About Me
Good day! I'm Ravel, a relatively new minecrafter and experimenter, I get easily distracted by branching tunnels, and like to play with water. I hate skeletons and love zombies, spiders are exotic and creepers are wolves. I consider myself a spiritual crafter, often venturing into the woods to live with my hostile mob friends. I love long walks on the beach and dancing with creepers. I love sand and hate gravel, ironic since my name is a letter difference, similiar to "travel".

If you're wandering what my skin/forum icon is, it's a Final Fantasy Tactic's squire; one of the figures of my youth; as it was one of the first games I played and... thanks to a remake on the PSP, I still play today.

I (generally) create my own skins, if you have a request I can take my best shot at it.

My personality type is ENTP (if it really matters), and I like to be social, so send me a message. :smile.gif: