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    posted a message on Guess what? Another castle.
    Hello everyone, guess what, Minecraft Forum just got one more castle thread! Whoopee!

    This is my castle. I built it with three differenct levels which are all connected by weaving sidewalks flushed to the walls. Inside it has a keep, and underneath that a dungeon.

    Here's a picture of the castle in the morning. I don't have high quality 10000px texture packs or mods, nor the patience to install them, so sorry if it doesn't have the same asthetic look as it could have.

    This a an overhead view of the castle. The castle was originally built around what was an island, so the shape of the castle roughly follows the outline of the island.

    This is the front of the castle, with wired up defense systems to shoot arrows, potions, or those things that go boom.

    This is what you see when you walk through the main enterance. The wall with all the windows is an inn, and there's small park areas scattered around the inner walls of the castle.

    This here is the canteen, made by Veka.

    Another park area.

    This here is the potions store, made by Mario9dragon.

    The second level is like a smaller version of the first one. Here's the library on the second level. It's really the only interusting thing on the second level.

    This is the dock, and the cow is Jeffery, who is always on the dock. We plan to have boats. Maybe. Who knows.

    A closer view of the happenings inside the dock.

    The top level is where the king's palace and guard tower is located. From there, you have access to the keep. This is the garden area outside of the palace.

    This here is the guard tower in respect to the garden and the palace.

    This is the flag of the castle, which I would like some criticism about.

    This is an overview of the King's palace.

    An inside look at the king's palace.

    The inside of the king's palace, focusing more on the three doorways. The left doorway leads to the royal messhall, the right leads to the keep, and the middle leads to nothing in paticular at the moment.

    An overhead view of the royal messhall, exposing the fact that I really have no idea how to make kitchens in minecraft.

    A closer look at the royal messhall

    Stairways leading down into the keep from the top level.

    The keep is everything above sea level that is walled inside the castle, closed off from the outside. It's supposed to be where all of the more official happenings of the castle take place. The keep itself is almost a labyrinth, so there's no point in documenting all of it's hallways. I'll just give you a little this and that here and there.

    The keep is pretty monotonous in the sense of what's inside. Brick walls, cobble floors, a few oak pillars here and there.

    Here's a small alter, seen from the side in the previous picture.

    Here's one of the smithing areas inside the castle.

    Room of the skuuullllsss

    Again, alot of the castle, the keep especially, is in dire need of a skilled interior designer.

    One of the barrack areas for soldiers.

    The long target practice room.

    A storage area. Mostly, crates are stored here. They can be seen in this picture.

    This is the king's bedroom. It's a semi-sphere, and is supposed to be dark so that people don't notice how ugly the dome is and figure out I'm horrible with this sorta thing.

    These are the holding cells for people on trial who would eventually go to the dungeon if deemed guilty.

    These are the long stairs leading into the dungeon.

    The dungeon itself is literally a maze. It was based off of this picture. Every red space you see in this picture that was exposed to a white space would be a prison cell. Each square was 4x4 in surface area, with walls dividing them. At the end of the maze, there's a portal to the nether, but it's boring and small so there's no reason to show it.

    This was a small section of the maze. Skull heads were placed in a way to help the player navigate the maze to the end. The cells here are the same as the ones for the holding cells.

    This is a view of one of the long hallways of the dungeon.

    Well, thanks for taking time out of your meaningful lives to at least look at the pictures of my castle. Sure, it's not as huge and overflowing with the sense of weeks of lost time for something that in the end has no objective meaning, but I think I did pretty good with what time I had.
    The castle itself has some weak points, I know. I didn't show you any pictures of any of the houses because they're all unfurnished. Like I said, the castle is in dire need of an interior designer who has the patience for it. The castle is also pretty monotomous.
    I would like your feedback though, I conveniently built the castle in such a way so that it could be turned into an adventure map if I wanted, as you're forced to go through the levels of the castle, to the top, and through the keep to get to the dungeon. I was just wondering if you guys would like to see something like that. It would be ALOT of battling, a long gameplay, but it might just be challenging. Who knows

    Anyway, thank you!
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    posted a message on Telescopes
    Whats the point of a telescope?

    See further? Because that would mean it would have to produce many many far away chunks, making rendering hard.
    See the stars? It might be cool, but whats the point.
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    posted a message on Bathing In Minecraft!
    Whats the point? You can never smell your own BO, and there's no one else around...

    Its not like you need to bathe for some sort of minecraft date...
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    posted a message on Type of World
    Its called big biomes in 1.8.

    You cant have all desert, there would be no trees.
    You cant have all snowyland, there would be no tall grass
    You cant have Village, because that unspecific to any of the choices.
    Dungeons!? Wtf!?

    The biomes are bigger in 1.8 now, so it'll seem like you're transitioning into different worlds. It'll be fine.
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    posted a message on Chickens!
    Yeah! Lets have a holocaust of chickens...

    Mein Feathuer!
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    posted a message on Another griefer control suggestion
    I call it a bukkit server with plugins.

    You call it a minecraft feature.
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    posted a message on Better Spawning for High-Pop Servers
    Very nice thread. I applaud you for your concerns for the mechanics of the game.

    *Sips my fancy wine*
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    posted a message on Cows enhanced
    You can **** up cows ****. In 1.8, you wack them, and they're like "Oh **** homie, get away from me! I aint got nothin against you! Gtfo!" And you rip off their head to make your hat, and show off to all the other cow friends, and that is awesome.

    Cow Spawn Rate: Better go the **** up.
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    posted a message on climbable vines
    Notch already said that vines would not be climbable, implying that he already CONSIDERED them being climbable, and did not like the idea.
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    posted a message on Spikes!

    Confirmed, now get your thread out of here.

    PS. I timed that and it took me 2:16 minutes to find that. Do your lazy ass some research.
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    posted a message on Choose where to save game
    It makes sense, but its somewhat useless. You can easily grab the save file from .minecraft folders.

    A better suggestion would be choosing where to LOAD the game from.
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    posted a message on Adventure+
    I do like the currency. That would help alot in multiplayer, and would make alot of sense with the NCPs coming. But lets try not to make it TOO RPGesk.
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    posted a message on Taxidermy
    @TheBlueRocky Instead of criticizing his great idea by just saying there's no damn way that could happen, why don't you give constructive feedback, like maybe you should have some other way of showing off your animal killing obsessions instead of stuffing them.

    Don't be a **** and try to run his idea into the ground.

    Plus, I like that idea. It would make for very intrusting laboratory settings...
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    posted a message on deleteplease
    That is a really complicated mob to make... How it would move would be... BAD...
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    posted a message on Ghasts dropping something useful?
    The reason Ghasts are so hard to kill is because of the simple reason....

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