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    posted a message on Getting rid of creepy cave sounds
    Search for "%appdata%"

    Go into "Roaming"

    Go into ".minecraft"

    Go into "resouces"

    Go into "sounds" (or was it "newsounds")

    Delete files "cavenoise1-13".

    Launch Minecraft

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    posted a message on Wow, Steve is really friggin' strong!
    Rejected Superheros:


    Power: Superstrength! Being able to carry a semi-truck full of rocks and punch trees into lumber with his bare hands.

    Weakness: Highly prone to terminal velocity damage, explosives & evil chickens.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Beta Review (xElite Gamersx Exclusive)
    Quote from sret »
    If this guy is serious he's not worth anyone's time and should be left alone with his guns & explosions, but he most likely isn't serious..at least I hope he isn't.

    What bothers me though is that he seems to genuinely think Mozart is bad.

    And what bothers me is that people keep bumping this thread up with things like "research the game before writing a review! *smileyhappyface*" that have been stated several times.

    What also bothers me is that this got to 5 pages of flaming, hate and trolling without any moderation, but to the point, whether or not he is trolling (the latter is more likely than the former, but innocent until proven guilty), this is flamebaiting and has resulted in no real discussion, excluding this hilarious piece of quotes:

    Quote from OP »

    another eyepatch
    Quote from guy »

    So what if you get shot two times in the eye?
    Quote from OP »

    that's not jello, that's blood coming from your eye

    Anyone who comes across this post, save your time and don't reply with "hes trollign" or "omg tghis review is rong". It's been stated, please let this thread die and let MLG, no matter his age or ambition, continue his life. which includes playing CoD excessively.
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    posted a message on Do Chests burn? (answered.)
    Chests don't burn. If you have a wooden house with a chest in it, and you set the house on fire, the chest and all of the items inside will remain fine (except it'll probably be floating in the air, if it was on the second floor).

    They do explode, however...
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    posted a message on 1000 Things I Learned From Minecraft
    47: If you jump 1000 feet into a bathtub, you come out unhurt.
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    posted a message on [Adv] Series - Trial of the Old Ones (+10 000 DLs)
    I don't have the time to install, but I love "puzzle" games like this. Bravo.
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