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    posted a message on Stop the boring diamond grinding
    Quote from Kionashi

    Hi, this is a pretty simple idea to avoid mindless strip mining and boring grinding for diamonds we often see on SMP.....

    the idea is this... adding a new condition to spawn a diamond ore block in the world generation,

    1.-It must be next to a air block, water block, lava block or another diamond ore block

    2.-Increasing the spawn rate of diamonds (because they will be a lot more rare)

    what i wanna achieve?

    its simple...with this feature if people wanna get diamonds they will have to go cave hunting instead of exploiting game mechanics like strip minning to get tons of diamonds in a few minutes

    You do realize that strip mining is done in real life. While natural caverns can be mined, most mines are man made tunnels that simply strip away the earth.

    Unless the world was created by Herobrine, this is in no way a natural cavern...

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    posted a message on Ten New Rules To Make Adventure Mode Everything Mapmakers Need It To Be! [Updated 12/16/2012]
    I think these ten commandments (get it?) could be shortened down a bit, but otherwise a brilliant idea.
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    posted a message on The Landscape Is Not So Boring
    I made a banner for a suggestion using this image. Although the terrain is slightly altered to compliment the suggestion the banner was about, most of it was naturally generated in 1.3.2. It still works in 1.4.5.

    I used that image to make this...

    As you can see, those apple rind islands are absolutely magnificent.

    BTW, the seed is 42 if you want to see this for yourself. No need for coords, just keep going straight foward, can't miss it.
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    posted a message on It would be nice if they add more animals in Minecraft.
    Who is this 'we' you speak of, I would like to meet him and know why he NEEDS these things.
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    posted a message on The hand cannon (Alternative to guns)
    Quote from koopachris

    Well, what would you suggest? There's only 1 projectile weapon in existance, and it's as easy as
    heck to obtain. No matter how advanced your kingdom is, you really have nothing on some wandering
    raiders with bows. Perhaps you have TnT cannons, assuming they kindly step into the small radius
    in which a cannon can actualy cause any damage.

    There should be a reward for people who really get their act together and form a kingdom. Some
    kind of weapon that could be considered "better" than the bow by some stretch of the imagination
    and I find "Hai br0s lets ad a new bow but iz made of dimons and shoot real good hurr durr" topics
    to be a really unimaginative excuse for a suggestion.

    So you want to add a sniper rifle? Next thing ya know, someones going to suggest kill streaks (too late, someone already has!), C4 explosive (that too has been suggested!), and jets (yes, this too has also been suggested!!!).

    This is minecraft. You don't even NEED a kingdom to play the game, much less modern weapons. Having this is only going to cause MORE chaos anyway.
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    posted a message on The hand cannon (Alternative to guns)
    No, just no. Minecraft does not need guns, no matter how 'this is not a gun'ish they may be.
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    posted a message on Bread is overshadowed by other farming methods.
    Wheat is not very productive on a small scale, but trust me, as a wheat farmer myself, wheat pwns when in large scale farms. an efficient 18x18 farm produces enough wheat to feed a village. And thats assuming you only plant it in rows.

    Likewise, wheat can grow on dry soil, a great advantage against all other crops.
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    posted a message on The Enderdragon is a Girl.
    Chickens lay eggs too. You can breed 2 chickens that BOTH laid eggs. Your argument is invalid.
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    posted a message on why do you mine Lapis Lazuli?
    I mine it for this...

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    posted a message on Fixing The Crafting Of Chain Armor(No More Fire Needed!)
    Quote from RobbieNexus

    So yeah, I had something long and cool written out, buuuut my fricken browser reloaded for no reason. So I'll just give you the gist.

    Chainmail lies between Leather and Iron armor in effectiveness. At a full set, it has a damage reduction of 50%. That means that, in MineZ, a zombie attack that would normally deal 8 damage(that's four hearts, yikes) would deal four, taking away two hearts. But using Fire to craft it is annoying because we have to CHEAT if we don't want to hunt down an armored mob. So, what should be used instead?

    Steel Links.

    I've done the research, and steel is mostly iron. It's an alloy created by the mixing of iron and other materials, with carbon being the most prominent. What is basically carbon? Coal. So here is what I suggest; put Coal above an Iron Ingot on a crafting table to get two Steel Links. This means you'll only need twelve Iron and Coal to get yourself some decent armor. At that point, craft the Chain Armor using the armor recipe, with Steel Links standing in for Leather, Gold, etc.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? If you have something I got wrong(like in how Chain Armor was made in the old days), feel free to tell me and I'll update this post. However, I will be doing research on what you say, so don't think you can trick me.

    Time to bust out the science...

    First of all, it is true that steel is mostly iron, so I will not argue with that. However, although coal is made up of a decent amount of carbon, a much more pure carbon content can be found in diamonds. Likewise, in real life, it is far more efficient to collect carbon from limestone. In fact, coal would serve a better usage as the fuel when smelting steel, not as an ingredient.

    You can get chain armor from villagers anyway, so I do not support this.
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