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    posted a message on TEN: Vanilla Aspect | Whitelisted | Close Community | 1.8

    I don't know if my app was skipped or if i was declined, i applied near the top of page ten. Thank you.

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    In-game Name: Twisteddragon33

    Age: 30

    Country: USA

    How did you hear about server?: Played on this servers predecessor.

    What got you interested in the server?: Found out the players from the old server now play on this one.


    What is your favorite part of Minecraft?: Building by far. I also like large,expansive builds and redstone engineering. I automate almost everything i am able to within the game. Sometimes could take days to get a build or redstone correct because i prefer to figure it out for myself than rely on tutorials or videos.

    Do you have a preferred building style?: Nothing specific. It depends on what my theme is for either that build, the server, or the area. Recently i have been going for as aesthetically pleasing as possible even if it takes up more room, where in the past i focused on more efficient and space saving builds. Bigger is better right?

    What do you hope to get out of this server?: I dont get as much time to play as i used to, but it is nice playing with a group of people. They help motivate you to finish your projects as well as just company when you are sitting at your computer. Playing by yourself in a game like this feels almost like a waste. I spent a lot of time on the old servers, it would be nice to catch up if many people switched over.

    What can you bring to this server?: As i said i love large, expansive builds. For personal use or for public use in the server is fine with me. I usually share whatever i have with whoever needs it. In the past i have done large, server wide, public access builds at admin requests such as large/elaborate transportation hubs(train, boats, tunnels, nether hubs, spawns, so on). As well as generally making a nice looking base/home for myself. I like to show off my base as it is something i usually spend a lot of time on.

    Tell us about yourself!: I am 30, i am a supervisor at a factory that i have worked at for 13 years. I have a passion for anything that lets me be creative. I tend to play more games than i should. My girlfriend and i both have PS4s and we play games together regularly too(usually fps), I consider myself well versed and well read in a variety of things but keep an open mind when it comes to just about everything and everyone. I can(and will) talk to anyone about anything.;

    Add pictures of your builds (optional):

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    posted a message on Hop, Skip & Block | 18+ | GreyList | Vanilla | Friendly Community | Professional

    Start off with chicken jockey so i dont forget later.

    Minecraft Username: twisteddragon33
    What should we call you: twisted, dragon, td, hey you, i answer to anything.
    Age: 30
    Gender: male
    Country: USA
    Skype: twisteddragon33(i think, i dont usually use skype)
    Are you a redstoner/builder/explorer/other: Builder and redstone for sure.
    How good are you at your play style (rating out of 5): I would say a 4, possibly 5, I like to make a theme to my builds and then try and keep with the theme as i "sprawl" the build out. I like function while keeping aesthetics to my theme. I tend to do BIG projects. Sometimes hundreds of blocks long, high, deep, wide.
    How active will you be: Usually daily. Especially after i get a project going but also working around a hectic work schedule.
    Do you understand our rules? Name two things we don't tolerate:Yes i understand, griefing and stealing.
    Tell us about your Minecraft experience: I generally play vanilla. I have played since beta 1.6(on xbox 360) and upgraded to PC immediately. Really got into redstone especially when dealing with rails and time saving devices.
    Tell us about your multiplayer experience. Have you ever been banned?: Never banned. I always try and be helpful and outgoing to others. I have made many community builds for server use including an elaborate train station, nearly automated public farms, logging machine(hard to explain), auto sorting and storage systems for individual and server wide use.
    Why do you want to join: Former server shut down very unexpectedly. Was on the same server as sharktooth who was accepted a few posts back.
    What would you bring to the server: Aesthetically pleasing builds and community projects.
    Any additional comments: Looking forward to playing with everyone if accepted.
    Show us your past work (images/videos): (*If you don't have any, throw something quick together in creative if possible)

    Posting one of my pride and joys. a 12 track fully automated train station thread i have in creative forums currently.

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    posted a message on [★] {1.8.8} [★] {The Vanilla life} [★] {Whitelist} [★] {Now open!} [★] {Community driven} [★] {24/7} [★] {Events} [★]

    I was able to join now it says i am not whitelisted again. Can you check to see if twisteddragon33 is on the whitelist?

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    posted a message on [★] {1.8.8} [★] {The Vanilla life} [★] {Whitelist} [★] {Now open!} [★] {Community driven} [★] {24/7} [★] {Events} [★]
    Quote from Krimch»

    wait didn't i already accept you?

    Yeah my bad. i copied the guy above me and changed his stuff except didnt put my screenname in.

    GT: TwistedDragon33
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    posted a message on [★] {1.8.8} [★] {The Vanilla life} [★] {Whitelist} [★] {Now open!} [★] {Community driven} [★] {24/7} [★] {Events} [★]

    In-Game name:TheEvolvedSlime
    How did you hear about the server:I was on the last 2 maps and enjoyed it very much

    What got you interested in the server:this is one of the only good vannila minecraft servers

    Questions or comments about the server: Yes. :)

    Have you registered to our website yet: Yes.



    PvP/Non-PvP: non-pvp

    Leader/Follower: Loner


    About me: I prefer massive expanded builds and building community builds.

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    posted a message on 12 track full auto train station

    So i was bored and decided if i could make a 12 track train station with as mush automation as possible while still keeping aesthetics in mind.

    This is the sum of my creation, it contains:

    -Auto minecart storage. Hold 25 carts ready to send out at any time.

    -Auto minecart reception, incoming mine carts are automatically stored so they can go out again.

    -12 track selector. when a track is selected it automatically deselects all other tracks. outgoing cart auto resets tracks so when you leave the station goes back to none selected.

    -single outgoing platform but double arrival platform so multiple people arriving at once dont interfere with each other.

    -Track selector has a light that shows what track is selected for departure, each with a name plaque in front to identify the place.

    Other than the basics it has a fairly large footprint but most of it is tracks. so for better appeal i made a majority of it out of glass and dark oak.

    I didnt go crazy on the materials as this was a test run to show proof on concept for a survival server i was on and wanted to build it out of materials i already had.

    more images.


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    posted a message on closed

    In-Game name:twisteddragon33
    Age: old
    How did you hear about the server: played on it before
    What got you interested in the server:... played on it before:), active.
    Questions or comments about the server:none
    Solo/Group: more solo than group but i like to help out whenever possible. prefer big builds.
    PvP/Non-PvP: non pvp. but i do like to make traps.
    Leader/Follower: loner:)
    Giver/Taker: giver.

    About me:I jump back and forth on games all the time. Saw the server up and running i used to play on and decided to jump back on to see how my base was... when i saw i am no longer white listed:(

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    posted a message on [1.8.3] [★] Project Vanilla: Remastered [★] Now open! [★] Enchanced gameplay [★] Community driven [★]

    Boo, i hope it gets back up and running soon without any problems.

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    posted a message on [1.8.3] [★] Project Vanilla: Remastered [★] Now open! [★] Enchanced gameplay [★] Community driven [★]
    In-Game name: TwistedDragon33
    Age: 261,924 hours.
    What got you interested in the server: Played on it for a while and it was an enjoyable experience.
    Questions or comments about the server: None
    Solo/Group: hm... i prefer to build things solo but i accessible for everyone.
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non PVP group. I prefer to keep my PVP in PVP specific games.
    Leader/Follower: Neither, None.
    Giver/Taker: Giver all the way. I like to forge my own path but love helping out others.

    About me: Really into building, especially large builds. Love redstone but need to get more familiar with some of the newer redstone pieces to expand my horizons.
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    posted a message on Make gravel a renewable resource! (Revised significantly.)
    Renewable Sand i can see having its uses. But as someone else pointed out. Another redstone machine with another fuel consumption doesnt sound like a good idea to me.

    Renewable sand(and sandstone/glass), is the only thing that makes this even slightly desirable for me....

    Hm: Support renewable sand and gravel but want more uses for gravel for it to be worth it.
    Do not support a new machine and fuel source.
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    posted a message on Make gravel a renewable resource! (Revised significantly.)
    Quote from swaglord676»

    It won't, because this feature doesn't apply to sticky pistons.

    Some doors can still be made with regular pistons(i make them all the time before i get slimes).

    Again i think the biggest hitch in this plan is no need for more gravel. You can have 1 stack or 3 double chests and it still doesnt make it a needed resource. Barely wanted for some people.

    Maybe come up with something gravel can be used for to make it more desirable. Then getting more of it would be worth wile.

    And as someone else said, it does seem overly complicated for a simple resource too. Maybe just the crafting table is enough and we dont need another machine to create, plus consuming space and fuel....

    Changed my opinion from Partial to No Support.
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    posted a message on Small Furnace Suggestion
    Support: Simple, Easy, Useful. Functional and Cosmetic. Overall good idea.
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    posted a message on Make gravel a renewable resource! (Revised significantly.)
    Partial support:

    - I feel the Crusher should require a piston in its crafting(opinion)
    - I support any replenish-able resources in one way or another.
    - I cannot support a block that is already very abundant but with very few uses. And the few uses it does have to craft(like arrows) are already a renewable resource.

    - If it had more crafting options for gravel i would likely support.
    - Sandstone should be crushed to make sand, not gravel(opinion)
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    posted a message on What type of roof should I add to my house? and other suggestions for the house?
    that is a lot of wood... if you dont want an obvious contrast i would use the same wood type as stairs and make the house into a giant wedge so you have one really tall wall(probably the face of the building), and then make the face have super long windows from the ceiling tot he ground to really lighten the place up, make it seem much bigger, and resource light with only wood you already have and some glass which it looks like you already have.

    I could supply a pic of what i mean if you need it.
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