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"Welcome to my special hell."

The name's TwinBuilder.

I started playing Minecraft back in October 2012, right before 1.4. I joined the Minecraft Forums primarily to play Destroy the Godmodder, but I also just talked elsewhere for a while. I still come back to Minecraft every now and then. It's held up really well. Other games I've played a lot and enjoy are Team Fortress 2, Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, Nuclear Throne, The Binding of Isaac, and Danganronpa. I also make digital art. You can find my first pieces on this forum, but I've gotten a lot better since. One day I'd like to make a proper webcomic. Some of my favorite webcomics are Homestuck, Brawl in the Family, BACK, He Is A Good Boy, Kill Six Billion Demons, Paranatural, Cucumber Quest, and Awful Hospital.

While here, I made four threads I consider to be important to me. The first was a simple Minecraft fanfiction called The Experiment. It was about a group of mobs looking to free Herobrine from a prison. I was adapting it from a comic I made, but I never got very far with it. The second is Destroy the Godmodder 2, which is probably the biggest true forum game here (unless you count "Ban the above user" or "go through the alphabet" or something). In the game, the players must defeat the Godmodder, a very powerful Minecraft player who can block nearly anything thrown at him. They also have to get past the entities and challenges he summons to keep them on their toes. It lasted for exactly two years, but I kept adding onto it for a while with side stories. The third thread I made was a discussion thread for the DTG series called The Forge, which is defunct now. The fourth thread was a game called Pie Quest. It was basically an MSPFA, but it's also defunct now. I might revisit it in another form at some point.

And that's pretty much it. Enjoy.

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