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    posted a message on [1.8.1] World Of Minecraft !!
    :RFlower: World Of MineCraft

    Mod im working on right now is Here to download

    A Mod made By Various Programmers !
    The project Will take about 1-2 months to complete, & Will have updates like minecraft from then on. The video is fake, Meaning its edited.. & I did not make it. I found it online when i started getting bored of modding. & It inspired me to make this.

    Here's a Video of what This would be if it was based of a World of Warcraft game style.

    This is also similar to this > http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/120456-181-adventurecraft-animated-textures-r1089/

    & I guess people Dont understand this yet, The mod isn't going to be A Minecraft Wow .. Its going to have Mostly everything in it. But we might change things here & there. So The GUI Buttons, main menu.. In-game stuff... Will all be different thats why were calling it "World OF Minecraft".

    This Mod makes Minecraft More fun.

    :RFlower: Future Updates Will have:
    - Quests, That npc's give out For you to do.. In return they might have something you will want.
    - Merchants, That Have set up stores & Have goods to sell you !
    - Already Added Level! A Giant World, 5,000 x 5,000 With Villages everywhere! Quests. QWandering NPC'S .. & MORE
    - No More Mining ! Were taking out the Pickaxes.. >:3
    - You can Buy Valuable stuff (Like diamonds) Inside City Markets & Stores **Only**
    - The Ability To Rent/Buy Already Built houses. Or Pay a Huge amount to get your own built By Slaves, (High Rank needed)
    - And talking about Ranking Systems. Were adding a Ranking system ! (Obviously) lol
    - When you right Click the NPC's they will either , "Talk, Open a GUI Screen, or Do nothing".
    - You can have companions !
    - Multiplayer TOO , Explore the world with your friends, go on quests together & more !!!
    - Have a New Game menu. So you can Have different characters & Different Races. (Dwarves, Elves, Knights, Golems, Orcs.. & more)
    - We will also Add random quests & Npc's that Are rare & special to find!

    :RFlower: What I am Done:
    - In-game Third Person Button.
    - New Menu
    - More GUI buttons ( 10 more )

    ** NOTE ** I Am currently taking a break of this for now. (Working on a Wasteland.. something ) :ohmy.gif: :ohmy.gif: lol

    :RFlower: What I am Working on:
    - Making The Single player button enter the game right Away.
    - Making a In-game Skin & Race changer. Changes Skin, Male or female, Race. (Human, Orc .. etc..)
    - Making New Block.. Like more Giant Plants.. More realistic Tools, Blocks & vegetation etc..

    :Diamond: Progress So Far !(Still need Are textures done for are Menu)

    Main Menu ( Still need Textures, Which will make it look amazing !)

    In-Game Menu (Textures Needed Also)

    New Menu (Textures still again needed)

    - MacPeaches - Artist
    - HEmile - music


    - TwoGunPanda - Main Coder
    - HDGamersPC - Secondary Coder
    - clawshaw - Modeler

    - Jorgen123

    Application For Coders
    Age - 
    Skype(Needed) -
    Do You know A lot of Java? -
    Do You know a lot of C++? -

    Support !

    If you like this ! Hit the Button ! It means a lot to me
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] [1.0v] + Options Mod ! & In-Game Texture pack changer!
    + Options Mod
    **Needz a Banner!**

    Hello, Welcome to my mod ! This mod adds More Gui buttons to the In-game Menu. Planning on adding more :wink.gif: Give suggestions also :biggrin.gif: <3

    - Texture pack Changer (Change Texture packs In-game)
    - Portal (Teleport to the nether with one click of a button)
    - Third person Mode (Like pressing the F5 button was hard :tongue.gif: )
    - Teleport to spawn button ( There is a bug if you use this you lose your inventory, This is a Warning)

    Adding In the Future:
    - Lightning Mode (Enables Lightning on Right-click)
    - Fly Mode (Enables Fly Mode With the Click of a Button)
    - Change Speed (Slider To Change speed )


    -- The New Menu ! --

    -- In-Game Menu ! --

    If you like my mod ! Please Hit the Button ! <33
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