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    posted a message on Looking for C#, Java (plugin, and mod) coders for a minecraft launcher that can launch 1.6 - 1.8 forge
    I have been working on a minecraft C# launcher and I am looking for coders to help with making mods, plugin and one or two more C# coders to help me finish the launcher. The launcher already can launch 1.6.4 forge 1.7.2 forge and 1.8 forge. It can also do 1.6 - 1.8 but the code is not in the launcher yet. I have actually found a way to find the launcher code for any version of the game, I would just have to look at the .json file (That is kind of a dumbed-down version of it but it is very simple when you know what your doing) The launcher code will be released once I and the future team do not see any bugs in the launcher. But anyway I am looking for a team to aid in make mods for the mod packs that will be in the launcher and plugin for a server that will go along with the mod pack. I also need someone who can create graphics for the launcher. I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH THIS IS NOT A PAYING JOB, I am not even getting paid. I am looking for people who have a good amount of coding knowledge and want to work on a project for the community (by that I mean once the launcher it finished the code will be released for everyone to use and the launcher with the mods from the java coders I am looking for will be in our version of the launcher) You will get credit for any project you work on. I do have a "working" version of the launcher. There will be a video demo will be below and a link to the apply form below.
    Thanks and hope to see you on the team.

    Link to the apply form:

    Video of launcher:
    Video of launcher:

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