP
    Eclipse - Eclipse

    Please Hit the Button For More Tutorials ! <33
    Old Topic > http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/708891-181-twogunnedpandas-tutorials/

    Tutorials Will Be Linked Here

    Block Tutorial :
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    posted a message on [1.1] ICE FLOW [Survival] [NO-PVP] [Friendly Community] [64 Slots]
    Quote from Aduwa

    Really Nice Server, Its One of the funnest around. Its simple, no griefing & i love the admins <33 I highly Recommend this server ! I'll be spreading this around :wink.gif:

    Thanks ! :wub.gif:

    Quote from Builder4Free

    Man, I <3 this server!

    lol Pazzword :3
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