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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack
    Quote from Hikachan
    Just wanted to say I downloaded your pack today and I must say after having a play through for a while I am very pleased so far. The textures all seem to go together and I haven't seen a bad texture so far. The style you're going for looks really good.I wish you much luck and take your time putting out updates. There are a lot of textures to be made.Good job so far though.

    EDIT: Just saw the link you posted above.All I have to say is.MIND BLOWN!
    EDIT:EDIT: It seems your blocks are all messed up in the file. The iron and wood door blocks are roses and the emerald ore is fire. There is probably more but those are the ones I saw first.

    Sorry for the late reply, I thought I'd get email notifications when people posted to this thread, but I guess I was wrong :P

    Thank you for pointing out the messed up blocks. I'm not sure why those blocks would be weird since I haven't actually gotten to those yet and they should be just the standard MC textures. I'll check it out, and see what I can do to fix it.
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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack
    Fine. Though for right now I'm taking a break from the blocks, and working on some realistic mobs. I've Been working on 2D textures for a long time and I'd like to get back into some character modeling, something I enjoy but hadn't really had the time to do for a while.
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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack
    you're talking about the actual blocks right? not the ores? yeah that's a possibility. I also plan on doing unique patterns for each of the stained clay's and wools.
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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack
    Quote from SiikiKala

    Fantastic job, this is the result i always wanted highres textures to achieve. There's so much ctm and everything looks amazing. The sand and stone textures are astonishing. Stellar job overall man, great work here.

    Do you use repeat sheets, or random ctm?

    I use all three... repeat, random, and CTM. Mostly 4x4 repeat, but for fancy things that I want to have borders I'll use CTM. At the moment I think the only thing that uses random is gravel.
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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack
    Quote from Freedomna

    What are the shaders used in the last picture? It does not look like SUES at all. Looks washed out, awesome if you ask me.

    I am so silly I forgot to comment about the pack xD

    I really love the sand and stone bricks from what I can see from the screenies, they have to be my favourite textures from the pack.

    The weakest texture in the pack is the Glass, cannot say I dig the circles but they look great never the less.

    Other than that, the CTM rocks. Props to you for adding shader support, as I am a massive shader user, and welcome to these forums!

    1.) Specifically, that last picture is right as the sun sets. As the last little bit of light disappears, the color gets washed out like that... I thought it was a good effect for the zombie pic.

    2.) I completely understand your feelings about the glass I've been on the fence about it since I put this version into the pack (they used to be something fancier but the fancy version didn't look right). I initially hated it, but then as I moved on to other textures I eventually got used to the way it looks, and even kind of like it. In the end I want to try to make it look like leadwork glass, or something really gothic looking. But since I've become attached to the way it looks now, I think I'll leave this texture in for the glass panes... maybe... still on the fence
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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack
    Hey everybody, I just wanted to assure everyone that I did indeed make these textures. I have included a link in my original post to my zBrushcentral thread explaining my workflow. (if you're interested)

    I'll upload some pics without the shaders later today. I'll also fix the seams on the sand, in my haste to finally get the pack out I completely missed the issue; thank you guys for pointing it out. There are probably other things that I've missed, so keep a lookout and keep me posted, I really appreciate it.
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    posted a message on [INFINITE RPG] 128px RPG themed resource pack

    This is my attempt at a highres, slightly realistic, fantasy themed resource pack. As of now I have most of the common blocks done, including world gen stuff and common building materials; I also have a few items and mobs done. I'd love to hear any criticism or ideas for future textures. At this point my priorities for this texture pack are [Fixing Bugged Textures>Creating new textures>Redesigning Old Textures] so just keep in mind that certain things will get worked on before others.

    This pack doesn't exactly require MCpatcher, or Optifine. but it probably won't look too good without them, as I haven't taken the time to make sure the textures look ok when not using connected texture (I will eventually though). It also has normal maps for shader support, and a few specular maps as well.


    1.7.8 (1.0.1a)

    1.6.4 (1.0.1a)


    • 1.0.1a - Fixed seams for sand, should be seamless now...
    • 1.0 - Initial Release

    zBrushcentral thread (workflow explanation): http://www.zbrushcen...e=1#post1093400

    Here's a video I made of an early (less complete) version of the pack...

    Here are some screenshots without shaders...

    Here are some screenshots using SEUS..


    Terms of use:Do not re-distribute files included in my pack or modified versions of them. If you would like to use my work for anything other than personal use (or YouTube videos, which I encourage), feel free to contact me.

    My Website
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    Hey, I just had my game shut down on me when I tried to use NEI. I eventually figured out that it was because I typed "end" in the search bar, when trying to find the ender chest recipe for the Ender Storage mod. every time I re-launched the game it would run fine, until I opened the inventory screen, which would cause it to shut down (because "end" would still be in the search bar) giving me the "shutting down internal server" message. in the end I went into the NEI.dat file and cleared the search field, which allowed me to open the inventory screen and use NEI as normal, until I typed "end" again. Upon further tests, it seems that the game shuts down whenever I bring up any aspect of the Ender Storage mod in NEI; whether it's in the search bar, or the item subsets menu.

    (edit:) it seems like if I type in "chest" or "pouch" I can view those two items without a problem, but when I type in "tank" it quits.

    I wasn't sure if you were aware of this or not, and was wondering if you knew whether it was some setting I had messed up, or if it was a possible bug in the mod.

    It doesn't really seem to be a crash, as there is no crash report, and the game saves normally when it happens... It seems like it just causes the game to shut down.

    Any information would be helpful.
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