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    posted a message on Look for group of people to go on quest in a new lets play

    not really enticing me in.. Whats the plan?.. what are we doing.. who are you? why should i even be interested?

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    posted a message on You like ice cream?
    I know its not the biggest, the most complex or even all that creative.. but here is my ice cream
    It was supposed to be a stalagmite but now its not.. and im proud of it :P

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    So me and a few friends have been working on this battle arena for the server we play on,

    It starts off simply with a dragon (Or Maybe T-Rex) Head, a stones throw from spawn on the surface of the map,

    But of course you can take a wander down the beasts throat, The tongue of it is made from that under rated wood acacia, but its ok... that the only bit

    And through the top door you can see here, into the welcoming hall... Combatants Drop down the hole into the waiting splash pool.. and a shopping arcade (pots, weapons, swords) is going in the blank spot under the walkway

    Spectators enter the viewing gallery via this door, I had great trouble trying to make this guy over the door look right and I'm still not convinced i have nailed it, but given the limitations I think I did well :D

    into this utilitarian space, the wall design is still under fierce discussion, I was thinking giant mushroom bits (that speckled brown stuff) but I am still unsure whether it is the right choice or should i go with a clay? maybe some other material? If 1.8 was out I'd use one of the new stones.. but alas i have to wait

    The main view onto the battle floor (and it's sweet design) is made of light gray glass and flows into the floor to ease of viewing the carnage

    So casting our minds back to the combatants in the splash pool.. they are now faced with this opt in room, Used a bit of lapis and redstone to draw peoples attention to the plate to opt in to the team that will take on this most awesome of challenges

    The first view the Combatants have of the arena is pretty impressive, We're quite proud of phnarburt and FnerBert, our arena mascot gargoyles

    The view of the entrance gate is pretty good.. but still has a lot of improvements to be made.. But the shape is good and the sandstone gate area is very nice so not much more to go right there

    And of course the obligatory redstone shots.. In order.. the mob spawning\game clock and death logic, Next is the main gate control and finally what is needed to make that lovely redstone lamp scoreboard work :D

    Well thats about it so far.. i'll provide updates as and when they happen.. I would really love to hear your guys comments and suggestions so i can make this already awesome build into something EPIC

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    posted a message on [ADV/SURV] 1.7+ - Bathroom survival map
    ok.. so i see that it is a bathroom map.. but what's the survival aspect?
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    posted a message on broken mob grinder
    I know this add nothing to the conversation.. but HAHAHAHAaahaahahaaaa awesome
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    posted a message on [Help] Need Youtuber
    That is a bit of a lame way of choosing mate.. why not just leave it open and choose the one that shows off the most features of your map?
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