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    Quote from Bluebomber54

    Gen V is all about nostalgia, the Pokemon are based off the ones from Gen V. Nintendo decided to take advantage of Gen I nostalgia and made a Gen based off of it.

    Geodude is a floating rock with arms. Golem is a golem. What's hard to understand about that?

    The legendaries were made up when there wasn't even any color on the Game Boy and it was 8-bit, of course they'd look simple.

    It's a freaking sideways Battle Tower.

    When I was 8, I played 4th Gen for the first time. I picked the hardest starter according to this: http://www.psypokes....ough.php?part=1 and yet I still beat the game in 5 days. I had only played 1 Pokemon game before that(or 2? does PMD count?) and my strategy was just to overlevel my starter like hell. How it that knowing the tricks? I had no idea what the root of the game was, other than "ZOMG IT'S A POKEYMAN I'LL CATCH IT" and that was it. Good day to you, sir!

    1. Gen V based off gen I? ? Actually... the pokemon are different (obviously in that sense), and may share an animal it may have gotten its design from that was used for Gen I, but not based off of Gen I pokemon solely.
    2. VERY imaginative. Also, dunno what golem the japanese thought of, but it looks like a snake stuck inside of a big stone. Earlier gens also had a lot of pretty "eh" pun names for pokemon. (The seel thing brought up above. Seel is kind of bleh too.)
    3. Eh. Dude, the sprites were pretty detailed (except the battle sprites. but they were always **** until 3rd gen), especially for the gameboy, but I see no radical change between the normal pokemon and the legendary ones. Hell, gyarados looks more of a legendary than any of the ones in R/B/Y. You DON'T need flashy colors or anything for fancy ass pokemon. Its the design.
    4. I <3 the battle tower. That, and its much better than actually having the battle tower by itself AGAIN. It might've been superficial change, but I like it.
    5. Like you couldn't do that for any of the other generations. Even if you did start with a **** pokemon for the first gyms (usually fire starters) or the longrun, aslong as you were above your opponents pokemon and didn't have a crap moveset, you really only needed (like in all gens) HM slaves, a striker, and a tank/second striker to deal with whatever your striker couldn't. +given that I was able to grind more than then I could now (and very ineffeciently back then, too >.>), it wasn't that big of a deal. Hell... it wasn't until I got Emerald that I actually bothered training my pokemon reasonably (my lead/starter was never more than 5-10 levels above the lowest leveled pokemon in my team) or equally.

    And, that IS the central root to all pokemon games (train/grind pokemon as far as you can, beat opponent).

    Compared to multiplayer, single player pokemon battles have less factors to consider to actually be competitive. Its a kids game... its relatively simple, to an extent.
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    I LOVE the Pokemon hate, especially when people say "red/blue/gold/silver/ruby/saphire/etc was my first game, anything before that was really good too but everything after that gen sucked!". Obvious nostalgia is obvious.

    Hell, sales may have ben huge for B/W but it seems the majority of the people who rant on Gen V are all the ones who have never even bought it.

    Arguments against the... :

    Trubbish and Vanillish, blah blah.

    Response: What the **** is geodude. What the **** is golem? (I like golem, but really, what the **** is he?) Slowpoke? I've never heard anyone have slowpoke or his evolutions as a favorite pokemon- or even use them. He looks terrible. And, Muk? Really? There is also voltorb/electrode (pokeballs, really?) And caterpie. UH. Most hideous pokemon to me, imo, besides slowpoke, from Gen I.

    Sentret. DUNSPARCE. Seedot- cool, but based off a nut. lul. What the hell is snorunt?

    And all of the legendaries looked VERY simple. There was no awe (aside from the fact of the knowledge that they will rape you) in seeing them. No "ohshit, I'mgonnadiefromthatwhateveramazinggodthing".

    I've heard the story is completely different now. I admit, Gen IV had a retarded story... well, so did Gen I, with Kanto and Johto having pretty good storylines, but Gen V, from what I've read so far, has an amazing story. AND its going to have a sequal. Not some "gray/emerald/yellow/crystal" ****, but something new for once, something I've wanted (aside from, I guess, Platinum)- a sequal! A continuation, not a rehash with some extra stuff (as someone said, a GOTY version, basically) in it.

    And aside from all the new things B/W threw, like the battle subway thing, the dreamworld, etc, people think it'll be the same water down game.

    Also- obviously its "easier" now, especially if you have played a pokemon game now a days. We know the tricks! Although the battle system may change, or new things added, there is a central root to it thats always stayed in the pokemon series that we know by instinct if you've played 1+ generations. Of course red/blue is gonna be hard as hell, or at least you think it is. Its the first game you played! You had no guidance/exp, and now you do.

    And... gotta attend to my third leg.
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    On the thing about faster than light-stuff, etc.

    This is all looking like Amit Gaswami's stuff.
    Take the Bell Locality experiments/theory, that there is something faster than the speed of light. Amit Gaswami proposes that since nothing physical can be faster than the speed of light besides light itself, its "outside of this dimension", so to speak. He believes that the universe is conscious, which allowed the experiment show that an object whose name passes me went faster than light.

    Anyway, pretty crappy summary on my part, but that line of thought only allows the possibility of that existing. ANYTHING could be "controlling" you, by that line of thought, and "anything" cannot do that. An omnipotent being could also not control you, since it's improbable that one can exist in this dimension/universe. If you want to argue that we're puppets of beings in the 7th dimension, that's when you start losing ground on your argument. We can't test that.

    aaaaaaand. brb.
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    In no order, for me:

    Rurouni Kenshin (favorite shonen)
    Giant Killing
    Knight In The Area
    Sgt. Frog
    Bleach (up to the end of the second season. It was fantastic, along with the arrancar arc in the city)
    Gundam 00
    Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
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    For music that is still good post-90's and better than most music post 90's:

    Animals As Leaders
    Between the Buried and Me
    Blotted Science
    Dir En Grey
    The Faceless
    The Moving Units
    Yoshida Brothers.

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    Dose metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, and hard rock bands.

    Not close enough.

    There's still good modern metal though (I still consider old bands who make music now modern ;p)- Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower; Cannibal Corpse is making a new album and it actually sounds pretty great. Iron Maiden is out there too. Blotted Science is also a great band, Webster \m/ On to other bands...

    Prog/tech metal is where its at, yo.

    Animals As Leaders, Gru, Scale the Summit, Blotted Science, to name a few.

    Other good modern metal bands:

    Illogicist (like a modern Death)
    Debauchary (warhammer/40k metal)
    The Black Dahlia Murder (they are not deathcore. perfect example: their album Nocturnal)
    Necrophagist (tech death metal)
    Lost Among Us (power metal/instrumental metal)
    Fallujah ('atmospheric' tech death)
    The Faceless (tech death)
    Bulb (just Misha Monsoor from Periphery)

    There is others too, but I don't have my mp3 on hand so these are just from the top of my head.

    And if you want to be reassured that there are still good bands in metalcore/deathcore, the best of those genres:

    Dir En Grey (especially their recent album)
    Between the Buried and Me
    Winds of Plague
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    Three Horned Hook is good too. Didn't get around to listening it until a little bit ago.
    Anyways, liked your facebook page and everything... I'll buy an album, whenever it comes out.

    You now have a groupie.
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    Vocals, even if good, are the last thing I focus on. I don't care for vocals. I wish I could be in an instrumental band, but there are few people who I know who don't care for vocals, and even then if I wanted to be in a band with them we'd have musical taste differences, and/or they're already in a band.

    Which is one of the reasons why I LOVE your band. :biggrin.gif: Digging 'So Innocent' right now.
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    posted a message on Favorite 1 or 2 Music genres and your favorite band/group
    Some of the bands don't = the genre. >_>
    Favorite genres?
    Metal (specifically, prog/tech and death), and indie.

    Animals As Leaders and Death (respectively), and the Moving Units.
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    posted a message on Your Favorite five songs?
    In no order:

    Animals As Leaders - Odessa
    Iron Maiden - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
    Arghoslent - Quelling The Simian Surge
    Death - Together As One
    The Moving Units - Submission

    (Honorable mentions >_>)
    Between The Buried And Me - Selkies
    The Black Dahlia Murder - Necropolis
    The Beatles - Why Don't We Do It In The Road
    Amon Amarth - A Beast Am I
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    So liek...
    You guys should check out Arghoslent.
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    Drums. And as of last month, been playing for a full year.
    I'm not a Neil Peart but I can honestly say I'm a beast (and beyond) for someone who has only played for a year. A friend of mine who has had 4+ years of playing guitar asked me to join his death metal band (think of a proggy, slightly technical and jazzy Death (his biggest influence), if thats possible xD) too, so that's nice. Had a jam on Tuesday and we improved for a while... was pretty good.

    Also learning the bass, the most awesome string instrument known to man aside from the cello and superior to the electric (and acoustic) guitar.
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    I am disappoint in the above. :tongue.gif: That being said...


    Mount and Blade is an AMAZING game. It is definately NOT strategy, it is very much an RPG with a blend of RTS stuff (buying/hiring units, having a kingdom, etc). Honestly... I didn't even touch the SP when I first played. I didn't touch the story until a week after, and after seeing how pretty bland it was, I decided to stay on multiplayer only, and I have NOT been disappointed. I've been playing it for 2 months now, no stops, and I'm still engrossed in it.

    So! Since I can't vouch much for its singleplayer (although I do play custom battle a lot myself- pretty fun, better than SP for me, but all is inferior to multiplayer), I'll have a go at multiplayer. Note that there is still a ton of people online for mount and blade (warband)

    Its the Battlefield (or CoD, depending on your tastes) of medieval games. The combat is realistic, the physics are amazing (and by that I mean realistic), the community is amazing and the amount of creativity online is amazing.

    Want to ride with Napoleon, wield a musket, and fight alongside a regiment on the weekends in line battles? There's a mod for that. (normal battles all 7 days of the week but line battles specifically on the weekends)

    Want to play an RPG version of Warband, where you can level up and gain money to purchase your gear and improve your stats, instead of just being given money at the start of a round and gaining money on kills? (This also includes super awesome armor that is not seen in vanilla warband) There's a mod for that.

    Want to play as a samurai/warrior in feudal Japan (single player only, still fun though)? There's a mod for that.

    Want to play in the Civil War era? There's a mod for that.

    Want to play back in the classical era? There's a mod for that.

    You can see where I'm going with this. I myself have only touched on three of the above mods (out of dozens), which is the Mount and Musket (1st one) mod, cRPG mod (2nd one), and Shudonki J-something, forgot the name (3rd one), and I love it. Look over videos of Warband if you want.

    Even then online, there is a vast variety of matches you can choose to play in- there's capture the flag, there's the basic free for all death match or team death match, there's even a "Defend the Virgin" game that you can play on cRPG servers which is actually extremely fun, and more- there's a role-playing server (although empty except on the weekends), the servers for mount and musket on the weekend house line battles with 200-250 people participating (should look this up on youtube), and more. You will NOT get bored with this game fast.
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    Oh, forgot about Death.
    To think that I've been listening to them for a year and I never went beyond their Spiritual Healing is crazy.
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    posted a message on Music
    Animals As Leaders and (still) Arghoslent.

    They are... by god, amazing.
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