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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    Quote from Akrivus»

    You're also forgetting, they'd probably rewrite the game in Microsoft's equivalent of Java, C#, and they'd start using some sort of DirectX wrapper.
    EDIT: If they continue to use Java as their coding language, there won't be a real need to have a Mac and Linux plan, but since we're listing out extreme possibilities here, I guess they'd rewrite it in C#

    I'm all for C# or c+........ More stable MC that can do more. Yes less mods and prob plugins but better quality ones
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.

    Well it wont be soon.We all know that.

    Did your magic 8 ball tell you this
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    posted a message on Community Creations - Batman-Themed Roller Coaster
    Quote from zonque

    Again with annoying, kill-your-ears grating music?!
    No thanks.

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    posted a message on Really getting on my nerves, but WHY?
    You do have to upgrade things....... you cant always play on something old and outdated. Games like MMO's and MC have to keep updating to stay with the the times really to compete against the newer games that are coming out

    Btw if your computer cant handle MC 1.7 lol then you must have a bad and very outdated computer
    Quote from Raffilcagon

    I'm sorry you feel this way.

    If it's any consolation, I know some ways to make the game run smoother...however, it does include lowering graphic quality...
    1. Instead of "Fancy", use "Fast". Let me enter Jungles without entering Laggy Town.
    2. Lowering the render distance too. I suggest normal (I honestly dun't know what it equals in chunk size). Small or tiny work even better, but you need a clock to tell time well.
    3. Ridding yourself of smooth lighting. Not the best, but it helps.
    4. Avoid fancy-shmancy resource packs. I've had a few crashes because I used a pack too fancy to handle, even with all the limits set above.
    I'm honestly trying to help you. Minecraft certainly isn't the best game in the world, but it is a good one. I can't get a better computer, but I use these to try and keep this game running. Sorry if these changes dun't work for you. To each man (or woman) his (her) own, as I say.

    Dont forget to put your UI to Normal or Small it will help
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    posted a message on What if Disney bought Minecraft?
    Quote from Psycodragons

    "Ye gods, these weapons will taint our children's innocence! Better remove them."
    "Ugh, the Nether is way too violent. Make it Happyland."
    "Creepers look phallic! Remove."
    "Oh no, people curse on servers! Remove chat function."
    Repeat terrible judgement until the game becomes so bland you won't even recognize it.

    Sigh..... again Disney does owns Marvel studios and they still make violent movies..... Yes they may be not Rated R but still killing in them.
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    posted a message on What if Disney bought Minecraft?
    Quote from Eth664

    This... Genuinely can't happen... Disney is a movie studio or whatever you want to call it, they do movies. Minecraft is a video game. They haven't bought video games in the past from what I've seen. They also animate movies, they just wouldn't have the skills and such to pull of redesigning a game... Besides, Mojang would probably decline the offer no matter how high they want to buy it for.

    Erm.... Disney owns Theme Parks and a video game company along with a comicbook company and Lucas Arts which had both gaming design studio and move peeps
    Quote from RobertFrans

    The game will have propably...

    ...different subtile reverences to other movies and figures of Disney;
    ...more fantasy elements and more magic features;
    ...definitely an unicorn;
    ...more typical Disney humor and easter eggs;
    ...more colorful and child friendly features in the Nether and the End;
    ...more prefixed items, especially decorative items for your house;
    ...more lores ingame, propably something like fairy tales;
    ...more side quests, also to collect special items you can not get without;
    ...more prefixed dungeons, propably inspired or even based on their movies;
    ...more colorful and friendly (pet) mobs;
    ...a more easy way of crafting, like the Minecraft X-Box version;
    ...a feature to place prefab buildings in your world, like houses or castles;
    ...maybe even a more easy way to place buildings from other players in your world;
    ...payed updates that are not released that often, and ingame collector items;
    ...payed skins based on Disney figures and payed multiplayer;
    ...special payed resource packs made by Disney herself;
    ...only a payed and very restricted way to make and use mods;
    ...a less blocky look and feel, with more HD graphics and details;
    ...an extensive tutorial during your first play;
    ...a completely different look and feel after a while.

    Really why do people think Disney will wipe out all violence? Have people forgot Disney owns Marvel?
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    posted a message on Dark skies / horizon when indoors or under trees.
    Oh look In RL

    If we are talking about RL then zombies, creepers and what not dont happen. Is it annoying yes but dont go about well in RL this happens with out point out EVERYTHING that not in RL in this game

    Well all know Mojang been having issues with how lighting works in MC so hopefully this is the right step and they further build on it and correct some of the things
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    posted a message on Is this good computer?
    Quote from darklordx123

    Seems overpriced for what the performance it'll give... don't quote me though.

    well I paid...... my ex paid 3k for my PC lol its about 2yrs old now maybe 3 and the only thing I had to do to it is upgrade the graphics card.... well really I didnt have to but I wanted a 780 GTX


    Try NewEgg.com and TigerDirect.com ................... thats if you in the US
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    posted a message on Is this good computer?
    Quote from marfig
    Don't post an obfuscated link. We don't know where that leads. Write down the computer specs in your post or at least let us see the full link.If you are asking for help, put a little effort in it. You may not believe it, but many people won't click on your link.
    Doesnt matter where the link leads as long you have the software to protect you. Also it tell you where it leads and if you hover over the link it tells you normally in the bottom left corner
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    I know Optifine is having problems with 1.7 but i really hope they get it to work cause i have a hard time playing minecraft without optifine and i want to play 1.7.

    Optifine cant update till the people that does MCP update it same for any other mods
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    posted a message on CurseForge Hits 500 Mods!
    Quote from DrSabaitso

    I wouldn't use this as you do not list what version the mod is for without needing to click on it making it very annoying to use compared to most other MC mod databases out there. Simple stuff guys..

    lol erm ok.....
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition: Android Beta Program Signups
    Quote from Bernkastell

    I'm interested in what's different. are there patch notes? is it a completely different make of the game?

    As whats been said its the same thing...... its just snapshots like we can do on PC version. Everytime there going to be a new update the beta testers get to check out the new update before it goes live and help find bugs
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    posted a message on What is the one thing you dislike the most in 1.7?
    Quote from Deonyi

    I feel the new wood and sand textures are... hideous. They are just recolours and messy paintbrush stuff. You have Eld on your team: use him.

    I wonder why they allow texture packs......hmmmmm
    Quote from FireKit

    I don't like how animals other than pigs don't drop any food. And even then pigs only rarely drop a porkchop. Sometimes I kill up to 5 pigs before I get anything. And really don't like how the mobs can effortlessly fight water current to follow me in my mob trap.

    Skeletons are just useless, I can dodge their slow arrows in my sleep. And in my mob trap I went for water container to tnt mobs to death, but water as deep as 2-3 the mobs just sink when they hit and drown.

    I guess I dislike the most that in one day I can reach the peak of the minecraft tech tree and have already killed all the games mobs.

    Heres to hoping 1.8 beta fixes it.

    Huh? I have no issue with getting food. Also sorry dont wanna kill something and ALWAYS get food from it.
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    posted a message on Fix 1.7.2 now
    Quote from CassiusBenard

    No, we've had enough patience. 1.7.2 was released 25 days ago. It is filled to the brim with obvious errors and game-breaking bugs. A good development team would have pushed a barebones bug-fix within a few days. We have gotten nothing for over 3 weeks. This is not acceptable under any circumstances.

    You must never have played online games...........
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    posted a message on Need a custom fantasy map built for a upcoming server
    We are looking for a talented mapmaker to make a custom fantasy map for us. All credit will go to your hard work and Ill see if I can also repay you back but I can not make ANY promises on this.

    The map needs to be 13k by 13k and be able to host 4 large race capitals, also the water lvl needs to be at 40 blocks and the land built up from there. 1st city will be in a mountain like region since its inside a mountain, 2nd city will be in a more lush region think..... elvish. The 3rd will also be in a simi-mountain region (pref not by the 1st) but think more oriental when doing the forest and the 4th will be a coastal city that has more plains and scatter trees and lite forest near it. Also leave at least 400x400 areas at water lvl and flat so the cities can be built. Make sure ores are not placed and no caves or tunnels, now if you need to make the map a bigger to make this work let me know. Here a picture of the layout of the map we would like to use.

    So let me know if you are up for the task.


    TwilightAngel (KoA Admin)
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